You are the secretary of My Heart; write down whatever comes to mind. Your thoughts are united to My thoughts. He has chosen you for that office in this life and in the next. Know that His choice will not change.”

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Charity is the fulfillment of the Law:

“The baser, humbler soul was I, the more exhausted did I grow. ‘No hope!’ was all that I could say. But as I sank and sank so low, higher and higher did I fly.” ~Our Holy Father Saint John of the Cross~

“It seems to me that in my interventions I have always and only pursued the mission that the Lord has entrusted to me as successor of the Apostles, working for the salvation of souls at an hour when humanity is falling into the abyss without anyone sounding the alarm for the imminent danger.” ~Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano~

“Let the whole world cry out upon me, so long as God is praised and understood a little better”. ~ Our Holy Mother Teresa of Jesus~

Solemn Salve Regina; sung by Carmelites every Saturday or vigil for feasts of Our Lady. Video made by Mary’s Secretary. Page dedicated, and set up, for the Traditional Latin Mass!



“The voice of one crying in the desert, prepare ye the way of Mary, make straight Her paths.”

The Parable of Pope Benedict XVI: Video Produced by Mary’s Secretary:

“Let the Immaculata do what you cannot.” ~Maximilian Kolbe~

Carmelite Hermitess of Our Lady of Fatima:

Why my blog? After all, WordPress does say “Just another WordPress site”.  I am a simple secretary of Mary and I like to fish. I grew up typically fishing in lakes, I soon progressed to oceans…now the new challenge is people. Yes, I have my fishing pole at hand and well, I am ready to reel you in. One of my all-time favorite saints named Therese once said “More merciful to me than to His beloved disciples, Our Lord Himself took the net, cast it, and drew it in full of fish. He made me a fisher of men.” I like to fish, but the actual One who will be reeling you in has a lot to tell you. Don’t worry, He is quite the Gentleman. Although, I hope you don’t mind hooks!

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” ~Psalm 22~

Mary’s Secretary is run by a future Carmelite Hermitess; If you do not like a mixture of politics in the Church as well as politics in the world, then this is not the blog for you, and I would suggest not subscribing to this site. Really, it will not hurt my feelings. Well, it might sting a little bit, you know, because human nature. “Politics and Catholicity do not mix”. Actually, wrong. As exorcist Father Chad Ripperger stated “traditionally speaking” there is no separation between Church and State. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano was asked about why he too is so involved in politics, and this was his reply:

Who decided that a bishop cannot intervene in politics? Secularists and, among Catholics, those who curiously let bishops and ultra-progressive clerics rant, who go into deliquio if Bergoglio speaks against Trump or in favor of Trudeau, but tear their clothes if a bishop does not please the system or does not follow the unified network narrative of single thought. It does not seem to me that Saint Ambrose – who also came from the public administration and who was acclaimed bishop when he was still a layman – ever had scruples to intervene in political matters. Since a bishop is a shepherd, and among the sheep of the Flock that the Lord has assigned to him there are humble people and powerful people, there are subjects and rulers, men and women, honest and delinquent citizens: they are all sheep to be led to pastures and to be protected from wolves.

The Third Fatima Secret is so political that it is still kept sequestered in the walls of the Vatican today. “Politics do not mix”; well, they are mixing as we speak! And as Vigano said, someone needs to sound the alarm. Charity is the fulfillment of the Law, so in order to give our complete adoration to the Sacred Heart we must use our hearts and minds for His glory. This means staying educated with what is going on inside the “deep State” and the “deep Church”; this means differentiating “the children of light” from “the children of darkness”. Catherine of Siena said, “start being brave about everything” and this is the goal with Mary’s Secretary website, run entirely for the Sorrowful Heart Heart of Mary.

May we Catholics anticipate, with a firm hope, the complete restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass to its rightful state, the proper Consecration of Russia, the First Saturday Devotion becoming a universal practice of the Catholic Church, the restoration of the Papacy in honor of the Chair of Saint Peter and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Let us never for a second ignore the Blessed Virgin Mary. We need to fight with Her and for Her. May Mary’s divine portion of Israel, the elect, become saints and red martyrs for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Christ the King and Our Lady of Fatima. Never will Jesus Christ be known as He ought without the Mediatrix of all Graces. The time has come; there is no longer a need to hide Her, for this is the age of Mary!

Therese’s Canticle of Love, taken from her poem, composed by a Carmelite. Cover by Mary’s Secretary- three-part harmony.


Are men and devils to have their voluntary slaves, and Mary to have none?

~Saint Louis Marie de Montfort~

“But we glory also in tribulations, knowing that tribulation worketh patience.” ~Saint Paul~


“Mary shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life or by death. For to me, to live is Mary and to die is gain.”

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In order to remain faithful to a life dedicated entirely to prayer and solitude, I no longer have a contact form. I keep this website up as a source of helpful information; as such, I have genuinely tried to use this platform as a means of sharing things I believe Our Lady needs spread like wildfire, without conversing BACK to the world, by not having a comment section, or a like button. I do this in a few different ways and for two reasons:

1.) To say what I need to say without fear of losing respect, esteem and approval from men. Like buttons tend to do that; let’s face it! Especially now that they even offer dislike buttons. I mean really, we all know there is healthy criticism, but a dislike button? That is just asking for the Litany of Humility. In all seriousness, in my not looking for human approval in those ways I am therefore free to post sole with the goal of pleasing Mary. If I received no likes from the world, but see “The Blessed Virgin Mary liked your post”, I would not trade that for ten billion likes from the most devout Catholics.

2.) This is sort of my way of living in the desert as a hermit by “crying out in the wilderness” while still maintaining my enclosure.

Some people have been quick to misunderstand this blog in terms of it seeming “contradictory” to a hermit’s way of life. We cannot properly judge those we have never met in person now, can we? Or judge someone we have not seen in years; many forget that Our Lord restores more wondrously than He creates. I very much admired Vigano for saying, “and what do they know of my pastoral activity?” when he is judged based on his exterior actions.

That resonated with myself as well because only Our Lady and God alone know my heart and interior; if I am being obedient to Them, what else matters? If Our Lady Herself is asking me to write for the glory of the Trinity in the middle of the wilderness, precisely because it is the will of Her Son, who are we to question it? His ways are not our ways. The life of an anchoress is so much more than exterior solitude (living alone in a hermitage); more so, it is all about the interior of the hermit; that is what must especially be shielded from the eyes of man. This is precisely what I just described to you with WHY there is no way to contact me on here.

My “enclosure” is not being violated because I am not conversing back with the readers nor do I have any pictures of myself as a hermit, which, would indeed violate the law of enclosure. I am not seeking vain glory through this site; I merely run this account for Our Lady; it is all Hers. I am only sharing what She desires to be posted. Her words must not be distorted, and Her paths must be kept straight. I think it can be tempting on sites such a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, what have you, to want to have as many followers as possible.

The danger with this, among many, is either it can get to one’s head or there is a fear that one will lose followers or simply be cancelled altogether for speaking the FULL truth, so they refrain from saying what they really think because they might lose their approval from men (and their donations). “But if I do not show my photo then I will lose donors because they will not know who they are donating to” or “if I say what I really think I will lose followers on my social media”.

The very essence of the vow of poverty taken by the hermit as well as life in common, is that God will provide for all our needs (spiritual, financial and material) by simply being faithful to the rule. How can this be done? The grace from God comes from obedience to the rule. If the rule says: “no pictures where your face is shown”, we obey, place our confidence in God and trust that by our holy obedience He will in turn be faithful and provide with food and donations one-hundred-fold.

I am no saint, I have many logs to remove from my own eyes before calling out others, but my point is this: If Saint Paul were walking around today, can you see him taking selfies? He referred to the followers of the Crucified as “dead to the world and hidden in Christ in God”. Can you see Christ Himself going off to the mountain to pray to the Father and pausing to take a selfie with the glorious landscape behind Him? Neither can I. When Elijah and Enoch come back to combat the anti-Christ, do you think they will get off their Chariots and go buy an iPhone to take a selfie? (That one is just laughable).

And lastly, can you see the Immaculate Conception Who said that “The Lord regarded the humility of His Handmaid” taking pictures of Herself? No one should argue this and say, “well we are living in different times, and we need to use modern technology to win souls for Christ”. I agree with that (hence why this website exists) but can you honestly say that selfies win souls? We can still use modern technology, as Maximilian Kolbe said, to win souls for the Immaculata while still not conforming to all the vanities that do not sanctify the soul.

For hermits, part of this rule is not posting pictures where our face is shown. This custom has indeed been lost. Today many priests and nuns are conforming to the sinful and selfish culture of today, and all its vanities. Hermits are called to a stricter and more intense way of life even than that of the cloister, because it is a life of direct service to Jesus and Mary outside of life in common. Posing for a selfie with their hermit hoods on… what is this, hermit fashion show? They are not changing the world but letting the world change them.

“Come and I will show thee the bride, the wife of the Lamb. And I saw the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her Husband. Alleluia. How beautiful is she become, this bride from Lebanon.”
~Book of the Apocalypse~

Have we lost our fear of God? Since when do we care more about approval from men than our Creator? Speak the truth and God will provide. For the above reasons, among others, I will not touch those big tech woke websites because the last thing I desire is to lose site of the end goal: union with God. Our Lord keeps the things He loves the most hidden for Himself alone. Saint Louis de Montfort says that the true child of Mary is not really born until their death.

You will notice that I often refer to myself as “Mary’s Secretary”, because I desire to be known by no one. You may occasionally see our former name or religious name come out or hear our voice on a podcast, but the very essence of this blog is that Mary must increase, and I must decrease. I also believe in my liberty with my American First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech. I believe in “un-censorship” and as I said on the Collect page, if you do not like what I have to say, you can leave this site at any time. That is the beauty of freedom. Quite frankly I do not have time for political correctness, and I am not wasting my time with that nonsense; we have souls to save!

You will only get the truth from me, the un-sugar-coated truth. So, in a world full of selfies and “like” buttons, THAT is what I believe to be most dangerous for one seeking union with Our Lord. Let us strive therefore in constant competition to be the most hidden in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Yes! Only when They see that we belong to no one else will They completely take us as Their own. May we remain linked, through prayer and prayer alone, at the foot of the cross of the Crucified!

Since we see the way, let us run together! ~Saint Therese of the Child Jesus~

“The little white dove
Has returned to the ark with the bough;
And now the turtle-dove
Its desired mate
On the green banks has found.

In solitude she lived,
And in solitude built her nest;
And in solitude, alone
Has the Beloved guided her,
In solitude also wounded with love.”

~Our Holy Father Saint John of the Cross~

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