Another Beautiful Latin Mass Wedding!

A VERY good friend of mine, from Monrovia High-School, just entered the Sacrament of matrimony with none other than the Traditional Latin Mass. Felicia and I met through volleyball; she went on to get a full ride scholarship to play in college. What we shared in common was far deeper than a love for this sport. Both attending a public school, finding Catholic friends, let alone traditional Catholic friends, was a rare occurrence indeed! After volleyball practice I would often sleep over at her family’s home, and I will never forget her telling me that she prayed the Saint Michael prayer on her knees before going to bed each night. We instantly became sisters, as we both got on our knees to invoke the great “prince of the seraphim” to protect us, as we recited the prayer together. You can imagine my joy when I saw how beautiful (and modest) she looked on her wedding day. Providentially enough, this little Latin Mass parish is one we both grew up near, in Arcadia, California!