We Still Have Mary.

I usually fall asleep holding the Rosary, but the other night it got lost in all the covers and I panicked. I was also too tired to look for it, so I pulled out the front part of my Scapular and held on to that instead. I think that was providential, I believe that was Our Lady’s way of reminding me how precious the Scapular is to Her and Her Son.I was so moved by that, that last night I held on to the Scapular, voluntarily. Which brings me to this blog post. Remember how Our Lady told the children of Fatima that the last remedy God is giving mankind is devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? The Scapular (I am not making this up) is our sign and promise to Mary that not only are we devoted to Her Immaculate Heart, but consecrated to it. I read a book on the Scapular in Carmel called “Sign of Her Heart”, all about the connections between the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Scapular. One thing stood out to me the most, which I have pondered more than ever during this pandemic:

The Scapular is in a very special way, like a Sacrament. Mary’s Sacrament, Her Sacramental; if you will! This pandemic has showed me one thing. Our Lord literally has removed His presence from us. We can no longer receive Him in Holy Communion, receive His absolution in the Sacrament of reconciliation or receive the anointing of the sick if we are near our last breath. BUT WE STILL HAVE THE SCAPULAR. Mary showed me that the other night as an example of what I appeared to have lost gave me fear, but was replaced with the utmost consolation when I remembered I was wearing Her Scapular and I immediately held it and kissed it. Think about it, never in the history of the Church has Mass been closed for Easter, but a really wise exorcist priest said not even the demon can touch a hair on a soul’s head without first asking permission from Jesus. Our Lord is permitting this pandemic- He never wills evil, but permits it, if a greater good can come from it- to remind us that,

He wills to establish devotion to My Immaculate Heart. Our Lady of Fatima

Saint Louis De Montfort said when Our Lord ascended into heaven, the Apostles stood there idle and sad. An angel came and said something along the lines of, “why do you stand around idle, you still have Mary.” Is not that more true for our times? Christ chose OUR times to establish devotion to His Mother. Tomorrow Our Lord will be resurrected and yet, there will be no Mass. We won’t see Our Lord or consume His precious Body…but we still have Mary! Let us remember that Her sweet presence and Scapular can truly be treated as another Sacrament. Not only do I want this, but Our Lord wants this for His Mother. He did not need Her, but He willed US and Himself to need Her. Something I am learning through the Coronavirus, is if I am letting fear take over my mind when I remember I do  not have the Sacraments, then my devotion to Mary is weak. I instantly find consolation and hope just thinking about Mary, by letting my mind return to “my life, my sweetness and my hope”.

Blessed Easter Vigil my readers; let us make a habit out of loving Mary like She has never been loved before, so that when we receive the Sacraments again, we will remember to not only go to Her in times of fear, but because we have established in our own Hearts, devotion to Her Heart. Please don’t forget to wear your Scapular, it is the best way we can show Mary we love Her. I promise, if we to go to Mary for everything, we will fear nothing. This pandemic is a perfect way to put this into practice.

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  1. Last night at bedtime, I removed my Scapular when changing into my pajamas and forgot to put it back on before I hopped into bed. Now this morning, you’ve sent me an important and precious reminder. I doubt this is a coincidence. Further, I agree that the Scapular, as much as the Rosary, is a sacramental that like a sacrament channels grace. Our Blessed Mother is the moral influence of this grace which comes from her divine Son. Now that we can’t receive the Holy Eucharist or other sacraments because of the pandemic, the Devil will prowl around even more earnestly to devour souls. So it’s imperative that we take recourse to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for her protection. She is our shield in our war against the dragon (Rev 12:17). God bless you for this reminder.

    1. When I saw your blog was titled Marian Catholic, I knew Our Lady just wanted me to follow your site! May you and I always be connected through Mary’s sweet Heart, Her Rosary and Scapular. And of course- Fatima! I look forward to seeing your postings:)

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