Why Do Garabandal “Seers” Look Possessed?

I have always stayed away from apparitions that are not approved by the Catholic Church; many have pushed Garabandal and my first impression of seeing these young children walking backwards and looking all the way backward as if they were trying to do a headstand with their heads always creeped me out. This comment in bold below was from someone else, and it completely has sealed my opinion with why I am going to continue staying away from it, and keep my eyes on Fatima, Lourdes, Akita, Kibeho and other APPROVED apparitions in our beloved Church. These kids look utterly possessed with their postures; last I checked Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco never did this creepy, creepy stuff:

“The more I watch Garabandal videos the more uneasy I get. I cannot accept that Our Lady would have these girls run at devilish speed, walking backwards and issue Her calls to them at ungodly hours of the night. Their kneeling with a loud thud is as if someone were forcing them down violently. Our Lady is respectful and dignified…she would never subject these young girls to such ugly, bizarre, torturous physical distortions, nor would She kiss any objects. The girls were instructed to only bring rosaries and crucifixes that had NOT been blessed. Why? Because this “apparition” is not of heaven…I think it is demonic. The angel required the girls to kneel before him as if he were god…a true angel would never ask for such obeisance. The girls stole apples but were never required to confess it…maybe they did, but the angel did not require it before giving Conchita the “Eucharist.” Conchita wanted to become a nun but “Jesus” told her he did not want her in that place…then she marries a divorced man. Hmmm. Really? Conchita also said that she pretended to be in ecstasy for a woman who had to leave and could not wait for the next “call” for the “real” event. The children of Fatima, St. Bernadette and many other visionaries never tried to please their audience by making believe they were in a trance. They received the graces to recall everything clearly and to always state the truth even when threatened by the government authorities. There are many more inconsistencies from the true, church approved apparitions. The returning of the rosaries to their rightful owners seems like a cheap parlor trick…and the ugliness of the postures, the frenzied chaos speaks of the demonic. I think at Garabandal Satan is mocking Fatima. The messages are identical to those of Fatima…nothing is new … just ugly, perverse, bizarre. As I said, the Mother of Our Lord is exquisite and would never subject these girls to such undignified mayhem and chaos. Let us offer many rosaries for the visionaries …May the Blessed Virgin Mary protect them and the whole world.”