True Friends and Servants of Our Lady

Carmelites call John of the Cross “Our Holy Father” and there is also one other male saint that I refer to as that: Maximilian Kolbe. I began this blog in 2016 in honor of Mary, but it was also inspired by him with “use the modern technology for the glory of the Immaculata!” His printing press and Knights Magazine have very much inspired this site. There have been many times that I did not believe this blog was reaching very many people; I think it can be tempting on sites such a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, what have you, to want to have as many followers as possible and the danger with this, among many, is either it can get to their heads or there is a fear that one will lose followers or simply be cancelled altogether for speaking the truth, so they refrain from saying what they really think because they might lose their approval from men. In a world full of “like” buttons, THAT is what I believe to be dangerous to one seeking union with God. Therefore, I have genuinely tried to use this platform as a means of sharing things I believe Our Lady needs spread like wildfire, without conversing with the world, and not having a comment section, a like button and my contact page is gone. I do this for two reasons:

1.) To say what I need to say without fear of losing respect, esteem and approval from men, and post sole for the goal of pleasing Mary.

2.) This is sort of my way of living in the desert as a hermit by “crying out in the wilderness” while still maintaining my enclosure.

And She was given great wings of the eagle to fly unto the desert to Her place prepared by God (Apocalypse 12)

I do not know what is going to happen to our blog or Etsy shop; I am very resigned to either letting it all go for Mary or, if She commands it of me, keeping it going for Her sake. Right when I am afraid for saying what I know in my heart needs to be said, for fear of being cancelled, Our Lady speaks through Her true friends and servants to keep standing up for Her and fighting for the Kingdom of God even if it leads to death. This is what it really means to be Catholic, right? One of these servants of Mary has sent me the most beautiful handmade 3D cards I have seen with messages of encouragement that I hold dear:

I do not have permission to say his name, but all I can say is that he is a precious Carmelite brother of mine and I dedicate this post in direct gratitude to him, today.

In a world full of braggers, I am not saying this at all to show popularity, but how deeply humbled I am from all the people Our Lady has reached through this blog. It is Hers, all Hers. I just manage the account for Her. This morning I received an update from WordPress that 100,000 people have viewed this site. These are things I do not look for, let get to my head or even seek to strive for, but when I received this message this morning, I was encouraged that this work must reach souls for Mary, because the truth is being twisted and Our Lady’s paths at all costs must be kept straight. I just want you all to know that you’re some of the most precious souls I have ever come in contact with and I never could have continued to march on straight ahead without you.

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