10 thoughts on “A Call to Carmel.

  1. It moves the soul with love for Jesus and Mary, letting the soul soar higher in its desire to reach the Light and be filled in it.

  2. That was very beautiful. I especially love the heart analogy. Our daughter just made her First Profession of Vows in Valparaiso. She entered on January 30, 2016. You will be in our prayers and I will share your video with our other children. God bless!

  3. I just watch this and I have tears. May God bless you and may all the holy men and women smile with joy upon you. I will increase my prayers for you especially over this month of November.

  4. You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and I am proud to have known you and privileged that you stayed with me for four months. It was a wonderful and uplifting time for me when I needed it the most. God keep you close and safe for always! I love you little girl!

  5. God bless you and Our Mother Mary keep you close, wish you well on your journey. The Carmel is very speacial to myself and our family. My sister and brother in law have helped establish Carmel sisters in Idaho and we have loved our Carmel sisters in Alhambra and Duarte. Peace be with you and keep us in your prayers as I will you.

  6. What a beautiful soul your are…wishing you only love, peace and many prayers. Thank you!

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    This is so so beautiful ❤
    "Christ's will always gives you full peace, not just a surface level of joy, but a deep joy"
    "Picture the heart, you don't see it, but somehow it keeps the body alive…"

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