We Are Dealing With a God of Romance.

Did you ever stop to ponder how incredibly human and romantic Jesus can be? This post isn’t just for women. I mean think about it! If Jesus is the most masculine Man in the world who endured death on a cross, wouldn’t that also mean He has the most loving and romantic Heart of all time? He conquered death for a number of reasons, but the most important of these, was love. As much as I am sure this particular saying means well, it’s not enough for me to hear “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the bible tells me so.” For some reason whenever I hear that overused phrase, I can’t help but want to mentally make eye contact with Jesus and imagine Him and I rolling our eyes together. That phrase does not even equal a fraction of Jesus’ Divine Love for us. And Jesus doesn’t have to make a verse rhyme to tell you so, “this I know.”

One night I was looking at the Divine Mercy image hung on my wall and I boldly asked The Lord to show me His romantic side. And I did not mean in the romantic human kind of way, more like in a romantic heavenly kind of way. A romance that is eternal. I opened a Saint’s Diary and I read the most profound dialogue between Jesus and this Saint that depicted everything I imagined for this “romantic” side of Christ. Don’t worry this Diary was made to be public, If you have not read Saint Faustina’s Diary, do it! In a nutshell this book is a Diary that Jesus asked Saint Faustina to share and to write about His great and unfathomable Mercy for souls. She felt this love so deeply that the Diary is even titled “Divine Mercy in My Soul.” Can you imagine having your entire being filled with His Mercy? If Jesus says He is love and mercy itself, isn’t it safe to say that your entire being would be filled with love, too? Of course I “randomly” opened to page 26 of the Diary and immediately got the “heavenly” butterflies.

Saint Faustina was describing how God was uniting Himself to her in such a way that she had to flee from the interior meeting with Him, not that the presence of God was painful, it was that extreme power and awe that filled her soul. The interior flee turned external and she went to her Mother Superior and asked for permission to leave the convent for the day so she could escape that particular awe filled Presence of Jesus. What did He do?  He appeared to her, standing in the doorway exit of the convent and said Go ahead, but I am taking your heart. Faustina went on to describe how she literally felt her heart gone from her chest, needless to say her outing only lasted a couple of minutes before she wrote her soul could find no peace. Her excuse to Mother Superior for returning home so early was she wanted to come back before dark. Jesus again appeared to her and told her Go to Mother Superior and tell her that you came back, not in order to reach home before dark but because I had taken your heart. She writes how difficult it was to tell Mother Superior those words, but the moment she did, Jesus filled her soul with great joy. As many times as I have gone through that Diary, I never once remember reading that part. It was as if Jesus was saving it so my heart could be surprised. After all, we are dealing with a God of romance.