“When the Best Are Not the Best, They Become the Worst”

I woke up this morning reminded of Father Phil Wolfe’s, a member of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, words regarding the conversion of Saint Paul in comparison to the conversion of Russia. He said this:

“When the best are not the best, they become the worst”

Before Paul was converted, he wreaked havoc on Christ’s Catholic Church and all who followed Our Lord, but when the scales fell from his eyes, never was there seen the like to him in all the souls he won for Christ through his own miraculous conversion. It is the same with Russia; when she is not the best, she is the worst. Her errors have indeed already been spread throughout the world, but once the proper Consecration is done, like an exorcism over all the earth, that nation will ultimately be heaven’s instrument in saving humanity with the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Many of the faithful have relayed how Russia is not as wretched as she used to be; I believe this is a sign of hope because by the time the Consecration is carried out, she will be ready to be “made holy”; for that is the very definition of the word, is it not? It is exceedingly hopeful when we realize that one man, Saint Paul and one nation, namely Russia are heaven’s instruments of choice, but when not consecrated to God, they are “the worst”.

We can look to Saint Paul with optimism, knowing that his conversion led many to Our Lord. Russia has not been consecrated as of yet, but I am filled with so much anticipation in remembering Our Lady promising: “in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, and the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me”. Mary put no condition on this promise; She only warned that if the consecration is delayed, which it indeed has been, the good as well as the bad will have much to suffer- perhaps that vision of an “old and frail” Holy Father martyred along with various other souls who will not accept compromise. The question is this: just how much will the world suffer as a result of the Holy Father and all the bishops of the world failing to consecrate Russia later, rather than now? Mary merely wants to spare us from the spiritual and physical chastisement as a result of a delayed consecration…

In 2017, I spent four months before entering Carmel listening to Father Wolfe’s below conferences and this was what set my heart on fire for Our Lady of Fatima; they are long but worth every moment of your time. I have not listened to them for four years, but I remember the series of sermons as clear as day because of the speaker’s urgency for the Fatima message. He seems to have followed in the humble footsteps of Father Gruner. Even if one sets aside five minutes here and there between their duties, they will not regret it. I owe much to this beloved priest who I have ever met; even though there are several holy priests, many of them still fail to speak of Our Lady of Fatima. This member of the clergy filled me with so much restored hope that, even though “priests fall like leaves into hell” as Jacinta Marto warned, there are still many that will be lifted up in glory at the end of this earthly life for their true and intense devotion to Mary.

What I also deeply admired about Father Wolfe is his name was never disclosed on the videos because he did not want to take any credit; however, several souls were doing all they could to find his name because his impact was immense. His pictures are not posted all over the internet and I realized that this is a true humble son of Our Lord and Our Lady. I find myself often scratching my head when I see priests, even hermits, as well as religious taking selfies and putting them all over social media etc. To be quite frank, I do not care what “modern times” we are living in, I cannot for even one moment imagine Jesus, Mary or any of the saints and apostles of Christ taking photos of themselves. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but it seems to contradict the saints…