The Tell-Tale of the Pope Benedict XVI Papacy

Part Two

Did you know that when Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, lightning struck Saint Peter’s Basilica? The “Cupola” to be precise! I made this iMovie (my first one in three years) on the Feast of the Dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul in the Latin Mass Calendar, November 18th. This video is in honor of these two great pillars of the Catholic Church; these beloved “Prince of the Apostles” have played a powerful role in my poor vocation and have ultimately inspired me to lead a life of virginity for Christ and Our Lady. I was originally going to post this video on one of my very favorite Carmelite saints: Our Holy Father Saint John of the Cross’ Feast Day approaching on November 24th, in the Carmelite Rite and Roman Rite Calendar, but tonight is the vigil of the Presentation of Mary and since it is made in honor of Her, I am posting it now. I have a great love for three things- the Apostles of Christ Crucified, anything Carmelite and most especially Our Lady of Fatima. To You Mary, I give my life!

Part One

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