“The Holy Father Passed a City Half in Ruins”

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“Father, the Most Holy Virgin did not tell me we were living in the last times of the world, but She made me understand this for three reasons. The first is because She told me that the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Virgin. And a decisive battle is the final battle where one side will be victorious and the other side will suffer defeat. Also from now on we must choose sides. Either we are for God or we are for the devil. There is no other possibility. The second reason is because She said to my cousins as well as to myself that God is giving two LAST remedies to the world. These are the Holy Rosary and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. These are the last two remedies that signify that there will not be others. The third reason is because in the plans of Divine Providence God always, before He is about to punish the world, exhausts all other remedies. Now, when we see the world pays no attention whatsoever, then, as we say in our imperfect manner of speaking, He offers us ‘with a certain fear’ the last means of salvation, His Most Holy Mother. It is ‘with a certain fear’ because if you despise and repulse this ultimate means we will not have anymore forgiveness from heaven because we will have committed a sin which the Gospel calls the sin against the Holy Ghost….let us remember that Jesus Christ is a very good Son and He does not permit that we offend and despise His Most Holy Mother.” ~Sister Lucia of Fatima~

iMovie on the possible form of the “physical chastisement” as predicted by Our Lady of Fatima, if men do not cease offending God and turn away from sin.

Our Lady of Fatima warned Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta of a spiritual and physical chastisement that would befall mankind if they did not turn to God’s chosen Instrument: The Immaculate Heart of Mary. When the third secret was ignored (and IS continued to be ignored as I type this) Mary appeared again, but this time to a deaf nun in Akita, Japan where She warned of “fire falling from the sky” among many other horrors. Pope Benedict XVI confirmed that the messages of Fatima and the messages of Akita “are essentially the same”. I have already spoken a great deal in many of my past blog posts on the loss of faith from modernism and the changing of the liturgy etc. etc. etc. in the Catholic Church being tied into that spiritual chastisement, but Sister Lucia did warn of the punishment of entire nations disappearing off the face of the earth IF Our Lady continues to be ignored. “In the END My Immaculate Heart WILL triumph”- My question is, just how much will Mary’s children have to suffer before Her message is finally taken seriously? What in fact caused “the city half in ruins” in the famous Fatima vision where a Holy Father is martyred along with other lay faithful, religious and priests? Watch the iMovie above for that possible answer!

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At this rate, it would seem there will come a time -in not the so distant future- where we potentially will find ourselves without The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, without weekly absolution from the sacrament of penance, without Our Lord exposed in the Blessed Sacrament, tabernacles hidden from the faithful. What then will we have left that makes us “Catholic” you might ask? What then will keep us in the state of grace? How shall we continue to fight the good fight and still come out victorious with such a form of spiritual poverty? We will have the Immaculate Heart of Mary, NOTHING can take Her from us (the Scapular is Mary’s own personal sacrament if you will and “our sign of consecration to the Immaculate Heart”, how can you go to battle without your armor?) How many pray Her rosary but abandon Her scpaular saying “it’s too itchy”? As Lucia said….”the scapular and the rosary are inseparable”. We will have Her rosary- “what if our beads are taken away”? Use your fingers. “I don’t have my bible or breviary”. Meditate on the Word in your heart.

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How difficult it is to simply be “content with everything”. This is the shortest of the “maxims” yet the hardest to attain, is it not?

We will have the Divinity of Christ which is never absent; we will bear the mark in our hearts that read “solider of Christ” from our confirmation and “solider of Mary”. We bear the mark of our baptism! And as Saint Louis de Montfort proclaimed, those that establish a firm devotion to Mary will not only stop committing mortal sin, but even venial sin. If we continue to ignore Mary, Christ will (He has already begun) remove Himself (even sacramentally) by the means I mentioned above to “force” His elect and the whole of the human race to turn to His Mother, Our Mother. Not by willing (as He does not will evil) Himself through the sufferings endured in shutdowns, evil people taking positions of power and the closings of Churches, but allowing it for the greater good of the ultimate outcome that He has indeed willed with a firm, constant and passionate devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary before He comes as a Just Judge. We don’t only go to Her as a means to an end with contempt or indifference, but knowing that Christ desires Mary to be established as Queen of our own hearts now and for all eternity because She is Our Mother as well as His. Their thrones are inseparable in God’s Kingdom, how on earth could we doubt this?

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Something Lucia said (words that both break my heart and move it) were how Our Lady “is very sad, because the good as well as the bad ignore Her message”. Are you doing the three simple things She asked for at Fatima? Wearing Her Scapular, praying Her rosary and above all- doing Her First Saturday Devotion?

We must make it a so natural a habit as breathing in constantly conversing with Jesus AND Mary in all we do (They are One) because if we suffer a loss of the sacraments (our “signs”) we will never lose our one on one CONSTANT remembrance of Their presence in the very center of our souls. Starting NOW we must become living tabernacles where we never for an instant doubt They dwell within us. Staring NOW because if we develop this habit starting today, we will be prepared for whatever spiritual poverty will come our way in the not so distanct horizon. This will be our truest battle, believing without feeling or vision that we are hosts- body, heart and soul for the Most Pure Heart of Mary and the Divine Heart of Jesus!

The greatest saints in heaven are and will be the ones with the most intense devotion and love of Mary. Don’t wait for heaven to establish this love for Our Lady in your heart, we must start now. By loving Her, She will teach you to love Her Son properly. Do you really think you know how to love God better than the Immaculate Conception? If Elizabeth of the Trinity saw her soul as another heaven simply because the Trinity dwelled there, how can we for even a second put Our Lady off?

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I will leave you this Ash Wednesday (as we are to “remember your death” these next 40 days/also commorating the feast of the Flight into Eygpt- how fitting ) with a remarkable discovery from Antonio Socci’s extraordinary research of Fatima. He found quite the explosive statement from Saint Jacinta- which was either hidden from public eye or edited out- directly following the miracle of the sun on October 13th, 1917. Sister Angela Coelho, religious of the Alliance of Holy Mary and the postulator of the cause of canonization of Francisco and Jacinta Marto also confirmed the authenticity of the little saint’s statement of the real meaning behind the sun’s “dance” out of orbit:

“And taking on a sadder appearance, the Blessed Mother said: ‘May they not offend anymore Our Lord Who is so greatly offended! If people will amend, the war will end, but if they do not amend, the world will end’.”

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As we begin this lent, let us meditate on the promise of Mary for those devoted to Her Seven Sorrows (a devotion She pushed for at Fatima) of “I will be visible to them at the moment of their death, they shall see the Face of their Mother!”

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