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As the octave of the glorious Prophet Elijah ends today, I wanted to post Part Three of our audiobook in direct honor of him. He has been a true Father to me in all of this work on Benedict; I have sensed him giving me the courage to speak up no matter what consequences I may suffer (loss of friends, loss of approval or esteem, what does any of that matter if I have friends in heaven?). Elijah, I pray and long for the day when our priests in our beloved Church begin to resemble your courage and fearlessness. Yesterday this was confirmed for me when I listened to an older podcast of Ann Barnhardt’s, where, she and Mark had Dr. Edmund Mazza as a guest:

This episode was posted on Peter’s Chair, February 22nd, 2022 and Ann made such a remarkable point about WHY we cannot wait to proclaim who the real pope is until a priest or bishop does. Saint Francis of Assisi, before his death, called his friars together and warned of “a man not canonically elected” would be raised to the Supreme Pontiff, few would know who the real Holy Father is and he compared it to Matthew’s Gospel of the end times with the elect being deceived. Francis said this of the priests: “Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it” (for the whole prophecy of Francis turn to page 203 of our book).

This is why Ann compared the situation to ordering a fancy meal at a high-class restaurant. The cooks have steps to follow with preparing the meals, and as the food is almost ready to be taken out the door the cook then adds his final touch: the parsley. She said we can see that parsley as someone in the Church with authority coming out and saying, “Benedict XVI is the Pope and Jorge Bergoglio is an anti-pope”. She comically added how “we do not add the parsley first, someone’s gotta cook the food, baby”.

The jaw-dropping point was one Mark made. As soon as I heard his words I thought, “I have to add this to a blog post” because it was simply too profound to pass up. Ann asked Dr. Edmund Mazza, “what do we little people (the sheep) reply when people tell us we have to wait until someone with a degree or someone with authority in the Church tells us who the real pope is?” Mark interjected and said, “that answer actually lies in the Gospel of Peter’s Chair”. When the apostles wanted to KNOW who Our Lord was, notice how Our Lord did not say, “why don’t you ask this question to the chief priests and scribes”… you know what He said?

“Who do YOU “THINK” that I am?” Got that? He wants YOU to “think”. Oh, this answer of Christ’s is nothing but sheer beauty. HE DESIRES US TO USE OUR BRAINS AND INTELLECTS TO SEE FOR OURSELVES FIRST. The blessing of the priests is truly the parsley, but He does not tell us to wait for their seasoning to be added, but to follow the Good Shepherd Discourse with discerning who is the Shepherd and who is the hireling and THEN we long and pray for that person with authority to merely confirm what we already know.

As I have stated in the past and is the excerpt used on the back of our Benedict Book, who is the ONE shepherd that has finally come out and begun to add this parsley? Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. THAT bishop no doubt will be guided and aided by the prophet Elijah to begin speaking about this subject more and more. He has already received the grace to begin the discussion and so, may we little faithful sheep pray DAILY for Vigano to do so. He is special and favored with grace by Our Lord and Our Lady, but we also have a duty to pray and fast for his cooperation with the Holy Ghost and the Immaculate Conception. May we simply be those humble and hidden cooks in the back who prepare that meal as we patiently await the parsley…


One VERY important thing I learned from Edmund Mazza, touched on in this below debate and from Barnhart’s above podcast, was the disturbing change made to episcopal consecration with Vatican II and the horrible remark Benedict XVI made of “we no longer have to look to Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure on the subject”. Can you… imagine letting words like that slip from your lips? We do not have to look to those brilliant and beloved Doctors of the Church anymore? There must be a certain degree of pride, for pride it is, for an individual to say such a horrific statement. Thanks but… I will continue to look to Vatican I, Aquinas and Bonaventure.

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