“I’m Headed Where The Daylight Reigns”

Into the Sun:

Everything about this song, the lyrics and the majestic ocean view profoundly remind me of what the soul must go through in order to reach tranforming union with Our Great God. When I sent this view to my Spiritual Director he said, “eye hath not seen…”. I am so thankful to Our Dear Lord and Lady for the glorious views they give me in the waiting. It is truly a wondrous blessing; and hopefully years from now I can look back and see how, while I patiently waited entering into the anchorite vocation, that Our Lord had me live in Santa Cruz (Holy Cross) and Paradise. Are not those two names so symbolic? Nothing is coinsidence with Mary- nothing! In order to reach Paradise, we must first embrace the cross. Thank you Mom for letting me stay with you during this time, and thank you Papa and Grammie for the time I did spend under your roof. No doubt, all of this is divine preparation for what is to come!

I always abandon myself, and I don’t know why
I feel I’m getting stronger
I feel I’m getting free
Always neglecting myself, and I don’t know why
I feel I’m getting stronger
I feel I’m getting free (X2)

Get my things
I’m tired of making old mistakes
Trynna fill a vacant space
There’s something that I need

Took my things
Knew I had to make a change
I’m headed where the daylight reigns
Feel I’m getting free

And when the candle flickers light
Then I know I still got time
And when the candle’s burning bright
I know I still got time”

View from Paradise, CA.

The candles flickering and burning brighter, remind me of what Our Holy Mother Teresa said about betrothal vs. mystical marriage:

Betrothal is like two candles that are lit and touched together at the wick.  Suddenly, the flame burns as one. The two are perfectly united.”