Malachi Martin and the Third Fatima Secret

There are certain books that age very well; the author of one in particular (since everyone and their mother seems to be reading his book right now for obvious reasons) was considered a conspiracy theorist for years, but in a certain sense, how on earth can he really be when he received the contents of the secret directly from Cardinal Augustin Bea? By now, and through our title, you can probably guess who I am referring to, yes: Malachi Martin. When you read some of the below one cannot help but grow a little white, as past popes did, not because it’s “crazy” but because we are living the beginning stages of most of it, right now. Forgive some of Father Kramer’s spelling errors; we all know I make them all the time. Bring this to the foot of Our Lady and beg Her for strength; these are indeed evil times but the saints who came before us envy this generation for how much we will be able to suffer for Jesus and Mary in ways they never could.

The Good Saint Joseph, Pray For Us!

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