Catholic Priests “Fall Like Leaves Into Hell”

If every Priest said Mass with the fervor and reverence of Padre Pio, Mary’s Heart would have triumphed long ago. When I am tempted to give up on Priests due to their many faults I remember Pio, and I smile through the pain when I think of him; I say “Lord, there ARE good priests left- they are out there”. The picture below brought instant tears to my eyes; look at the look of love he is giving Our Lord in the Eucharist:

Bad priests are heaven’s form of spiritual chastisement and the Father’s way of punishing the world for its many crimes. Our Lady confirmed this abhorrent truth at Akita and Fatima. There are three prominent ways the clergy greatly offend the Blessed Trinity and Our Lady:

1.) Sexual abuse: on the innocent and pure. This has been covered by just about every source out there, so I will not expand on that disgusting truth. Satan not only used the clergy for this, but the father of the home with large families. Anyone capable of such atrocities MUST have been possessed by the devil himself.

But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in Me, it is better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matt 18:6)

May we also not forget that Mary said the Third Secret of Fatima needed to be revealed no later than 1960. Many things unfolded throughout the disastrous 60s (the music was equally as terrible- you will not win that argument with me, no matter how much one praises the sinful John Lennon to the skies; his music is a disgrace, and the man lacks serious talent). The sexual scandals were likened to the domino effect throughout that sick era of sin, as well. Did Our Lady warn about this in the Secret? How will we ever know if it’s still kept sequestered by the clergy in the Vatican? Sigh.

2.) Accept compromise: “Priests, who celebrate both forms of the Mass are the ones who accept compromise”; I will never forget when the chaplain of the Benedictine’s of Mary (Father Lawrence Carney) told me this; he was even ordained in the New Mass and no longer celebrates it. He also relayed to me how Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano called Vatican II the French Revolution of our times. It was extremely awe inspiring when I heard Father Carney say to me, in his southern accent: “I aint wasting my taiime with the Novus Ordo” when he was asked to celebrate it for a group of nuns. His story is ultimately what led me to choose exclusively the Old Mass, by reminding me that those who attend both forms of the Mass, likened to the priests who celebrate both forms, are the very one’s accepting compromise as well. It is not only the clergy who accept compromise, but the flock. Is not that an eye opener?

When I was living in Santa Cruz in 2017, right before entering Carmel, I had an unforgettable phone call with Father. I asked him:

If I can attend a Latin Mass every Sunday, but during the week can only go to a New Mass, would it be more pleasing to Our Lord and Our Lady to attend the New Mass or not attend it at all for daily Mass?

Without hesitation he said, “it would be more pleasing to not attend the New Mass during the week for daily Mass, even if there is nothing else in the area”. Essentially saying to only go to a Novus Ordo to fulfill my Sunday Obligation if I could not go to an Old Mass, but never attend it beyond that- daily. His tone and words were one of caution; he truly was expressing the concern of the dangers that a soul is liable to undergo, overtime, if they keep attending the New Mass. Father David Nix expressed this as well, who, at the time was my Spiritual Director. My heart was ready to hear those words, and when it came from a holy and courageous member of the clergy, there was no reason for me to doubt that his words came straight from the Sacred Heart. Many are quick to the say: “oh, so then you’re SSPX?” when in reality all you have to say is: “No… I am simply being Catholic and embracing what has been passed down to me by the Church Fathers”. Father Carney is not a member of the Society of Saint Pius X and yet, he is not afraid to defend the Church in all Her splendor along with the Society.

One cannot, and should not, EVER be obedient to sin. When doing this, you are accepting compromise. How many are great at talking the talk, in terms of suffering for Jesus and Mary, but when faced with the rejection, persecution and confrontation for defending the Old Mass, flee for fear of the wolves? Too many to count. As Donald Trump said, “we have a lot of clever people in this world, but many of them lack courage”. I would rather be stupid and have the rare courage to fight for the Church, than be smart all the while rejecting Her sacred ornaments.

I very much want to take this opportunity to express my views on the SSPX. For many years I have not understood them; I have a friend who is a sister with one of their Benedictine Monasteries in New Mexico and she is one of the holiest women I have ever met. Like many others I used to believe they are in schism, but as Bishop Athanasius Schnieder told Taylor Marshall, according to the Old Code of Canon Law, they are not in schism. Both Schnieder and Marshall are not a part of the Society, but they recognize this truth. Marcel Lefebvre is one of my personal heroes; without him, we would not even have the Latin Mass today. A dear friend once told me how a FSSP priest was on the pulpit and began to tear up when he said, “I do not care what anyone thinks, Marcel is my hero”. If I was in an area and there were two options: SSPX or FSSP, I would choose FSSP. However, if I was in an area and there were two options: New Mass or SSPX, I would choose the latter. Why? Precisely because we have been given that priestly blessing from a zealous member of the Church Hierarchy. See video with him:

I am not done. When I began fully understanding that Our Lady was leading me to Her Traditional Latin Mass, I began asking myself: “am I called to be with the SSPX?” Afterall… I believe the same things they do regarding the Mass. When I presented this question to Father Carney, I was exceedingly fascinated by his response. He advised against it. NOT for being in schism, as they are not. But he said the words of Saint Paul:

“If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”

He actually said that though the Society be learned and orthodox, they lack charity. That “even the very devils in hell know the laws but lack this virtue”. I honestly thought that statement was a bit harsh, “how does he know this?” I was deep in thought pondering, “has he himself experienced this?” My only knowledge at that time was of my dear friend, now a Benedictine, who was (and is) only ever charity itself with me. However, I finally experienced what Father meant and it showed me the root of the problem that lies in the Society. Before I get to that, I must say this: not all members (priests and religious) in the SSPX have this problem… some of them are the most kindhearted and zealous souls I have seen, but when Our Lady showed me the problem, it was cringeworthy. While I have no issue attending their Masses with the blessing of Shneider, I do see with adjusted vision the cult-like spirit that has developed over the years. Our Lord desires unity in His Church. I cannot relay the countless times I have spoken to hierarchy members in the Society who failed in charity in a few ways:

1.) Excluding Bishop Fellay, who has always promptly answered all my questions, many other members of the clergy, when seeing that I am not part of their Society, do not communicate with me. I am shunned.

2.) After Mass, wanting to go out a side door in order to avoid the SSPX priests because they do not have that Fatherly presence. Where, as on the contrary, members of the FSSP have always made me desire to approach them with confidence, the way a daughter would her father. Again, I do not say this with ALL of their priests, but the ones that I have encountered only confirmed Father Carney’s words.

3.) Believe my desires from God might not be divinely inspired because I am not a part of their Society or… am a woman. I am extremely saddened to say the latter. And though it is never explicitly said, it is implied.

So, while I recognize the validity of the SSPX and appreciate their orthodoxy in defending the Mass of the apostles, I finally understand and see the division between them and Ecclesia Dei groups. The latter is not perfect by any means, with the acceptance of some compromise to exist under the hierarchy, but they still show more charity. There truly needs to be a perfect harmony between orthodoxy and charity. The two cannot exist, nor will they be pleasing to God, without that balance. Notice, how even though Taylor Marshall, at least right now, is not a member of a SSPX parish even though he knows they are not in schism, his parish is the Mater Dei/FSSP Parish in Texas. I do not know his reasons, but for myself, if asked, why I would attend FSSP over SSPX is that the FSSP are more inviting. Bishop Fellay once told me that the SSPX has been through a great deal of suffering, and one has to know persecution to understand them. But that only leaves me asking one question to the SSPX:

“If you know what it is like to suffer persecution and hardship, would not you then in turn do everything you can to make sure no one has suffered what you have? Instead of embracing, you shun and look down upon the rest of the flock who is not a part of you?” THIS is the “root cause” (I am starting to sound like cackling Kamala Harris, FORGIVE ME).

As I have reiterated time and time again, Padre Pio never celebrated the New Mass. I have heard members of the faithful say: “yes, but I attend the New Mass during the week because I want to receive the Eucharist every day, and even if the New Mass is offensive to God (said reverently or not), I can be that one person consoling Him; if I am not there, then He would be alone”. Father Carney debunked this fallacy. Our Lady, little by little, is leading souls back to the Mass Our Lord instituted and taught His apostles. And as Father David Nix said, about the satanic Motu Proprio, (which Vigano said to ignore) “the enemies of God are making us see. Yes, they are making us choose sides”. Lucia said the same thing when she proclaimed: “we must now choose sides”. We choose a Mass that was created by six protestant pastors, or we choose a Mass that is Catholic and Apostolic. There is no other option.

3.) Learned, but not “attentive”: Teresa of Jesus never experienced the Novus Ordo. Yet, the very priests even in her time, who celebrated the Mass of the apostles, severely lacked something. The below quote I have posted before on the misunderstandings of not only women, but specifically brides of Christ. But I think it can also be applied to the average lay person. “Women” can even be replaced with “members of the flock”. Remember in my post the other day about the mind, when I quoted:

We all have a tendency to not see things clearly, to think and perceive in distorted ways. We rarely see people as they really are; our perceptions are distorted and our own preconceptions of who we think they are, even the people we ‘think’ we know best. We do not see clearly because of the ‘logs’ in our own eyes” (Matt. 7: 3-5).

Teresa of Jesus endured this “distortion” as well, not just by mere men, but the priests. She had this to say:

When Thou wert in the world, Lord, Thou didst not despise women [in our case members of the flock], but didst always help them and show them great compassion. Thou didst find more faith and no less love in them than in men, and one of them was Thy most Sacred Mother, from whose merits we derive merit, and whose habit we wear, though our sins make us unworthy to do so. We can do nothing in public that is of any use to Thee, nor dare we speak of some of the truths over which we weep in secret, lest Thou shouldst not hear this our petition. Yet, Lord, I cannot believe this of Thy goodness and righteousness, for Thou are a righteous Judge, not like judges in the world, who, being, after all, men and sons of Adam, refuse to consider woman’s virtue as above suspicion. Yes, my King, but the day will come when all will be known. I am not speaking on my own account, for the whole world is already aware of my wickedness, and I am glad that it should be known; but, when I see what the times are like, I feel it is not right to repel spirits which are virtuous and brave, even though they be the spirits of women [or the flock].

I believe chauvinism, however, is linked to the Fall. You all know where I stand with feminism; I despise it. But the perfect example of even priests failing in their duties is when they were clearly jealous of Teresa’s experiences in prayer and God’s love for her in return. Instead of encouraging her on her path to holiness, they said she was influenced by Satan. They could not believe that only a woman would be more virtuous than they OR that she would receive more divine favors from heaven. When priests have the attitude toward women of “I am a priest, you are a mere woman, I am higher than you” or even have this same attitude toward the members of Christ’s Church (The faithful) than this is a grave, grave, grave sin of arrogance on their part.

When they have this way of thinking, it is only natural that their judgement be already clouded; thus, not allowing them to judge or guide souls properly in proportion to the movements of the Holy Ghost. I believe this is the most egregious form of spiritual chastisements of all. Because though these priests may “endure sound doctrine”, are learned and orthodox, they lack charity. Just as I mentioned formerly when Saint Paul said, “If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.” (1 Cor. 12:31). Sadly, I have experienced this lack of charity to be found more in Traditional priests than from New Mass members of the clergy. One of the main reasons I believe Our Lord allowed, not willed, Vatican II and the New Mass, is so when the Traditional Latin Mass is restored to its rightful state, charity will be restored right along with it. There will no longer be a need for groups such as those found in Ecclesia Dei nor the SSPX, because the Liturgy will be reinstated- and rightly so!

In no way am I slandering or showing disrespect to Our Lord’s shepherds in this post; we ought to show our veneration for the mere reason that they are acting in Persona Christi. However, many of them wound the Sacred Heart of Jesus MORE SO than the everyday sinner. How many thorns have been added to that Heart from the Priests alone? Too many to count. I am sure most of those thorns are caused for the above reasons; though, there are several others that may, and have, been expanded on.

Priests (and saints) we can look to with courage and hope for a better future: