“The voice of one crying in the desert, prepare ye the way of Mary, make straight Her paths.”

The Parable of Pope Benedict XVI: Video Produced by Mary’s Secretary:

Life of a Carmelite Hermitess (Anchorite)

This site is used to provide helpful resources for those who want clarity with what is REALLY going on in the heart of Holy Mother Church and to provide sources for those who desire to seek the path of an anchorite.

Why my blog? After all, WordPress does say “Just another WordPress site”.  I am a simple secretary of Mary and I like to fish. I grew up typically fishing in lakes, I soon progressed to oceans…now the new challenge is people. Yes, I have my fishing pole at hand and well, I am ready to reel you in. One of my all-time favorite Carmelites named Therese once said “More merciful to me than to His beloved disciples, Our Lord Himself took the net, cast it, and drew it in full of fish. He made me a fisher of men.” I like to fish, but the actual One who will be reeling you in has a lot to tell you. Don’t worry, He is quite the Gentleman. Although, I hope you don’t mind hooks!

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” ~Psalm 22~

If you do not like a mixture of politics in the Church as well as politics in the world, then this is not your lucky day, is not the blog for you, and I would suggest not subscribing to this site. Really, it will not hurt my feelings. Well, it might sting a little bit, you know, because human nature. “Politics and Catholicity do not mix” they say. Actually, wrong. As exorcist Father Chad Ripperger stated “traditionally speaking” there is no separation between Church and State. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano was asked about why he too is so involved in politics, and this was his reply:

Who decided that a bishop cannot intervene in politics? Secularists and, among Catholics, those who curiously let bishops and ultra-progressive clerics rant, who go into deliquio if Bergoglio speaks against Trump or in favor of Trudeau, but tear their clothes if a bishop does not please the system or does not follow the unified network narrative of single thought. It does not seem to me that Saint Ambrose – who also came from the public administration and who was acclaimed bishop when he was still a layman – ever had scruples to intervene in political matters. Since a bishop is a shepherd, and among the sheep of the Flock that the Lord has assigned to him there are humble people and powerful people, there are subjects and rulers, men and women, honest and delinquent citizens: they are all sheep to be led to pastures and to be protected from wolves.

The Third Fatima Secret is so political that it is still kept sequestered in the walls of the Vatican today. “Politics do not mix”; well, they are mixing as we speak! And as Vigano said, someone needs to sound the alarm. Charity is the fulfillment of the Law, so in order to give our complete adoration to the Sacred Heart we must use our hearts and minds for His glory. This means staying educated with what is going on inside the “deep State” and the “deep Church”; this means differentiating “the children of light” from “the children of darkness”. Catherine of Siena said, “start being brave about everything” and this is the goal with Mary’s Secretary website, run entirely for the Sorrowful Heart Heart of Mary.

Canon Law 748 §1. All persons are bound to seek the truth in those things which regard God and His Church and by virtue of divine law are bound by the obligation and possess the right of embracing and observing the truth which they have come to know.

May we Catholics anticipate, with a firm hope, the complete restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass to its rightful state, the proper Consecration of Russia, the First Saturday Devotion becoming a universal practice of the Catholic Church, the restoration of the Papacy in honor of the Chair of Saint Peter and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Let us never for a second ignore the Blessed Virgin Mary. We need to fight with Her and for Her. May Mary’s divine portion of Israel, the elect, become saints and red martyrs for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Christ the King and Our Lady of Fatima. Never will Jesus Christ be known as He ought without the Mediatrix of all Graces. The time has come; there is no longer a need to hide Her, for this is the age of Mary!


Are men and devils to have their voluntary slaves, and Mary to have none?

~Saint Louis Marie de Montfort~

“But we glory also in tribulations, knowing that tribulation worketh patience.” ~Saint Paul~