A Beautiful Surrender; A Bittersweet Farewell

“Strength and beauty are her clothing, and she shall laugh in the latter day” (Book of Proverbs).

iMovie made by Mary’s Secretary- Music rights belong entirely to Vancouver Sleep Clinic and M83; I own nothing. Cover photo of video is the mountain rage in my Grandparent’s backyard.

The 26th of this month, on the feast of Saint Isaac Jogues and Companions, preceded by this glorious Ember week in the Church calendar, I will be leaving my Grandparents to stay with my Mom, before God-willing, entering into the Carmelite Anchorite vocation. The day before I leave them, they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary; on September 5th, none other than Father Maximilian Mary renewed their vows in the Latin Rite and enrolled them in Our Lady’s Scapular of Mount Carmel. This video has some of the footage from the ceremony along with a few experiences that I believe Our Lady wants me to share, from my own process of waiting, that took place under the roof of my “Papa and Grammie”. There are no words to express how much I owe them; how much I love them.

Cover photo taken by my beloved sister in Saint Joseph, Ciara Donlon. Thank you for healing with me and being there during the unknown!

“She Must Increase; I Must Decrease.”