Sacred Hearts Magnets and Gifts for Priests!

My idea, with these beloved images of the Sacred Hearts, is to be sewn onto a Chalice Veil Burse, the Pall or a Vestment. The 2.5×3 can be used for the former and a 3.5X5 for the latter. I would only sell the patches separately of course; one would have to do their own sewing, but they would serve as wonderful gifts for priests! These patches can be used for other things of course. For example, a missal cover I just passed onto a friend, I used fish hook (since the string is invisible) to sew on the beautiful Immaculate Heart patch to the front of the cover. When I was in Carmel, when we sewed patched onto Palls, we always used invisible thread anyway. These patches are in the making as we speak; another wonderful partnership with Zazzle!

COMING SOON to an etsy shop near you:

Just an example of imagining the Sacred Hearts being sewn on some of the above!

Magnets are available now on Etsy (Only 5 available!)

They are even more beautiful in person and would be perfect for any fridge- order now:

Three magnets total for 15.00, plus free shipping! (I am starting to sound like a commercial- “order now and get another set absolutely free”). I am teasing, I cannot afford that, but the free shipping part is true! 3X4 in size.

1.) One Sacred Heart.

2.) One Immaculate Heart.

3.) Immaculate Heart with sparkle halo.

Again, only 5 sets available, so order soon!