Transformed in Love’s Consuming Fire.


Therese wrote out these stanzas for her poem titled Canticle of Love. The nuns sang it on my entrance day, we sang it to guests in the speak-room and I finally over the course of many months committed the words to memory. It’s a three part harmony. These words got me through many sufferings in Carmel, and reminded me that God is nothing but an abyss of mercy and love. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did.


How great and tender is our God, who has smiled on the lowly.
Eternally my heart will sing a new canticle of love.

Come, all who hunger, all who thirst, all who long for fulfillment.
The God of mercy waits for you as a mother her child.

O come to the living water, fear not your weakness.
Forever trusting in God’s merciful love.

Through the shadows of this night, love will be my guiding light.
Presence hidden from my sight, ‘til the clouds are put to flight.

Beneath your gaze I’ve blossomed forth, as a rose in the sunshine.
With joyful heart I’ve given all to the mystery of love.

In peace I will come before you with empty hands,
relying solely on your merciful love.

Through the veil your face appears, beauty shrouded, bathed in tears.
Bread of sinners I will share, rose unpetaled everywhere.

Ah! My God, I will sing of your love for this one eternal day.
For this one eternal today, eternal today.

Transformed in Love’s consuming fire, lifted up in glory.
Her fragrance filling all the earth, drawing us after her.

Until, in eternity we join in one chorus.
Forever singing of God’s merciful love.

Canticle of love, song of love.
This eternal day I will sing, sing of your love.

Child Therese

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  1. That is a beautiful choral presentation – plus some great art work – some of which I have never seen before. Thank you for this. I will forward it to friends and family. Phyllis

    On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 5:12 PM Mary’s Secretary wrote:

    > Mary’s Secretary posted: “Therese wrote out these stanzas for her poem > titled Canticle of Love. The nuns sang it on my entrance day, we sang it to > guests in the speak-room and I finally over the course of many months > committed the words to memory. It’s a three part harmony. These ” >

  2. This canticle is so beautiful! So much love!
    Have a most blessed Easter season!

    1. Oh Marina, the nuns sang it a little faster and it was perfect, I used to cry singing it, because when you hear all the harmony and of course the beauty of the lyrics we were singing, the line “until in eternity we join in one chorus” always gave me a taste of heaven…

    1. Have you ever seen the film by Luke Productions called “Therese”? The song was made for it and before entering Carmel the song was ALWAYS stuck in my head-the tune I mean-I never knew the lyrics until it was sung on my entrance. When I finally heard the words to the tune that always moved me, it was a powerful moment. The film is great, I think you would love it:)

  3. I absolutely LOVE this song. ❤ ❤ The Carmelite Sister of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angels sang it at a Mass celebrating the canonization of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity. My dear friend has also learned to play it on the piano.

  4. This is truly heartfelt writing. The picture is so life like. It says so much. I truly value your blog and deeply respect you for all that you write.

    1. This means a lot coming from you! You have a very well established blog with many faithful followers, I have few so I always just pray that even if these small writings reach one soul, I am so very happy! I am grateful for you and your blog 🙂

      1. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where to send my answered questions, so I thought I would send them through here for you! I just wanted to thank you again, it is SUCH a blessing.

        What lessons did you learn from Corona?

        To not panic, not in regards to staying in doors, my life is the life a hermit (religious life) but the fear of not knowing when I can receive the Holy Eucharist again in Holy Communion, all the sacraments of the Catholic Church are in a way “frozen”. I never thought I would live to see the day where I can’t receive Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament…

        ii What values drive you?

        My Catholic Faith, love for Mary- my Queen, Mother and Best Friend. I value eternal life, when I remember that this life is passing; not permanent, it motivates me to keep going in the times of sorrow and uncertainty. Especially the times with which we live!

        iii Which is your favorite movie?

        The Passion of the Christ, I watched it in 5th grade, I remember my age because something dramatic had happened to me at then and I felt alone. When I watched it, I wept, after that I was never the same and I embraced prayer and my Catholic Faith more than ever before.

        iv. Whom have you ever loved from your heart?

        Jesus and Mary. I can’t pick between the Two, for Jesus I love as my Spouse, when I heard the call to be a nun, I truly learned that one should never become one without first loving Christ with a spousal love.

        Mary, because without Her I would be nothing, She is my everything. I can’t fully put into words just how much I love Her.

        v Your dreams in life?

        I never wanted to be a nun, but my true dream now is to live a holy and hidden life as a Cloistered Carmelite Nun and offer up all I can for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. My dream is the triumph of Her Heart.

        You are loved and prayed for my dear friend and brother in Christ 🙂

      2. Dear Sister, I have never read such answers from anyone. To be touched by the awakened holy spirit at the age of 5 is such a rare blessing. Something, people won’t understand. I never speak about it. But I once prayed to God to grant me a wife who would show me his path. That night I saw my future wife in my dream. In a few days I met her and we were married. She taught me about the inner kingdom. I too had a similar experience as yours. Tears.
        God bless sister abundantly. Always

      3. Oh No! I am so sorry for the mix up, 5th grade means “grade school”, I was in my 5th year in school and I was 9 or 10 I believe 🙂

        I LOVE your story about your wife, and that dream! It is so beautiful that God really speaks in dreams doesn’t he? Like Saint Joseph being told to “rise and go to Egypt” and for you to recognize her within days of the dream, what a gift! Thank you for sharing that…

        Shared tears, always my brother!

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