Two Unlikely People Share the Same Initials

To see who these two people are, you must watch the short video below!

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I was reminded of the Miller Dissertation (that Joseph Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI was involved in) and how the goal with diminishing the rock of Peter is to make it have “the external appearances of a papacy but devoid of all graces” and I immediately thought of “external appearances of a consecration of Russia but devoid of all graces” because when we are living the former already, what fruit can come? As I relayed in my Benedict video, he clearly became more conservative as he got older, but to have been a part of something as atrocious as that Dissertation is maddening. A good friend of mine sent this to me last night:

I reread what Lucy had said regarding the consecration (from the book by Frere Michel – the only source I trust) and it has some key elements:  1) done by the Pope, 2) who orders the Bishops to make the consecration with him and make public acts of reparation, and 3) the Pope recommends the acts of reparation (five first Saturdays, etc.).  Well, obviously 1) is in doubt (Benedict participating?  Does he say the words?  Lead?).  2) is questionable, and 3) I think will be forgotten.  All in all, do you feel like Our Lady is ready listen to Bergoglio?  (he was, after all, the one who said naming Our Lady Co-redemptrix and Mediatrix “nonsense”).

Drawing done by my dearest friend Rose! Cover Photo taken from Afra’s glorious altar.

Ave Maria et Laudetur Christus Jesus!