A Skit On Saint Maximilian’s Heroic Death

I love Our Lady of Fatima so much, that I’m honestly not sure what to write about today, in regards to my love for Her message, so I thought I would share a memorable skit performed in Carmel that expresses that love.

Something in my heart gets more excited for this feast day than any other in the Church Calendar. Of course we Catholics know no other feast day compares to that of Our Lord’s Birth or His Resurrection, but I kept waking up last night knowing it was past midnight and saying to myself “it’s the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima!”  It was almost my first thought each time I sporadically would break my sleep cycle; I felt like a little kid anticipating Christmas. In my excitement and because I was thinking about it so, most of my dreams consisted of Our Lady’s message at Fatima.

One of my Mother Superiors in Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph was Australian and she left the States to found a new Carmel in her home country. Her brother was in this choir who produced some of the most beautiful sacred hymns, chants and polyphony I have ever heard dedicated to Our Lady. I wanted to share these pieces in honor of Our Lady of Fatima; I hope you enjoy the beauty of them as much as I do.

In Carmel, I was cast as Saint Maximilian Kolbe, the sisters and I acted out his death scene. These three songs were used in the short simple three scenes staged for the Nazi occupied Auschwitz concentration camp. The first scene was Maximilian taking the place of another prisoner condemned to die. The second scene was the walk of torture made in the hot sun on the way to the cell bunker where Maximilian and ten other prisoners were condemned to die by starvation. The final scene is Kolbe’s heroic death and added in dialogue of his love for the Immaculata and Woman who kept him alive. So much so, that he would not die, they injected him with poison and he earned his crown of martyrdom for Mary.

Here are the three songs and some of my absolute favorites. I dedicate this post to Mother Marium Joseph of Jesus Crucified for being the best Mother I ever had in Carmel. I was sorry to see you go all the way back to Australia, but your home country needs a traditional Carmel and a loving Mother like you!

Help of Christians. (used for the walk to the cell bunker)

Lyrics: Help of Christians, guard this land from assault or inward stain; let it be what Christ has planned- His new Eden where You reign.

Teach us that in Christ Your Son lies the wisdom to be free, for the Cross which we would shun is man’s tree of liberty.

Should the powers of hell arise and our peace be trampled down; in that night of blood and lies show us still Your twelve-starred crown.

Take from us the coward heart, fleeting will, divided mind; give us sight to play our part though the world around is blind.

Image of the risen life shining in eternity, glimmer through our earthly strife draw us to Your victory.

Magnificat (adapted from a Czechoslovakian folk tune) ( Used during the last scene of Maximilian’s heroic death and last breath after being killed by the Nazi officers)

Stella Splendens (Pilgrimage folk music) (used for Saint Maximilian’s time of prayer and hope given to the prisoners slowly dying in the cell, hearing their confessions etc.)

Lyrics: (refrain)- Bright Star on the mountain, like a ray of sun, miraculously glowing , hear Thy people.

Leaders of royal lineage, great men of the world who possess grace proclaim their sins and beat their breasts and cry on bended knee: Hail Mary!

So shall we all pray, both men and women, and in true humility acknowledge our sins to the glorious Virgin, Mother of clemency, so that we may be favored with Heaven.

Dedicated to my Life, my Sweetness and my Hope: Our Lady of Fatima.

21 thoughts on “A Skit On Saint Maximilian’s Heroic Death

  1. These are beautiful! I don’t particularly care for the drum in the Help of Christians one, but the harmonies are absolutely lovely!! I could see it being used for a hymn at Solemn Vespers. <3. The Magnificat is lovely too! <3. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Recently with all the extra free time, some of my friends and I put together a virtual choir to sing Sacred Music. We all know each other from a Sacred Music Symposium that has taken place for the last 4 years. Unfortunately, this year's symposium was cancelled, but a lot of us keep in touch, so we decided we don't have to stop singing. 😉 If you'd like to listen, we did Kevin Allen's Ave Maria here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBfNTwTBB0A&t=15s

    Happy and blessed feast day!! ❤

    1. Really? I don’t know I actually love the drum, it reminds me of a call to war for Our Lady! This album is certainly more folk tunes with the chant pieces though, I grew up with Irish and Scottish dance music for old tap dancing performances. Everyone has their own preference though, right? Solemn Vespers was SO beautiful in Carmel, I am really looking forward to listening to your link, I will let you know my thoughts as soon as I listen ❤

      Have a beautiful evening under the best of all Mothers, Sarah!

      1. Oh, that’s an interesting thought! I do love the folk feel. How cool!

        Thank you and God reward you!! ❤

        I just listened to Stella Splendens and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much! I can picture it being used in a film about Our Lady just going about her daily tasks in prayer. <3. I will definitely be listening to it more!

      2. No, thank you! Oh I can definitely see that, too. I think that’s why they were great songs for a skit based on a Saint who loved Her so much 🙂

      3. I think that is why the drums remind me war for Our Lady because that was the scene where we were making the long walk to the cell bunker and I was acting out being tortured by the guards and the hot sun, such memories! I am planning on listening to your link shortly, the morning got ahead of me 🙂 Can’t wait!

      4. Oh that definitely sounds like it fits and would be very moving. And I listened to it again last night when I showed my family and the drums grew on me a little. :). My mom said she thought it would also be great for St. Joan of Arc. So I like it in those uses, but I guess when I first listened to it, I was picturing it in church. (:

        No worries!! Have a blessed day!

      5. OH NO! Definitely not during the Holy Sacrifice, although I feel it would be a beautiful piece after the offertory without the drum, it’s obviously just a bass drum for effect but still. I am strictly a Latin Mass attender and so was the Carmel I came from, so that would not fly (haha)

        Yes! Joan of Arc most definitely, Therese has a whole book of plays that she performed in Carmel, too:) You too dearest friend!

      6. Oh yes!! I attend the TLM too and without the drum it would definitely be nice at the Offertory.
        Yes! I have the book of St. Therese’s plays and its wonderful!! One of my favorites is about St. Stanislaus. ❤

      1. Tough choice, but the Czech folk version touched me more. Maybe because my mother was Czech.

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