Rest of Newsmax Article on “Dying Pope”

“In the past few days, I have spoken to the secretary of one of the most powerful Vatican Cardinals. He shared with me some important revelations for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

First, he said plainly, “Pope Francis is dying.”

At 84, it has long been viewed that the Holy Father is physically and perhaps mentally not well. Last July, the Pope spent an extraordinary 10 days in a Rome hospital supposedly for surgery of the colon to manage diverticulitis, a disorder of the colon wall.

Cancer was never mentioned, but others fear the Pope’s condition is more than has been said publicly.

Vatican insiders, including my source, do not believe he will survive past 2022.

In fact, he tells me Vatican officials are already in “pre-Conclave mode” and preparing the logistics for Francis’ passing.

After a Pope passes, the church calls a conclave of the College of Cardinals to pick a successor.

Who will replace Francis?

Well, the secretary said the early favorite is Cardinal Peter Erdo of Hungary.

Erdo speaks seven languages and is considered a church centrist, but he also respects traditionalists.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state, long thought to be the next Pope, is out of the running because of the diplomatic agreement he made with Beijing.

The “deal” was a bad one, insiders say, and Parolin and Francis ceded too much control of the Chinese Roman Church to the communists.

Still, do not expect another church liberal as Pope.

While it is true Francis picked many new Cardinals “from the periphery,” as he once put it, these Third World princes of the church are considered quite conservative.

The big question is how these Cardinals will get along at the next Conclave.

Francis has declined to have customary church meetings of the leading cardinals, and many now simply don’t know each other.

“It’s been Francis’ strategy from the beginning to keep everyone distant and separate,” one cardinal shared.

The Pope is said to be worried that his critics may organize if he were to call general meetings.

It appears the next Conclave may be beyond his control.”

~John Gizzi is chief political columnist and White House correspondent for Newsmax~

Either way, never in the history of our beloved Catholic Church have we seen an “active pope” and “contemplative pope”. Pope Benedict XVI is 94 years old- ten years older than Bergoglio, who is viewed as: “at 84, physically and perhaps mentally not well”. I bear in mind that, even though I am a fan of Newmax and no longer tune into the woke Fox News, this chief columnist is most likely not Catholic and therefore, does not know about REAL Church politics that tie into the Consecration of Russia. I think it is good to be optimistic, but not blind to the current crisis in the Church. The same liberal cardinals, who are no friends to Our Lady and have done all they could to suppress Her Fatima secret, are still going to be present at a future conclave and as Archbishop Vigano said, there was fraud in the last conclave. We must continue to put our whole soul in consoling the Immaculate Heart of Mary and do everything we can to fight for Christ the King. The papacy is the very heart of the Fatima message; thus, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart is linked to the papacy. I sincerely wonder… what pope has been predestined from all eternity to Consecrate Russia? I sigh…pray… and wait!