When Holy Medals Miraculously Turn Gold

We usually hear of cheap gold turning to silver, but not the other way around. I have a few of these occurrences and I like to think of Our Lady touching them and blessing the object by turning it gold. Why does gold symbolize royalty? Think about all the objects on the altar at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Chalice that holds the Precious Blood, the Tabernacle and even the candle holders that are lit on the altar are usually gold. It is only fitting for a King to have the best of the best, is it not? John of the Cross believed in having the poorest of the poor for himself and his friars in the monastery, but the best of the best for Our Lord on the altar- all gold! The first time something I owned turned to gold was most peculiar and non Catholics noticed it and pointed it out. In college I decided to buy a bike because I had no other means of transportation so I was told at my local bike shop (which I became a regular at) that I needed to invest in a more expensive bike that I wouldn’t have to fix so often.

I remember giving the situation to Our Lady and asking Her to bless whatever bike I invested in. To help me find an affordable and efficient bicycle since I had to bike such long distances to get to work, daily Mass or school. She came through as always! I found a road bike that was “sea foam green” and was the perfect price. I knew Our Lady had picked it all, I was so thankful to Her that I named the bike Mary in honor of that loyal Mother. The tires were both black rimmed… not for long! While closing at Ace Hardware one night (one of my past jobs) a coworker of mine commented on my back tire asking if I bought a new tire. I looked down and it was SO profound: on my back tire- only on one side- the black rim was no longer black, it was gold! It did indeed look like I had a new tire. How does something go from black to gold, and only on one side? I couldn’t even blame the sunlight, because it was only on one side of one tire. My friend and I observed how it was so obviously gold and it didn’t look cheap or false- it looked like a royal gold. The first thought that came to my mind was it had to be Mary, because I entrusted the bike to Her and named it after Her. Did I not ask Her to bless it?

One more striking color change was when my great grandmother died, our family came together to go through her house. She had a lot of religious art, books and medals. I really wanted a large miraculous medal that belonged to her and I found one in the large pile of medals that had Latin on the medal instead of the usual English “O Mary conceived without sin..etc.”. I immediately began wearing it and over the course of the year it turned a striking gold, it was so clear that it was my grandma and Our Lady blessing the medal and reminding me of their constant protection. My grandma had a intense devotion to Mary and taught me the same. Because of her, Mary became my life. Mary became my path to holiness, my most tender Mother and Queen, but most importantly- my Best Friend. I loved that her name was Clemence, which is the title we use for Our Lady in the Hail Holy Queen. Meaning- mercy. I always saw Our Lady’s Heart reflected in my grandma as a child. I added that medal of hers to my rosary that hung on my cincture on the Habit in Carmel. I like to think my grandma and Mary pointed me to Carmel through that medal.

My grandma’s medal is the gold one on the left and the one on the right is the color it used to be. I used both to show the color it used to be!

Many people might not believe that such miracles are from heaven, but how can it be argued when items change color on their own? Especially a holy object, or even in my case, a bicycle- which is not really considered holy. Priest’s can bless anything though: houses, new cars or a certain location. Why wouldn’t Our Lady bless a thing entrusted to Her?

 To those who have faith no explanation is necessary; for those who do not have faith no explanation is possible.

The Godson, Ambrose Pio.