“I Didn’t Know Sister Could Write That Small”

“Neither did I ” was my answer. If you have already read the preface and Chapter’s 1-3 in The Practice of the Presence of Mary: To Live and Die with Mary, you will remember how I was miraculously given Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God: To Live and Die with God the very same day my confessor encouraged me to apply Brother Lawrence’s method to Mary. Minutes after Father telling me this, my Mother Mistress handed me the book without knowing a clue of what I just heard in the confessional. Therefore, directly following this nudge from the Holy Ghost, I set out to translate his entire volume and apply it to Mary. These were the exact translations I re-wrote of Brother Lawrence and going through them again… is like heaven! Mary’s practice of Her presence and First Saturday devotion, I am convinced, are going to reach every monastery, every parish, every home and every seminary. This practice not only creates saints, but I firmly believe that it is the very “education of the great saints who shall come in the latter days” who are reserved for Mary as predicted by Saint Louis de Montfort.