The Power of the Pope and Peter’s Chair.

In honor of today’s glorious feast of Saint Peter’s chair (the official seat of the Pope), I thought it appropriate to tie in this great feast to the power and authority of the Pope.

Jesus Himself further explained His will to Sister Lucia. In response to her question asking Him why He could not convert Russia without the Pope doing the Consecration of Russia, Jesus said: Because I want My whole Church to recognize that Consecration as a Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that later on My Church will place devotion to My Mother’s Immaculate Heart beside devotion to My Sacred Heart.

All of us remember our Lady of Fatima’s famous words- in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph. Certainly we have not reached the end yet, have we? The world nor the Church’s faithful have seen this victory of Her Heart precisely because we have not yet seen the proper Consecration of Russia. Fulton Sheen so brilliantly pointed out the powerful role of the Pope when Jesus told Peter the first Pope: Peter, I have prayed for you. Jesus did not tell the other disciples he prayed for them, only Peter. His role of power and authority is so important that Our Lord prayed particularly for Peter, alone. Jesus, while on earth made Himself obedient to His parents, priests, kings and the law- even though He was never bound to that kind of worldly law. Still, in our times in a utterly mysterious sort of way,  He is choosing to be obedient to His priests, bishops and the Pope in order for Mary’s Heart to be victorious. Fulton Sheen went on to make the profound statement: I think bishops are strong only when they are united with the Holy Father. Unity is the key factor in the Consecration of Russia and until it is done, the Church will continue to witness, daily “priest against priest- bishop against bishop”. Pope against Pope?

Saint John Lateran’s Basilica is the seat of the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. This was where the past Popes resided before Saint Peter’s was built. Vatican 1 Counsel was held here. Most Catholics think of St. Peter’s as the Pope’s main church, but they are wrong. This Basilica is the oldest church in Europe and known as “Mother of all Churches.” It is said that the very table used by Jesus at the last supper rests in this cathedral, along with the wood altar Peter used for Mass.

Satan is sneaky, because he knows when the proper consecration of Russia is done, the Immaculate Heart will triumph. This triumph will be the heal crushing the head of the serpent and the ultimate defeat of Satan’s reign on earth by the Woman clothed with the sun. That is why we have seen failed attempts of this consecration since Pope Pius XII. Our Lady asked one thing on behalf of Our Lord: To consecrate Russia on a solemn occasion in the presence of ALL the bishops and the Pope. Our Lord shows us the power of His representatives when they are in unity. What has Satan done to destroy the unity? Satan is simply buying time with the failed consecration attempts, because I believe right at that very second of the proper consecration of Russia, Her Heart will triumph. Let’s explore these failed consecration attempts below:

  1. Consecration of Russia by the Pope without the bishops.
  2. Consecration of the World by the Pope with the bishops…doesn’t mention Russia.
  3. Another Consecration of the World, still no mention of Russia. (I heard a man once say that not mentioning Russia is like making a beef stew recipe but never using beef.)

All of these attempts of a consecration did bring along with it, a sort of peace: Communist dictators died,  wars ended, the Berlin Wall fell and America saw the Hand of Our Lady with the election of a pro-life president who fights to keep God in it’s democracy (2016 Donald J. Trump). However, surrounded by all those acts of God are still the debris that can and will cause the great punishment on mankind if the Pope and bishops fail to come together and fulfill the exact formula of the Consecration of Russia. The past consecrations of Russia are the perfect example of man’s disobedience to God. Man always believes (since the fall) that somehow we are smarter than God and our plan is better. “Russia? Consecrate the world, instead! Sounds holy, doesn’t it?” ( I can just see Satan whispering that in the head of a reigning pope). Yet, John Paul ll stated after the consecrations of the world that he wanted to mention Russia and was swayed otherwise by his officials. He was found greatly disturbed after one of the ceremonies knowing he did not fulfill the task of Our Lord. Until this act is properly fulfilled, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will not triumph and we will not see that era of peace She promised.

We please God more by simply being obedient. I saw this so many times when Our Lord would appear to Saint Faustina and test her obedience to Him through her mother superiors and the priests. He would tell her to do something, but only if she received permission THROUGH her mothers or confessor. This also brings me back to the bold Saint Peter. When Our Lord said He would wash Peter’s feet, Peter was horrified: Lord, you will not wash my feet- you are my Lord. When Our Lord gently chastised him, Peter turned around and said: Lord wash my whole body. I laugh every time at Peter and Jesus’ final response: I am only washing your feet. This is the perfect example of the Popes and the past consecrations. Fighting Our Lord in not wanting to do what He asks or wanting it done their own way. I will never forget Jesus telling Saint Faustina that her obedience pleased him more than her mortification’s. Indeed, that statement is such a mystery, but usually when we are obedient we end up winning one hundred fold in rejecting our own will and somehow still end up doing some type of mortification anyway by ultimately rejecting our own desires for God’s sake. I once read that the only thing that really belongs to us is our will, so it’s the perfect sacrifice to give Jesus.

Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven. (Matt. 7:21)

When Jesus thrice asked Peter: do you love Me? The best way we can show Him that our love is genuine is by doing what He asks.  For Peter, the Pope- it’s to feed and lead Our Lord’s flock. Jesus responded to Peter: then feed my sheep. After all of this being said- the role of Saint Peter is so overwhelmingly tedious a burden that Jesus said He prayed for him. Peter’s cross as Pope became so unbearable that on his way out of Rome to flee his very vocation, Our Lord had to meet him on that road and ask him the famous: Quo Vadis? (Where are you going?) Jesus knows that the only way His Pope can be bold, courageous, obedient and strong is with His grace. Each time Peter turns away from his Lord either through denial or abandonment Jesus always gives him “a look” or calms the storm (literally) by a simple question. Peter is the most bold out of all the disciples. He was the first to try and follow our Lord by walking on the sea and the first to tell Our Lord he would never deny him. Peter, time and time again was humbled when he realized he is a “sinful man” and can do nothing without Christ our Lord. What is so beautiful is Jesus never let Peter’s human weakness change His mind in giving Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven nor in calling Peter the Church’s “Rock”.

Peter is one of my all time favorite saints, because while we are not all called to the sublime office of the Papacy- how many times have we denied Our Lord, fallen, fled or chosen our own will? We are nothing but weakness and misery, but Jesus has proven through His saints that He chooses the weak for such tasks-even the proper Consecration of Russia. But as Our Lord told the mighty Paul: My power is made perfect in weakness.  I heard a priest give a homily yesterday in honor of a votive Mass on the cross, talk about the difference between Peter and Judas. Judas wept for himself when betraying innocent Blood. Peter wept for the Lord and allowed Jesus to wash his sin of denial with His innocent Blood. With tears, even those bitter tears of Peter, come with them- grace. Grace is only given after suffering. Like Peter, let us allow the Precious Blood to wash away our many sins and wash us clean, so we can start anew and fulfill the task God has called us to! As far as the Pope, may we pray daily that he beg God for the grace to fight off the wolves in sheep’s clothing and call on all the bishops to consecrate Russia the way Our King and Queen have asked.

Let them exalt him in the Church of the people; and praise him in the Chair of the ancients. (Tract from today’s Mass)

I dedicate this blog to my good friend and brother Tony Davis who is becoming a Deacon today! May Saint Peter make him a holy and zealous priest- to become a great saint and leader of Christ’s flock.

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