Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity Holy Card (Etsy)

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Happy Feast Day to Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity!

This saint holds a dear place in my heart; it was her who awakened in me, the call, to be Christ’s bride in 2014-2015. I heard her story and wept. I also left the Carmel of JMJ on the anniversary of the day she died, tomorrow, November 9th (also the glorious feast day of the Basilica of Our Holy Savior only found in the Traditional Calendar, sadly). Looking back, it was as though she was gently telling me that she would help me pursue the vocation of being truly “alone with the Alone” as a Carmelite Hermitess. Elizabeth is exceedingly underrated; Therese desired to spend her heaven doing good on earth, whereas the saint of the Trinity desired to spend all of heaven contemplating the deepest parts of the “the Three in One”. Therese and Elizabeth are two precious Carmelites yet have two entirely separate missions within the bosom of Carmel and the Church- such a wondrous mystery! However, this is what it truly means to be Carmelite: every soul in Carmel is unique, though the same Holy Habit is worn by each, the interior of every sister radiates a distinct aroma which Christ the King knows intimately. May we seek to imitate these saintly women and become the saints WE are destined to be, that we may also permeate a sweet perfume that will attract our great God to want to dwell in our own souls as if in another tabernacle, here below. Why wait for heaven when we can live heaven on earth, right now?

During this month, dedicated to the souls of the faithful departed, please keep my Grandma in your prayers who passed away this past weekend, that she too may find her peace and eternal rest. Rest in peace Carol Krol!

Ave Maria et Laudetur Christus Jesus!

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