You are the Secretary of My Heart. Your thoughts are united to My Thoughts, so write whatever comes to your mind. He Has chosen you for that office in this life and in the next life. Know, that His choice will not change



Are men and devils to have their voluntary slaves, and Mary to have none?

~Saint Louis Marie de Montfort~

Why my blog? After all, WordPress does say “Just another WordPress site”.  I am a simple secretary of Mary and I like to fish. I grew up typically fishing in lakes, I soon progressed to oceans…now the new challenge is people. Yes, I have my fishing pole at hand and well, I am ready to reel you in. One of my all time favorite saints named Therese once said “More merciful to me than to His beloved disciples, Our Lord Himself took the net, cast it, and drew it in full of fish. He made me a fisher of men.” I like to fish, but the actual One who will be reeling you in has a lot to tell you. Don’t worry, He is quite the Gentleman. Although, I hope you don’t mind hooks!

I am in the process of trying to establish myself as a  Carmelite Hermitess of Our Lady of Fatima as Sister Jade Mary of the Sorrowful Heart under Canon 603 with bishop approval in the United States. I have a great love for Our Lady of Fatima, Her Seven Sorrows and simply wish to live a life of seclusion offering every small sacrifice for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart. I have three top priorities in which to devote my eremitical life: Love of Christ as Spouse, Chair of Saint Peter and constant acts of reparation for the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I have no desire to preach, I simply wish to be “alone with the Alone” just how the early Church Desert Fathers used to live; that of Elijah and Moses who discovered God’s deepest secrets while on the mountain or in the cave of concealment. My day will center on observing the strict rule of Saint Albert of Jerusalem, the Traditional Latin Mass, the Carmelite Rite of the Divine Office and selling Custom made holy cards on Etsy as a means of self support. Of course, I will also devote some of my time to blogging! For more details on how to be apart of my mission, my daily hororium and way of life click below:

Dedicated to the Good Saint Michael the Archangel, Elijah, Moses, John the Baptist, Saints Peter and Paul and all the Apostles of Christ Crucified.


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“The baser, humbler soul was I, the more exhausted did I grow. ‘No hope!’ Was all that I could say. But, as I sank and sank so low, higher and higher did I fly.”  

~Excerpt taken from one of the poems of Our Holy Father John of the Cross~

Story behind Etsy:

In Carmel, I discovered a love for designing holy cards for the other sisters when their vows or clothing ceremonies were approaching; I would raid the convent art room and hunt for the most unique pictures and colors I could find that complimented one another. I will never forget my novice mistress’ answer when asked what her favorite color was: “I don’t have a favorite color, I just like colors that go well together.” This hobby carried over when I discovered a different calling to be a Carmelite Hermitess. After Our Lord’s Resurrection, Lazarus became a bishop, Martha started a community of holy virgins, but what did Mary Magdalene do? She became an Anchorite; she lived in a cave the rest of her days and in order to be faithful to her solitude with Our Lord, the angels brought her the Eucharist everyday. All the proceeds will be part of my means for sustainable living, just as religious communities depend on donations with their vow of poverty and specializing in something in particular to bring in income for the monastery, that is my goal with a hermitage!