“Rome’s” Final Pope? Benedict XVI Final Written Text Part Four, Chapter’s One – Three

Part Four:

Rome’s Final Pope, the New Jerusalem and Peter the Roman

“And He that sat on the throne, said: Behold, I make all things new.”

~Apocalypse 21:5~

Chapter 1: Prophecy of Malachy

There is an ancient document, which Pope Benedict XVI was interviewed about, called Prophetia Sancti Malachiae Archiepiscopi, de Summis Pontificibus. The more familiar title known to we Catholics is the Prophecy of Malachy. The interview of Benedict was with Peter Seewald in his book the Last Testament with which Ratzinger is asked a series of questions about the Malachy Prophecy and one of Benedict’s answers was: “this prophecy probably arose in the circles around Philip Neri”, precisely because Neri was a great mystic of his time. The long and short of this prophecy is there is a list of 111 popes beginning with the pontificate of Celestine II (who became pope in 1143) and ends with Pope Benedict XVI. Each pope, predicted in advance, has a motto in Latin attached to their name describing each Holy Father to come in the future and every motto has been mysteriously accurate. Benedict’s Latin Motto is “Gloria Olivae” (Glory of the Olive), which, you will see bears deeper symbolism, later.

In its simplicity, however, it very much ties in with the symbol of the Benedictine order that Ratzinger chose for his papal name. Providentially, Saint Malachy (1095-1148- not Malachi Martin) was a friend of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, and the prophecy was published in 1595 by none other than a Benedictine Monk Arnold de Wyon. At first glance the prophecy seems to predict the Final Judgement and second coming of Christ, but we will propose something a little different in the final chapter of this book. For now, we will simply read the stunning conclusion of what is to happen after “the final pope” of that list (Benedict), after he is “taken up to heaven” and the See is vacant:

During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, Peter the Roman will preside, who will shepherd the flock amid many tribulations. When these have passed, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the tremendous Judge will judge His people. The end.[1]

It really and sincerely says, “the end”; that phrase is typically used for “happily ever afters” and yet this scene sounds anything but filled with glee and felicity. Again, the last chapter of this book will touch on something the reader might not expect, but for now, there are still other key aspects to this prophecy that must be discussed, first. The first time I heard about Malachy’s prophecy was when I read Antonio Socci’s book on Benedict; the very book I read in 2019. One of the rather fascinating points Socci makes is how there is indeed a 112th pope, but there is a rather mysterious break after Benedict leaves the scene. We do not know how long the See will be vacant after Benedict, but when the 112th makes his way on, oddly he is not referred to as “pope” in the prophecy but “Petrus Romanus” (Peter the Roman or Peter the Second- the latter is… a true wonder, but it will not at all mean what you think after reading the final chapter of this volume). Socci believed (perhaps he has changed his mind) that Peter the Roman (or Second) was Jorge Bergoglio PRECICELY because he is not a pope at all, but a “bishop dressed in white” like the Fatima Secret describes. At first glance his theory made perfect sense to me, but the more I dug into the name Peter the Roman (someone presumably of Italian blood as well, which Bergoglio is not) it did not fit. Socci, among many others, were saying Francis of Assisi’s name was originally Peter and therefore Jorge Bergoglio is Peter the Roman. You know what that reminds me of, though? The kind of answer you get by the thief who climbs in through the window rather than coming in through the front door; it’s just too complicated. Nay, this 112th pope will have the explicit name Petrus, and we have not seen that, yet. St. Peter was the first pope and there hasn’t been a Pope Peter since. He has “a unique and sacrosanct standing as a pope”. No pope since the original prince of the apostles has dared to choose that name nor attempt to fill his shoes in that way and as you will see in Chapter Three, I believe the Book of the Apocalypse has an answer for that. I am still getting ahead of myself.

A compelling story Socci shared that indeed proves Padre Pio and Our Lady of Fatima’s warning of “Satan, through the Antichrist, will enter into the bosom of the Church” actually ties into the Prophecy of Malachy in a profoundly eerie way. The Benedictine Monk Arnold de Wyon, who had the prophecy published, did something astonishing, as if to send a message “to safeguard the Church of the future battle against evil” as Socci re-quotes in his book. Besides having the written publication of the mysterious list of popes, he “personally commissioned pictorial and artistic representations of the ecclesiastical subject of “The Benedictine Glory.’”[2] Wyon had one of these pieces, it is one of the largest paintings that exist, with the totality of popes, cardinals, bishops and founders of orders all surrounding Saint Benedict and when viewed all together it reveals a monstrous face: the face of Satan or the Antichrist. Wyon had this very same depiction created for a Benedictine abbey San Pietro in a town called… Bergoglio. Yes, you read that right. There we see PETER (Pietro) and Bergoglio found side by side. Socci believed, as Wyon relayed, that he intended to leave apocalyptic references. Thus, we have three figures predicted by Wyon:

  1. Peter the Roman
  2. Jorge Bergoglio
  3. The Antichrist

May I remind readers, as Ann Barnhardt said, that the false prophet forerunner to the Antichrist will be the anti-John the Baptist in every way. Is not this the very thing Bergoglio is reflecting? And as I mentioned, has the same initials as John the Baptist- it is all Satan’s mockery. That is why Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò calls Jorge Bergoglio the “pretender” and “false prophet of globalism” (among other things).

Gänswein Interview about Prophecy

Direct Quote from Antonio Socci’s book

In June 2016, Paul Badde, Historian and Rome correspondent for the American Catholic Television network EWTN, did a unique interview with Monsignor Georg Gänswein. At a certain point, the interviewer made reference to the Prophecy of Malachy, according to which Benedict XVI would be the final pope. The response of Monsignor Gänswein was surprising: “indeed, when looking at the prophecy, and considering how there was always a sound preference to popes mentioned in history—that gives me the shivers.” It’s true, he explained, that Catholics are not obliged to believe in this text; however, “speaking from historical experience, we must say: ‘yes, it is a warning bell.’” These unexpected words make us reflect. But even more surprising was the response of Benedict XVI when the same question was placed to him by Peter Seewald in His Last Testament, the book that, as we have seen, was published when Ratzinger was already “Pope Emeritus” [a fictional name]. Seewald asked Benedict:

You are acquainted with the Prophecy of Malachy, who in the Middle Ages foresaw, with a list of future popes, an end of time, or at least an end of the Church. According to this list, the papacy would end with your pontificate. Is that an issue for you, whether it can actually be that at least you are the last of a series of popes, as we have known the office so far?

The response of Ratzinger leaves us astonished: “Everything is possible”.[3]

Then Benedict gives the distinct impression of deepening the argument and of holding possible that he is—in some way—“the last pope”.  

Remarkable to note how, the quote from the back of this book, was also a question posed by Seewald: “are you the end of the old or the beginning of the new?” For Benedict to reply, “the one and the other” clearly shows how, even those in the state of error, like Benedict, are still proclaiming the truth without realizing it. I believe Benedict is indeed the LAST pope BEFORE the second man ever, in the history of the Catholic Church, bears the name Peter once more. Because again, since Pentecost, no man has dared to choose that name. Peter is a name that stands alone, perhaps without that title of pope, precisely because it stands so powerful on its own. We hardly, if at all, refer to Peter the apostle as “Pope Peter”, do we? The Chair (doctrine) of Moses represents the old covenant while the Chair (doctrine) of Peter represents the new covenant. Moses’ feast day is celebrated on September 4th every year but notice how we never refer to Moses as “Saint Moses”. In a way, it is the same with Peter; we KNOW Peter is the first pope and that no title of the usual kind is needed for him precisely because the rock IS the papacy. It is a name that speaks for itself because it was directly given to Simon by the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Original Pontifex Pontificum. What other name, besides Petrus, means rock? We know that this symbolizes the papacy and therefore, we do not need to hear “Pope Peter” to be assured of that fact.

The main issue here lies with Gänswein and Benedict’s belief that the prophecy ends with “the papacy as we knew it” because “out with the old and in with the new (regency)”. Their past statements have demonstrated that they firmly believe that “Benedict has fundamentally transformed the papacy” into a shared office and that Our Lord Himself got it wrong 2,000 years ago, which we have already well covered is substantially erroneous, but for Ganswein and Company to think this “mysterious break” is a result of Benedict’s attempted bifurcation of the papacy is a fiction and not what the prophecy means at all. The prophecy is a wakeup call and a “final” passion for the Church as predicted in the Catechism. Perhaps this was the reason Gänswein began weeping this past June 18th, 2022, because it was a realization of the actual meaning; we can only hope! The “end of the papacy as we knew it” is not due to Benedict’s “new creation of a papacy”, but of Our Lord stepping in, as usual, to purge the Church of the wicked and restore the bride and her sanctuary to its rightful state. THAT also includes the rock of Peter, because as Lucia said, “where Peter is, there is the Church”. Benedict does not make all things new, only Our Lord has that authority. Not only will Christ Our King restore the papacy to all its former glory, to the way it always has been before this catastrophic regency, shared synodal office of Bergoglio and friends, but He will make it more glorious than what it was before because Our Lord restores more wondrously than He creates. Benedict’s real power will lay in his humility and hopeful repentance before his death of his error; and, the revealing of the Third Secret of Fatima in its entirety. I will say this once more: Benedict’s real power will lie in his humility and repentance of his error.

In the prelude of this book, I began with that prophetic “questions and answers” with Father Kramer and Father Gruner about Fatima. Kramer enlightened the Catholic world about the mystic, supported by Pope Pius XII, Antonio Ruffini. Father Kramer, some years ago, wrote these comments with regard to Antonio Ruffini:

 “I myself knew Ruffini for many years. In the early 1990s Ruffini was asked point blank in his home: “Is John Paul II the Pope who is going to do the Consecration of Russia?” He answered: “No, it’s not John Paul. It will not be his immediate successor either, but the one after that. He is the one who will consecrate Russia.”

I was reminded of Father Kramer saying, in that very same “Q&A”, that the only pope who can consecrate Russia to Mary’s Heart after Benedict HAS to be the validly elected, legitimate successor; therefore, it CANNOT be Jorge Bergoglio because he never has been, and never will be, the pope. This left me with one realization: Peter the Roman will be a valid, legitimate, successor of Pope Benedict XVI and he will be good. I began to understand this when Doctor Edmund Mazza, in an interview[4], relayed how “Peter the Roman will come and set all things to right”. Something I never could understand with Socci’s presentation of the prophecy: if Peter the Roman is supposedly bad… why on earth does it say, “Peter the Roman will preside, who will shepherd the flock amid many tribulations”. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, like Bergoglio, do not “shepherd the flock amid tribulation”. Shepherds lead the sheep to safe pastures, do they not?

A shepherd “tends, feeds, or guards the flock.” As far as the rock of Peter goes… only the pope can do this, which is exactly why Our Lord turned to Peter and said, “feed my lambs”. He did not say this to all the apostles, but singled Peter out. Of course, the other apostles, as Our Lord’s priests are shepherds, but not in the same divine way Peter has been set apart for the office. In the feast of the Sacred Heart, Saint Andrew’s Missal so appropriately calls Our Lord the “Pontifex” and “He is crowned as Pontiff”. When popes are elected, they are CROWNED! This is proof that Our Lord Himself is the Inviolable Rock and He shares that power with Peter who is also a rock (they become one substance as we discussed in the Divinity Chapter) and all the validly elected popes after Simon Barjona share in this power and Divinity of Christ.

If the pope has the power to reboot the system (something Benedict indeed has the power and authority to do before his death), as we have relayed, is it safe to assume that the Church is destined to start fresh with say…twelve…new worthy bishops (princes), would it not then be entirely fitting for the validly elected pope, after Benedict, to be called Peter? This would be mere proof that Our Lord’s Petrine Promise holds firm that the rock of Peter will endure forever, and the Church will ALWAYS withstand the gates of hell. Thus, with the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Peter the Roman will indeed preside and shepherd the flock amid many tribulations. This should fill us with hope, because Our Lord, just as He promised, does not leave us orphans and “the gates of hell” will not prevail against His bride, the Church. May we end this chapter with the thought-provoking words of TWELVE NEW APOSTLES seen by Anne Emmerich:

Again, I saw in the midst of these disasters the twelve new Apostles laboring in different countries, unknown to one another, each receiving streams of living water from on high. They all did the same work. They know not whence they received their tasks; but as soon as one was finished, another was ready for them…” October 22nd, 1822

Chapter 2: Rome’s final pope, The Book of Destiny and America

The consecration of Russia, in union with all the bishops of the world, is something only a legitimate, validly elected, successor of Peter can perform. So, this past March 25th, 2022, when Jorge Bergoglio performed what he called a “consecration” where Freemasonic language was used and a Pachamama demon was present in this so called “ceremony”, a question was posed to myself. What could be worse:

  1. Past popes, though legitimate successors of Peter, ignoring the Fatima request of a consecration of Russia?
  2. An anti-pope purposely carrying out the consecration as a direct mockery against the Blessed Virgin Mary?

I was immediately reminded of Sister Lucia speaking of the “great sin committed against the Holy Ghost”; a sin that the Gospel calls “unforgivable”. As I mentioned earlier, the Holy Ghost WILL purify the world through fire, just as God the Father used water and God the Son through His Precious Blood. The Holy Ghost’s purification is inevitable; His time has come. However, we are not only asking for this punishment, but now we have an antipope demanding it of the Holy Ghost. How? Because when you mock the precious Bride of the Paraclete, a Bride Who Christ is giving mankind as a final remedy, this is a sin that is unforgivable. The Third Person of the Blessed Trinity is a very good Spouse, and He will not stand for His Bride to be mocked. #2 would be worse, far worse! And it has already been carried out. I will never forget the faithful Catholics saying, “Pope Francis is consecrating Russia” or “Pope Francis did not consecrate Russia properly” and I was thinking, “the MAIN problem here is JORGE BERGOGLIO IS NOT THE POPE, so there is nothing to discuss.” Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò was strangely radio silent during the aftermath of this “consecration” and I was secretly waiting for him to come out and say Benedict is the true pope. This prayer was indeed answered, when he said the very quote found on the back of this book. Our new prayer to heaven should be that Vigano starts talking about Pope Benedict any chance he gets because the faithful will indeed listen to him, will they not? He is a true shepherd.

The shepherd that the Church has so desperately needed since the passing of Marcel Lefebvre. An all-night vigil was held on the eve of March 25th, as an act of reparation to Mary’s Heart for the great sin committed against the Holy Ghost by Our Lord’s bishops, that took place in the form of a faux consecration led by an antipope and the very next day after that event, the most powerful book landed in my hands. It was a book of destiny (Literally, because the book was called The Book of Destiny by Father Herman Bernard F. Leonard Kramer NOT Father Paul Kramer. Not only do we have two Father Kramers in this book but also two Father Malachi(y)s). This book was recommended by the scholar Doctor Edmund Mazza and I immediately ordered it when I heard what the contents were about and the very next day it arrived on our door-step! The Book of Destiny is “an in-depth analysis of the Apocalypse that really makes sense. Proves it is a prophetic history of the Catholic Church. Proceeds chapter by chapter and verse by verse, explaining everything in terms of the language and symbolic meaning of Scripture itself. Gives the keys to understanding the Apocalypse.”[5]

The back of the book was indeed striking; the very first sentence said that none other than Anne Catherine Emmerich, in her visions, foresaw that before the Book of the Apocalypse would begin to be realized, souls within the Church would be given the grace to unlock the meaning and unseal the scrolls for the faithful to understand so they can prepare. Our Lord Himself, the Lamb, was the worthy One to unseal the scrolls, but through others He has helped us understand them. Our Lady of the Roses to Veronica, as well as other saints and Our Lord who appeared to her, had a total of thirty-six quotes about the Book of the Apocalypse vastly approaching; in fact, we are already several chapters in. Many of these appearances to Veronica regarding the Book of Revelation were from Saint John, Our Lord, Saint Michael and Our Lady. Here are a few of those quotes most pertinent:

  • “I, John, have made it known to you what lies ahead in the last days of your era. You will all peruse the pages now and know what lies before you. There is no mystery to the words, for with the light of the Spirit you will be able to understand. All will be revealed to those who search.” – St. John, September 7, 1972
  • “You are living in the days of trial, the days written of by Saint John in the Apocalypse, the Revelations to mankind. Do not reject as hearsay, or the thoughts from the hearts of mere man, these Revelations, My children, for this prophecy was given to you from the Eternal Father. It is for your knowledge to use in these days. Do you not recognize the signs of your times? You are approaching fast the day of great chastisement. There will be gnashing of teeth and much woe set upon the earth by the dark one. Satan has massed his forces among you. All manner of grave deception is being set before you. Pray much, a constant vigilance of prayer, My children; even the elect are deluded at this time.” – Our Lady, December 6, 1975
  • “Amen, amen, I say to you, all that has been written in the Book of life must come to pass. For you who have been given the grace, you will read your Apocalypse. You are coming to the end. Read and become knowledgeable.” – Jesus, January 31, 1976
  • “In the past the demons were loosed upon your world, but the prince of darkness remained chained. But now he is loosed. My children, in the plan from Heaven he has been allowed his time. Satan, the supreme master of hell, now walks your earth in a human body. I do not, as your Mother, seek to fill your heart with fear, but you must now face reality and the facts. The days given in the Book of life, the Bible, the days spoken of and written by your prophets are here. I caution you to read the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, My children. Read and learn; read again! For soon there will be darkness and you will be unable to read. You will store it all in your hearts and your memory.” – Our Lady, November 1, 1977
  • “My child, we have asked you to send the word to mankind that they will read in the Book of life, the Bible, the words given to them that will fulfill the prophecy of the latter days, Apocalypse. You are living the days of the Revelations. Read them and be knowledgeable, and you will not be caught without the light.” – St. Michael, June 8, 1974

For the rest of the quotes turn to our Misc. Files. After reading many of these warnings it was easy for me to understand why Father Malachi said he began to believe Our Lady of the Roses was legitimate and then Father Gruner giving a talk on Our Lady of Fatima at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Roses followed by Father Paul Kramer using some of Her quotes in his books, as well.[6] I believe Father Leonard Kramer, author of The Book of Destiny, was one of those men that Emmerich spoke of, who, would be given the grace to understand the Apocalypse verse for verse. It took Kramer a mere thirty years to complete his work and it has been the most useful guide in helping me understand the mystery behind Saint John’s message. And John was right, when in real search for the meaning, the Holy Ghost grants the gift of understanding. The words made perfect sense with the help of Kramer.

  Father Kramer’s break-down of Chapter’s eleven, twelve and thirteen were most astonishing. A few things stood out:

  1. The Church and the birth of a pope
  2. The Church fleeing from Rome when the pope is killed and taking refuge in “The Land of the Eagle”.
  3. Elijah and Henoch return; the false prophet prepares the way of the Antichrist.

Before we break those apart, I must share a memorable story that ties in with #2. The chaplain for the Carmel I was formerly apart of was also an exorcist; he flew to Rome with hundreds of other exorcist priests for extensive training. When he returned, the homily he gave the nuns at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, was interesting to say the least. He said the primary topic of discussion by the speaker was the devil’s “master plan”. Three simple, yet telling, bullet points. The first two were sort of a given, considering we have been, and are seeing it, unfold before our eyes, daily. However, the third was perplexing and quite honestly the one that shocked me the most (it does not shock me anymore, but it certainly did at the time). I still remember being interested in the other ones he mentioned, but I was leaning on the edge of my seat desperately awaiting the third point, which Father also said: “I find the third point rather fascinating”.

1.) Destroy Christianity in the Middle East. Not Surprising.

2.) Destroy the Catholic Church. Not surprising.

3.) Take down the United States of America. Surprising!

Yet, at the same time, when Father explained the threat of America’s democracy to Satan, it was overwhelmingly understandable. We are just about the only country that has not been run by a communist dictator; we patriotically have held onto our Country’s identity. When we hear how various nations will disappear from the face of the earth, as linked to Our Lady’s warning at Fatima, one may also conclude that this could happen with nations losing their identity: their core values and roots. The Framers of our constitution, our amendment rights, and our nation were all formed and centered on God. Our three brilliantly formed branches of government can attest to this: The Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The president’s role is so crucial that he has the Executive branch all to himself, as an office. But that still does not make him a dictator; hence: “We the People”. The other branches give the people in America a voice. So, when I read Father Leonard Kramer’s description of The Church “fleeing to the desert for some 1,260 days” given wings of “The Eagle” and then Our Lady of the Roses saying this:

“The eagle, My child, does not only represent your country as a symbol, but remember Saint John. Because he rose high, soaring high like the eagle in his writings of the Father. He gave you the truth. Read what he has written in the Book of love and life and you will know the path that lies ahead for mankind. He did not write in error. He wrote in the spirit of truth, Saint John. Read Revelations in the Apocalypse.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1974

…It all clicked. Kramer makes it perfectly clear how the entire Book of the Apocalypse is smothered in symbols and if we seek their meaning, the Holy Ghost will clarify. I HIGHLY encourage every reader to buy The Book of Destiny, because I believe it is the best description ever written about the last book in the Bible, but I am including a bulk of Father Kramer’s Chapter Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen below, because it is urgent and MUST be understood. I will be commenting throughout while Father Kramer will be in bold:

The Woman in Chapter Twelve

Verse 1 explained

Before the eyes of the Seer, a great sign, the first of “signs”, a portent of something momentous, appears in the Church. It is of divine origin. “Signs” in prophetical terminology are ominous revelations of what is about to happen. The sign appearing here is GREAT, because it will indicate the time of the judgement that shall proclaim the “Great Day” of almighty God. It will herald the near approach of the events narrated in chapters eleven and thirteen. Appearing in heaven (Father Kramer says that “heaven” really means “earth” in the Apocalypse, just as the third of the stars that were dragged to earth are not literally stars, these stars symbolize the clergy) it will point to the center of the whole desperate struggle for the possession of the world by Satan and his hordes. When this sign appears in the Church, the advent of the Antichrist is near. The “sign” that shall appear to announce the arrival of direst judgements for the Church and the world is “a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve-stars. This is the first “woman” to appear in the Revelations. The woman of chapter twelve is not the Blessed Virgin Mary (as much as we wished it to be, but we can still see why “the woman clothed with the sun” is often used in Mass or Divine Office readings for Our Lady because it describes Her so well).

The ancient interpreters beginning with Hippolytus and Methodius understood this to be a figure of the Church. Since Hippolytus was a disciple of Irenaeus who had associated with Polycarp, a friend and companion of St. John, his exposition should have greater authority that that of the later Fathers who identified the woman with the Blessed Virgin. According to the ancient Fathers, the human nature or character of the Church is here delineated (describe or portray (something) precisely), while chapters four and five her divine nature and prerogatives were depicted. Heaven (earth) in the Apocalypse is the Church as to her divine origin, constitution, endowments and prerogatives. In this heaven (earth) the Church now appears in her human character. The human nature of the Church is clothed with divine authority, because the priesthood is endowed with the light and power of Christ (her Bridegroom, the Lamb). The twelve stars represent the twelve apostles (among other things). They contrast the ten crowned horns of the beast, and shall be the glory of the Church when the days of the Antichrist approach. If these twelve stars represent the twelve apostles, they allude to Daniel declaring that those who teach many unto justice shall shine as the stars (XII.3). They would thus aptly typify the exposition and exemplification of the divine truth by the apostles enlightening the mind of the Church (the bride of the Lamb). The moon under her feet has ever been understood to symbolize the unchanging and unchangeable character of the Church. Though consisting of frail human beings, she is not changeable like they or like the phenomena of nature. The moon beneath her feet fitly represents her power to make laws of discipline accommodating them to changing conditions in human society (she remains unchanged); and this power and right is also of divine origin.  

“Her Child” the Pope

Verse 2 and 3 explained

The “sign” in heaven is that of a woman with child crying out in her travail and anguish of delivery. The text demands a more specific application to the definite future event to which the prophecy obviously points, and in which the Church suffers the keenest pangs (labor pains) passing at that time through the greatest crisis of her whole life. In that travail, she gives birth to some definite “person” who is to RULE the Church with a rod of iron (verse 5). It then points to a conflict waged within the Church to elect one who was to rule ALL NATIONS. Furthermore, the Church does not travail in anguish in EVERY papal election which can be held without trouble or danger. But at this time the great powers may take a menacing attitude to hinder the election of the logical and expected candidate by threats of a general apostacy (“either you let us schism the Church or we will schism the Church” as Ann Barnhardt said), assassination or imprisonment of this candidate if elected (starting to sound like Pope Benedict, yet?). This would suppose an extremely hostile mind in the governments of Europe toward the Church and would cause intense anguish to the Church, because an extended interregnum in the papacy is always disastrous and more so in time of universal persecution. If Satan would contrive to hinder a papal election, the Church would suffer great travail (this very well could be the meaning of the Prophecy of Malachy’s “mysterious break” between the death of Benedict and the waiting period for Peter the Roman). Methodius holds and correctly so, that the birth of Christ is past history, while Saint John in the Apocalypse writes of things present and future. The Church travails in birth until Christ is formed in us. If this be true in a measure for ordinary Christians, how much more eminently is it true of the Vicar who has the mind of Christ and teaches and RULES the nations in His stead. The second “sign” appears in heaven having a hostile relationship to the first. It is a blood red dragon (could be China and the coronavirus… Latin for “crown”)[7] and is a horrible contrast to the first figure of divine beauty. This red dragon brings the Church into great distress at that time. Red is color of anger and of blood. Commentators have commonly held this to signify the blood of the martyrs, but it may have another signification. No fiercer enemy of God and man has appeared in Christian times than communism, and strange to say, RED is its emblematic color. Communism may by that time have gained control over Europe. It would then erect almost insurmountable difficulties for the holding of a conclave to elect a pope. Satan knows how extensively an interregnum in the papacy would favor his success in recovering his ancient lordship over the world (The papacy … is the last absolute monarchy in the world today. The pope, when he is elected, is answerable to no human power. Remember, the pope is crowned and in order for Satan to rule absolutely, the office of the papacy must be crushed. This is why The Miller Dissertation, through the hands of Free Masons, has been Satan’s goal all along to make the Office of the Pope a regency, so little by little the prince of darkness can destroy it). The dragon wears a diadem on each of the seven heads while the woman wears only a wreath. The diadem is the emblem of sovereignty; and the wreath of excellency or subordinate regency placed on the head by the Supreme Authority. The dragon appears as the “sign”, just as the woman appears as the “sign”.

Death of the Pope

Verse 4 and 5

Later Kramer moves onto how the election of the pope despite Satan’s wrath, takes place after all and now he seeks to intimidate this newly elected pontiff because he knows this is the man who will bring about necessary reforms that Satan worked so hard to remove: Satan knows that his own rich harvest of souls will then be dashed to the ground. Hence he must avert the election or have the pope assassinated when elected. Satan’s intention is to subject the newly-elected pope also to the purposes of the World-powers or to plot his death (does not this sound like the death threat Benedict received from CHINA in the “fear of wolves” section?) The dragon will want to intimidate the new pope into non-interference—to let affairs run and develop as heretofore (is not this the very thing Benedict is doing now by being “contemplative” and giving up the “governance” of the Church?). In that way would he “devour the son”, absorb the papacy and alone direct and rule the world. Let us take a moment to dive into those “reforms” Satan did not want to see come from the authority of this pope.

Things Benedict has done:

  • Summorum Pontificum (“necessary reforms”?). As I stated earlier, I do agree with Vigano saying that this document perhaps placed two opposing forms of worship on equal levels, but we must admit that if it were not for this motu proprio of Ratzinger’s, the Latin Mass would not have begun to bloom once more; this document pushed hundreds of priests to learn the Latin Mass and made it more accessible for the flock. The Holy Sacrifice of the apostles never went away thanks to Marcel and his Society of Saint Pius X, but Benedict assured the faithful that the Old Mass was NEVER abrogated (even if a valid pope tried to do that, he does not have the right to take away the Mass of the apostles. And according to the Council of Constance, the flock AND THE POPE HIMSELF are bound to the Roman Rite and this is why we should stay away from the Novus Ordo).
  • Lifted excommunication of SSPX bishops.

Things Benedict still CAN do:

  • Consecrate Russia (though Ruffini said it would not be him, but the Pope after Benedict).
  • Reveal the Third Secret of Fatima.
  • Repent of substantial error and perhaps be martyred for the faith (Fatima vision?).
  • Reboot the college of Cardinals and find 12 worthy priests to start over.

This next verse, at first glance, I believed to be Peter the Roman but the more I read, and you will understand why, seemed to fit the figure of none other than Pope Benedict XVI:

She brought forth a male child who is destined to rule all nations with a rod of iron. The pope elected is virile and fearless (do you understand why I first thought, “that can’t be Benedict” … but perhaps, with the grace of repentance before death, he will BECOME virile and fearless by the end, when you read more from Kramer). The child “was to have ruled”. The text in the Vulgate is in the future tense, or was on the point of ruling with “iron rod”. The one whom God has destined for the papacy at that time instituted the needed reforms (Summorum Pontificum, which providentially means “of the Supreme- or Sovereign- Pontiffs”, and SSPX excommunication of bishops lifted). The lax clergy of that time will extol conditions then existing and will try to keep out of the Church apostolic purity and virtuous severity and will oppose the decrees of the pope with deliberate fanaticism. The clause, “that he might devour her son” does not necessarily mean assassination, but subjecting the pope to their wills and compel him to teach and rule as they direct. That would be literally devouring the papacy (ALL of this becomes radically clear when we consider Benedict’s April 24th, 2005, speech of “pray for me that I may not flee for fear of the wolves” and Vigano later saying that Benedict has an abusive relationship with the prelates who surround him, who, take advantage of his meekness. The “bifurcation of the papacy” of Benedict allowing Bergoglio to “direct affairs” the way Satan desired, and Benedict being contemplative, was exactly what the evil one wanted from the very beginning).

This next part reminds us of the Fatima Vision and one cannot but marvel how Our Lady’s entire Fatima message is found in the Book of the Apocalypse as Lucia told us all along:

Since they are defeated in this (by this point, perhaps Benedict began weeping in great repentance of his substantial error, attempts to reveal Third Secret or tell the world he never stopped being pope in full. This reminds us of what Vigano said in regard to proclaiming the truth that Benedict is pope, because even if Benedict dies shortly after, at least the elect will FINALLY have clarity), they have the pope assassinated and “he is taken up to God and to His throne”, just as Christ by His death was taken away of distress. The words of Psalm 11.9 : “Thou shalt rule with a rod of iron” are said of Christ. But in our text they are said of His Vicar. The “rod of iron” is a scriptural symbol of divine chastisement or law enforcement, by which the good are separated from the wicked. The Church will be purified. The good will accept the enforcement of divine laws (perhaps canon law will finally be seen as binding again by the elect) but the wicked will rebel and apostatize. This “son” is not Christ at His first advent, for he was to rule with a “rod of iron”, and when on point of doing so (Benedict attempting to rule after repentance despite evil forces) he is rapt out of the world. This is not true of Christ. After His glorious resurrection, Satan and all the power of hell kept out of His way. He was not killed at His birth, nor did He ascend into heaven immediately after His death, as the text here indicated regarding this “son”. And He did not ascend to the throne of God in order to escape the dragon. Again, as Methodius wrote: “John speaks concerning things present and to come. But Christ long ago conceived, was not caught up to the throne of God when he was brought forth, from fear of serpent’s injuring him”. But this “son” will hardly have time to purify the Church (maybe only time to reboot the college of cardinals and reveal Fatima Secret) before he is persecuted, imprisoned and martyred. He is therefore surely not Christ. This pope will be given power to rule over the destiny of the Church immediately from Heaven (remember, martyrs bypass purgatory, so if Ratzinger repents before death and dies for the Church, he will immediately be taken up to Heaven). He carries out the will of God and loses his life in consequence; and immediately as part of his reward, he receives in Heaven patronage over the Church on earth (see how much Our Lord loves the prodigal son?).

The Great Eagle in Chapter Twelve

The eagle is also a symbol of liberty; The Lord of the Rings even uses this as their sign of freedom in the trilogy. After the pope is killed, the woman (the Church in human form) takes her flight to the wilderness:

“Wilderness” to mean a non-Catholic country rather than a desert proper but a nation that is not an apostate nation. Providence will prepare a place of refuge in that country to protect the Church during the reign of the Antichrist. Verse 14 corroborates this conclusion. The Great Eagle protects its citizens; and though a heathen nation, it will receive and protect the Church. It will be independent and powerful enough to maintain its liberty against Antichrist. After it protects the Church during the Great Crisis, it will receive the grace of conversion. The “Eagle” an emblem is an independent government. The “wings” of the great eagle will enable the woman to fly into the wilderness. This wilderness is a heathen nation that has not joined the dragon (not counting the deep state), is not subject to him and is not an apostate nation either. The great eagle therefore, as a nation, has never been Catholic. The word “eagle” suggests that the nation may have become great by conquest (does any of this yet sound like The United States of America? It was centered on God, though on protestant values, but at least discovered by a Catholic: Christopher Columbus on October 12th, 1492. “In childlike innocence, every one of us must admit that it was because of the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that America was discovered. On the second voyage of Columbus to America in 1493, he put his whole expedition under the protection of the Immaculate Conception.

He called the boat on which he sailed on the second voyage, Gracious Mary. Columbus had called the island on which he first landed in the New World on his first voyage, San Salvador, which means Holy Savior. Enemies of the Catholic Faith, of the Blessed Virgin, of all true history and, of course, of Columbus himself, have changed the name of that island to Watling Island. On his second voyage to America, Columbus saw a group of Islands south of San Salvador. He called these islands the Virgin Islands, in honor of the 11,010 virgins who were martyred with Saint Ursula in Cologne, in 383. It was the feast of Our Lady of the Angels, August 2nd, 1492, that Columbus, knowing there was a plenary indulgence granted to all those who received Holy Communion on that day, went with all his crew to Mass, received Holy Communion, finished packing his boat- called Santa Maria, the Holy Mary- set sail for the New World. It took Columbus seventy-two days to cross the ocean.[8] Seventy- two was the age of Mary and of Mary Magdalen when they both died). The eagle will protect and shelter the Church during the reign of the beast. The place of safety for the woman is the same as the one in verse 6, for it is called “her place”. The text uses the definite article to designate THE eagle, “the great one”. It makes this eagle to appear the most powerful government on earth (hence, why part of the devil’s master plan is to “take down the United States of America” and Satan certainly succeeded in using fraud to get President Trump out of office, who as Vigano said, resisted globalism) and for this reason it will have the strength to defy the dragon. And later it will refuse to join Antichrist and will protect the Church during his domination of the world. Christ is the new David par excellence; Antichrist is an imitation of Christ, hence he rules 42 months. The time is stated in three different ways, in years, months and days to make the literal meaning unmistakably certain.

Evidently it is three and a half years actual time (the Church is sheltered by America and the Antichrist reigns for three and a half years in direct mockery of the public ministry of Christ; Kramer in an earlier chapter describes how the Antichrist will most likely be of Jewish blood, as well) 1,260 days. The Great Eagle protects the Church from the “face of the serpent”. The serpent casts a great stream of abuse after her likened to a river. This flood with which he now aims to destroy the woman is slander. The idea of the SERPENT is brought to mind to show the source of propaganda against the Church, for Satan is the arch-liar and archdeceiver of the human race from the beginning. All evil organizations in that country will aid him in his vile campaign (Deep State, Google, Apple whose symbol is a half-eaten apple to show the fall of Eve, Facebook, Instagram, Fake News outlet CNN, MSNBC etc.). Some martyrs may be made by the fury of the ignorant, prejudiced and the criminally inclined; stirring up revolutions by the aid of lawless mobs to overthrow the government (this of course reminds us of the Antifa, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ activists and Pro-Choicers). The government of the Great Eagle will guard and protect the cardinals. The officials knowing the slanders to be only stock in trade will give no heed to them (can we say that this was the case with the Supreme Court not giving into pressure, despite the leak, to go ahead and over-turn Roe vs. Wade? Those even within this great nation can say how evil the West has become, but are we forgetting the people who are a part of the 40 days for life movement? The hours of prayers that have been offered from FAITHFUL American Citizens, and there is a large number, who hold firm in our American values of keeping God as the center of our democracy? President Trump, who, brought in a Catholic priest to exorcise the White House during the 100-year-anniversary of Fatima in 2017, and is seen with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima and a Rosary with Father, is certainly a sign of hope for the Church. Where the Vatican has rejected Our Lady, a non-Catholic President welcomed Her into the White House and even had the Ave Maria sung in Her honor at the Republican National Convention. Trump is another Constantine.

Evil only attacks what is destined for greatness). Satan succeeded in having the “son” who was to rule the nations with a rod of iron assassinated. But he did not destroy the work of that “son”, which was to purify the Church and drive out Satan. This brings the events up to the appearance of Antichrist and the Two Witnesses (Elijah and Henoch). The Great Eagle, divinely appointed guardian of the Church, will calmly await developments in the world, as Satan starts the war against the Christian nations.

Elijah and Henoch Return; the False Prophet Prepares the Way of the Antichrist

Chapter XI verses 3-13 and Chapter XIII

The 1,260 days of the “Two Witnesses” active in Jerusalem coincides with the same period of the woman being sheltered in the land of the Great Eagle. What Christ will give the Two Witnesses is the authority to speak and act in His name for a thousand two-hundred and sixty days. The time is given here in days to denote the unceasing activity of preaching and working miracles day by day. It corresponds to the public life of Our Lord. The Witnesses shall preach penance and give the example of penance by their austerity and dress. Who are these Two Witnesses?

  1. Elijah was taken up in a fiery chariot alive and is preserved in a secret place, a paradise, for the “great day of Almighty God” (some interpreters say Elijah is destined to convert the Jews).
  2. Henoch was also transported alive, as says Saint Paul (Heb. XI 7-12) “Henoch was translated, that he should not see death” (some interpreters say Henoch is destined to convert the Gentiles).

His translation similar to that of Elias would logically presage for him a share in the work of Elias. The prophecy seems clearly to refer to Malachias (IV. 5), where he says: “Behold, I will send you Elias, the prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” The greatest scholars have held that the Two Witnesses must be Henoch and Elias in person. The coming of Henoch is recorded in the book of Ecclesiasticus (XLIV. 16). “Henoch pleased God, and was translated into paradise, that he may give repentance to the nations.” This was quite universally the interpretation of the ancient Fathers, including Saint Jerome. Hippolytus, a disciple of St. Irenaeus, says: “there remain only one week, the last, in which Elias will appear, and Henoch.” (II 22, Exegetical).

Power of Elijah and Henoch:

  • Function of restoring all things.
  • Read men’s minds and will strike dead by fire issuing their mouths anyone who conspires to injure them, before he can carry out his nefarious purpose. Fire fell from Heaven at the command of Elias and killed the soldiers of Ochozias (IV. Kings I. 10-13). The power of the Two Witnesses will be so much augmented that by a word they can slay their enemies as if by lightning.
  • During the three and a half years during which they continue their work, they will testify by word and miracles to the divine origin of the Catholic Church alone, condemn all scandals within it, bear witness to the divinity of Jesus Christ and expose the imposture and blasphemy of Antichrist.
  • Will order a drought, as did Elias for three and a half years during the days of King Achab (3 Kings. XVII. 1); (James V.17). Whether the Two Witnesses will remain in Palestine or travel from country to country; and again whether the drought will afflict the whole world, only the country in which they are testifying, or only those peoples that resist their preaching cannot be gathered from the text.
  • They may turn water into blood and may strike the earth with all the plagues with which Moses struck Egypt. The manifestations of their power will be known among all peoples giving all nations and tribes ample proof if its genuineness and divine character. Their authority will be unrestricted. They shall need no special order to inflict new plagues, as Moses and Aaron did, but shall strike with them whenever and as often as they choose. How the “great eagle” will fare is not stated.

The miracles of the Two Witnesses will certainly so far disenchant the signs of Antichrist and the False Prophet as to save from being misled all who are sincere.

False Prophet and Antichrist

Described in Chapter 13 verses 11-15

The beast is the prophet of the Antichrist. In other places he is called “False Prophet”. Antichrist will have a forerunner or prophet, who will prepare the way for him. It will undoubtedly be someone who has done great work of evil in the world so as to be especially fitted for the position. Many may have developed so evil a character as to be fit for such a job, but this one will be the head of a strong world power. Satan will not know long beforehand the time of these events, as he will not know when he shall be cast out of the Church. So choosing the False Prophet will be the work of Antichrist himself after he has made his own pact with Satan. This prophet may re-establish the pagan Roman Empire and build the “Great Harlot”, Babylon (sounds like Pachamama demon has been Bergoglio’s place to start). Kramer states how the beast is an apostate bishop or cardinal, or he resembles one. The Church having fled from Rome after the murder of the pope leaves the papal chair vacant. This false prophet possibly at the behest of Antichrist usurps the papal supremacy and proposes himself as emperor of Rome. His assumed spiritual authority and supremacy over the Church would make him resemble the Bishop of Rome, and his temporal regency over the re-established empire would make him emperor of Rome. He would be Pontifex Maximus, a title of pagan Roman empires, having supreme spiritual and temporal authority. Assuming authority without possessing it makes him the False Prophet (“we saw a bishop dressed in white, we had the IMPRESSION it was the Holy Father”.

Does none of this sound like Jorge Mario Bergoglio, yet? “Resembles the Bishop of Rome” and “assuming authority without possessing it” IS WHAT MAKES HIM THE FALSE PROPHET). The False Prophet working his “signs” will even cause lightning from the sky at his command. That Satan can cause lightning seems proven in scripture (Job 1.16). By such signs the False Prophet will gain credence to the claims of the divinity for Antichrist. Saint John clearly states that the False Prophet is but a man, for he has the name of a man given him by someone else; and the numerical letters of that name will enable the true believers to know him when he appears. The beast (lower case “b”) has two horns (ascended out of the depths of the 2013 faux conclave and the Beast (capital “B”) is the Antichrist who comes out of the abyss has ten horns. In Chapter XI verse 7 the Beast (capital “B”) is mentioned here for the first time. He may be of Asiatic birth and of Jewish blood (I wonder if he will begin his evil ministry at age 30 as well in imitation of Christ). He has Satan’s traits (if Lucifer was once an angel of light, we can be assured he is going to use someone who will carry out his “charm” to win souls for evil). The doctrines of the Beast were anticipated and exemplified in the work of the “fallen star” and the human race was shown to be gradually drawn deeper and deeper into the character of the Beast and into the adoption of Satan’s principles and “thics”, which are diametrically opposed to those of Christ. This was advanced by the activity of secret societies (Free Masons and the Illuminati) is speeding up still more by socialism and communism and shall reach its mature growth after the advent of the Beast in person.

*Archbishop Dr. Fulton J. Sheen made it clear in this context that this agenda is marked by the establishment of a counter-church: “It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content. There will be a mystical body of the Antichrist, which will resemble in all its externals the Mystical Body of Christ.” Accordingly, an anti-church at its head necessarily needs an anti-pope, who is the false prophet of the Apocalypse. *

Elijah and Henoch die and are resurrected three and a half days later

Chapter XI

the two Witnesses have a definite task to perform, an important message to deliver. They are immune from harm until their task is finished, after which they are no longer protected by supernatural power. Their preaching an example and miracles shall have won many people and particularly the Jews. The Beast’s crimes will reach their full measure in the murder of the Two Witnesses. That event will mark the end of the 1,260 days or 42 months during which the Beast is triumphant, and then begins his downfall. The bodies of the Two Witnesses will not be buried. God would not allow anyone to injure them until their testimony was complete. But now He permits the greatest of all indignities (in the eyes of a Jew) to fall upon them, namely, to lie unburied in the public street of the city like dogs. God will thus prepare the more striking proof of their glorification at their resurrection (three and a half days later). During those 1,260 days Jerusalem will be the principal scene of their miraculous power and the head of Antichrist’s empire. The Church shall have fled from Rome and her headquarters established in the “desert” (Land of the “Great Eagle”) and the Two Witnesses shall guide the Church (we will especially look to them if the See is vacant at that point as we await Peter the Roman’s election and then consecration of Russia).

The Catholics will patiently await the resurrection of the Prophets. After three and a half days, the people who have come to Jerusalem to see the corpses of the Prophets and the inhabitants of the city who happen to be present at the place where the bodies lie shall see them arise and stand on their feet. St John here changes to the past tense to show how unexpectedly the event transpired in the vision. The wicked are struck with deadly fear. While the wicked look upon the spectacle rooted to the spot or thrown into a panic and fleeing for safety, a voice heard like a trumpet from one end of the city to the other calls the Two Witnesses up to heaven. As they look on, the Prophets over whose death they gloated ascend into Heaven on a cloud of glory. The great news will be flashed over the world by cable, radio, television and the newspapers (or in our time, the internet) and the Beast will not be able to suppress it. The Prophets are made like Christ in all things, and their miracles will be even greater, and so they ascend into Heaven in the sight of their friends and enemies. Christ arose unseen and ascended in the presence of His disciples alone. The Prophets thus anticipate the general resurrection as a reward for their faithfulness during life when most people followed evil and for their labors and penance during this last sojourn on earth. They will be a manifest proof of the resurrection of all men. While the inhabitants of Jerusalem stand thunderstruck at the glorification and ascension of the Two Prophets, a terrific earthquake jars the city. Walls of buildings tumble down and crush God’s enemies. The Seer employs the round number, 7,000.

~End of Father Leonard Kramer analysis~

The six principal characters of the great conflict have thus been described:

The Two Witnesses, the Woman, the Dragon, the Beast and the False prophet.

How, you may ask, will Elijah and Henoch help the Catholic Church, during their time of preaching? Can we certainly hope that their words will lead those “elect”, who, for the last decade been deceived into believing Jorge Bergoglio is pope, into rather realizing he is the False Prophet? Yes. Because Elijah and Henoch will be on the opposing side of the False Prophet and antichurch. If you are not on the side of Elijah and Henoch, you will no longer be with Our Lord’s Church.

Elias and Henoch, ora pro nobis! May we pray and fast for their divine mission! More proof, through these two mighty Prophets, that Our Lord NEVER leaves us orphan.

Chapter 3: The New Jerusalem and Peter the Roman

We have at long last entered this book’s final chapter. I promised you in the preface that I would reveal why this volume was called “Rome’s” Final Pope and perhaps after reading the last chapter (the longest chapter in this book) you are already beginning to piece two and two together. If not only Fatima, but the Book of the Apocalypse, depicts a Holy Father martyred, the Church and the papacy not being destroyed but rather, “fleeing” to the land of the “Great Eagle” where its headquarters will be set up, is it then safe to assume that Benedict, after all, is not the final pope but ROME’S final pope?

The Book of the Apocalypse, the Fatima Vision and the Prophecy of Malachi predict the “City of Seven Hills” being destroyed. I think so much evil has taken place in the Vatican, since Satan entered the bosom of the Church, that it only makes sense for Our Lord to put an end to a location that was infested with evil and perhaps, break ground with the Rock of Peter and His Church (the bride of the Lamb) in another country, maybe? I do not think this question is a bizarre one… in fact, the last several chapters in the Apocalypse, allude to it. In Chapter XXI, John is taken up to a high mountain, with an angel, who says, “come and I will show you the bride, the wife, of the Lamb” and John is shown the Church being rebuilt, keeping its same traditions, core values and splendor, but this “New Jerusalem” is shown as more glorious then the original. THIS is why we hear: And He that sat on the throne, said: “Behold, I make all things new.” Before Our Lord on the throne says this, Saint John sees “the holy city, The New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her Husband.” [9] Father Leonard Kramer makes a thought-provoking point when he adds how some interpreters believe the Church’s permanent headquarters will be in the actual city of Jerusalem, rather than remaining in the land of the Great Eagle, thus, fulfilling the prophecy is in the literal sense, while others believe the “New Jerusalem” being in Jerusalem could perhaps be in a spiritual sense, since the Jews were converted after the mighty work of Elijah and Henoch. He goes onto say that Rome “is a heap of ruins” and “shall never be rebuilt”. Just as Leonard said, “the Church on earth cannot exist without a local center” and whatever city she should select for her headquarters or build to suit her needs would come forth from God and would be the Holy City coming down from Heaven and elevated to the place of glory intended in the divine plans.

The New Jerusalem thus becomes identified with the Church. (Gal. IV. 26). The New Jerusalem is not merely a location but the Church herself (though our Church Fathers and Sacred Scripture explicitly show how the new head-quarters WILL be in Jerusalem, just as Our Lord will judge man-kind in the valley of Josaphat near the Mount of Olives) and as Father Leonard said, “The New Jerusalem”, no matter what city the headquarters will be, IS the Church. The Lamb alone knows these glorious mysteries and Father Kramer in his in-depth analysis shows how the Church’s headquarters during the 1,260 days is in the great land of the eagle (presumably America) is a TEMPORARY headquarters and The New Jerusalem will LITERALLY be in Jerusalem itself. After all, Rome will be a heap of ruins and the Church must have a headquarters and after the glorious mission of Elijah and Henoch, the Jews will have finally been converted to the Lamb’s New Covenant. When Peter the Roman is elected, where will this election take place and where will they perform the consecration of Russia? Will they also do this in the land of the eagle, because the temporary headquarters are set up there? These are all questions only time will answer.

I do not believe any of these questions are unrealistic or ridiculous; Our Lord said that not one jot of the prophecies would be over-looked. He said ALL of what was written in the Apocalypse must and will come to pass. Our Lord is allowing the False Prophet and Beast to enter the scene, not because He is willing evil, but so that the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart will be victorious, so that Elijah and Henoch can perform mighty deeds for the Blessed Trinity, so the Church can gain her new title of The New Jerusalem and so the papacy can be made more glorious than before. This all reminds me of Saint Louis de Montfort’s words of how the apostles in the latter times would “rebuild the true temple of Solomon” and it would be Mary’s City.

Many of us feel like Frodo Baggins when reading some of the scandalous parts of the prophecies, “I wish none of this had happened” and Gandalf replied, “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil.” (The Lord of the Rings)

The image in our minds that should bring tears to our eyes, for those who treat this vale of tears as a temporary foreign land, is that of Elijah and Henoch being resurrected and “in the presence of their friends and enemies” ascending on a cloud to their Heavenly Home! We must beg God the grace to follow them and wait in joyful anticipation for the day when Our Great God calls us home. Another great lesson these Two Witnesses will teach us is to cease our unholy silence and effeminacy. If they saw an antipope sitting on the throne of Peter, do you think they would say to each other, “who are we to say something about it?” As Ann Barnhardt would say, “who do we have to be?” to defend Our God. Elijah and Henoch will convert souls by the thousands BECAUSE they will be virile; in short, they will be men.

 Even many of our Catholic priests today, have become feminine (not just with the pedophile movement) but even the holy ones are afraid to speak out in the open the great crimes committed against God. Sure, they may talk a good talk, but when they realize that they might get cancelled by their bishop, they cower in a corner. Elijah and Henoch will never do this. Men are the protectors, and even more so the priests are leaders in these dark times; books like this should not fall to members of the flock, but the shepherds. I know this topic of “who the pope is” is something that makes people squirm, but we must get past that hurdle, for the greater good of the Church; we have remained effeminate since Vatican II, the changes of the Mass and now we are simply going to accept that a man dressed in white is the pope and ignore all Our Lady’s warnings?

It is indeed fitting, as Antonio Socci points out, that Pope Benedict’s symbol being “the glory of the olive” ties in mysteriously with the Prophecy of Malachy, Saint Paul showing us how Christ will return to Himself kill the anti-christ and the Catholic Catechism’s public revelation’s article 675 of the Church passing through her ultimate trial (a passion) before the coming of Christ. Our Lord Himself began His passion on Mount Olivet and is it not fitting that “Rome’s” final pope begin this passion in the garden of olives, as well? After all, that is what his name signifies. Socci relays how we cannot simply look at the Prophecy of Malachy as “the end of the world”, but perhaps as John alluded to, “the end of an era”. The new headquarters for The New Jerusalem might be meant to endure for some time longer before Christ judges the world, as well as that “era of peace” promised by Our Lady for the consecration of Russia being done. A day to Our Lord is a thousand years for us, is it not? We simply do not know, as there is a section at the end of the Book of the Apocalypse that depicts the martyrs reigning for a thousand years and Satan being bound in chains.

I do want to end with something profound. After reading Father Leonard’s meanings of the chapters in the Apocalypse, there was a sentence from him, that reminded me of the Third Fatima Secret with Father Paul Kramer, with “when Satan THOUGHT the Church and the papacy was destroyed” a pope and a few bishops (after the death of Ratzinger) come out of hiding and consecrates Russia. At that point, it appears that the Church has already fled to the desert and Rome might already be in ruins, and so I was utterly astonished when I stumbled across another vision of Anne Emmerich’s depicting the woman from the Apocalypse, yet again, seen thus:

When the Church had been for the most part destroyed, and when only the sanctuary and altar were still standing, I saw the wreckers enter the Church with the Beast. There they met a Woman of noble carriage who seemed to be with child because she walked slowly. At this sight, the enemies were terrorized, and the Beast could not take but another step forward. It projected its neck towards the Woman as if to devour her, but the Woman turned about and bowed down [towards the altar], her head touching the ground. Thereupon, I saw the Beast taking to flight towards the sea again, and the enemies were fleeing in the greatest confusion…. Then, I saw in the great distance great legion approaching. In the foreground I saw a man on a white horse. Prisoners were set free and joined them. All enemies were pursued. Then, I saw that the Church was being promptly rebuilt, and she was more magnificent than ever before.—Bl. Catherine Emmerich in the autumn of 1820.

Two things stand out from this vision:

  1. At the very end of Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse we hear how the Beast went on to make war with the rest of the woman’s seed. Now that we know what we do about the woman (symbolizing the Church in her human character) giving birth to a pope in the beginning of the chapter who is taken up to heaven, is this a vision of the Beast, having believed the papacy destroyed after Benedict, seeing her about to give birth to Peter the Roman, “the rest of her seed”? At this point, this image cannot mean Benedict because we know when he is martyred, per the Apocalypse and Fatima Vision, that the City of Seven Hills will be in ruins. But here, Anne shows us how the Church, for the most part, looks destroyed and yet, in the midst of the rubble there is the woman “who seemed to be with child” yet again and this “terrorized” the Beast. As though it caught him off guard after believing the Church had been mostly destroyed with the death of Ratzinger.
  2. That last sentence I underlined clearly depicts The New Jerusalem.

The glorious feast of the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, celebrated on the Third Wednesday after Easter every year, depicts Saint Joseph as none other than: “THE GUARDIAN OF THE NEW JERUSALEM”. Therefore, this entire book is written in honor of him!

Who is Peter the Roman?

Peter (Old Rome) and Peter Secunda (New Jerusalem)

 IS THAT WHY THERE IS NO POPE TITLE in the prophecy of Malachy with Peter the Roman (Secunda)? Peter was not called “Pope Peter”, as we discussed because he was the first; perhaps it is the same with the Second Peter (for The New Jerusalem)? Again, Our Lord is “making all things new” and as it began with Peter, the “New Dawn” of the Church, will once again contain a “resurrection of the papacy” and Peter… is not going anywhere. In this moment of Peter the Roman’s election, Our Lord’s Petrine Promise of “Thou art Peter” and “upon this rock I will build My Church” are being solemnly kept and fulfilled.

Remember when Jacinta had one of her visions of a future Holy Father? Frere Michele writes:

“As for The Holy Father praying before the Immaculate Heart of Mary, may we not believe that it concerns the Pope mentioned at the conclusion of the Secret: In the end… The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me?” Again, Sister Lucy clarifies the point, for this second vision corresponds to an event prophesied in the Secret. Is this Holy Father Peter the Roman?

Peter the Roman is walking in our midst this very moment; though he does not bear that name yet, he will. He is destined to! “Peter the Roman” is a fitting title because it proves to us how even though the Church has a glorious new title of “The New Jerusalem”, she is still being re-built on the “Roman” core values (Latin etc.) The one shepherd that comes to mind, who indeed is Italian, is none other than the very man who has been quoted throughout this entire book. The priest who has said we must reject Vatican II; the zealous member of the episcopate who says that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the false prophet of globalism; the shepherd who defended the flock, fled Rome, went into hiding and is still sounding the alarm from the wilderness. The archbishop who said the New Mass needs to be abolished, endorsed President Trump, told the faithful to stay away from the vaccines and said proclaiming Benedict being pope would give the elect the clarity they need to reject Satan’s agenda. This holy man, who was formerly made Nuncio of none other than The United States of America (The Great Eagle) by Pope Benedict XVI and this faithful shepherd… who am I referring to? Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Do you know what Nuncio means? “An official who REPRESENTS THE POPE in a foreign country”. I am no prophet, but I believe that the man chosen to bear the name “Peter” for the second time in the history of our papacy must be somebody who is worthy to fill those shoes. If Benedict rebooted the college of Cardinals before his death and made Viganò a Cardinal, he indeed would have a chance to fill those shoes. Perhaps all of this is not even close to the truth, and Peter the Roman is someone we do not expect at all to play the part. However, many things that appear impossible to man are possible with God and so, until that faithful election comes, may we keep looking to Archbishop Viganò because even from the wilderness, he is feeding the sheep. Is not that the very request Our Lord asked the first pope, Peter?


“Domine quo vadis?”

The small icon found on the back of the cover is one of my favorite scenes of Our Lord and Peter; and I believe it fits the current actions of Pope Benedict XVI. The first pope was fleeing from his destined death, and on the road going out of the eternal city, he was met by Our Lord. Peter asks, “Domine quo vadis?” (Lord, wither goest Thou?) and Christ answers, “to Rome to be crucified” (to signify the death of Peter). These words alone were enough for Peter to go back to Rome and be crucified upside down on the very same day Saint Paul was beheaded. These two pillars dying on the same day is no coincidence, but sheer providence. If this is indeed the passion of the Church, then it is indeed the destiny of Pope Benedict XVI to return to his post of “governance” of the Church as “Rome’s” final pope and lay down his life for his sheep. Even if that means following the Lamb to slaughter in the process. What a glorious gift; this would not be a defeat, but a victory. He will automatically be given authority to rule from heaven for his last-minute courage! The Petrine Promise is also this:

“But I have prayed for you, Peter (Benedict), that your faith will not fail. And when you turn back to Me, you must strengthen your brothers.” ~Luke 22.32~

What could be better than having Our LORD’S prayers?


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