“I See Mary Everywhere…”

When we Meditate on Saint Paul’s words of ALL things work together for the good when a soul loves God and are called according to His purpose, I felt my mind wander over to a past talk of Father Chad Ripperger’s, when he shared an experience from one of his exorcisms. He touched on how not all souls who suffer possession from the devil are because they have sinned, did something wrong or are being punished. In this particular case, he expressed how he witnessed a girl, during her possession completely stop committing mortal AND venial sin; she was a faithful Catholic to begin with. We know possessions from demons are nothing but sheer evil, but the Lord gave these evil spirits permission to enter this girl KNOWING that it would be for her good, that she would stop committing even venial sin along the way. Grace comes in many different forms, and often not in the ways we expect; grace is received through suffering. This past Sunday’s homily I heard was so fitting, and ties in perfectly to “all things work together for the good”, when the priest said if you are doing all you can for your state in life and are still coming up short, Our Lord will give us graces through other means. May we beg Our Lord to keep us as the apple of His eye, especially if He sees we are trying to be perfect and going to His Mother for not just some things, but every single one of our needs. As a friend recently reminded me through Saint Maximilian Kolbe: “if the Immaculata was not at every moment taking care of me, then I really would have much to fear”. But this is not the case, is it? Let us also remember Kolbe’s words of:

“I see Mary everywhere, I see difficulties nowhere!”

Latin Mass Chapel grounds near my Mom’s home.