St. John Said: “Only the Fire of Love Remains”

Our Holy Father John of the Cross says that when a soul reaches transforming union with her Bridegroom, the painful flames that were originally used to purify the soul of its imperfections, vanishes. Only the fire of love remains. I’ve written about this in blog posts and in Our Lady’s book, but there are three types of fire:

1.) Permanent flames in hell- continual torture.

2.) Purgatory- temporary flames of purification.

3.) Heaven- permanent fire of love.

Fire is the sign and symbol of the Holy Ghost. When Moses saw the burning bush, it was the identity of God. Ezekiel calls God “an all-consuming fire”. During this lent, as we not only die daily to self, but prepare for that eternal fire, may we anticipate with a firm hope a fire that burns but never consumes, so great and pure a love for Our Dear God that is eternal: “as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be”. Our Lord is meek, constant and sweetness itself.

This song below is added with fire because if you watch it while staring at the flames coming from His Heart, one cannot help but love God the Son more and more:

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