Benedict XVI Audio Book Part 2 Chapter’s 1-3.5

I want to wish all my dear friends and readers a MOST BLESSED FEAST OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL! I have had so many of you reach out today and send feast day blessings and I am humbled to say the least. A big thanks to everyone who has been beyond supportive of our Benedict book, and through the sheer grace of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, has connected us. Most especially Scott, Susan, Jim, Rose Michael, Rosario, Axel and Maria who sent support and feast day blessings! And to EVERYONE; God bless you immensely. I also want to deeply congratulate my Uncle Joe and Aunt Nancy for being enrolled in the Scapular today on the perfect and most appropriate feast. I am so grateful to them and exceedingly thankful to be a humble witness to their holiness!

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