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Your Excellency, a political vacuum is increasingly evident in our country. A growing portion of Italians do not feel represented by the current camps. On the other hand, there are sectors that are gearing up in different ways to fill this void. The question also and perhaps above all concerns Catholics, as emerged during the first public meeting of the Liberi in Veritate Committee, born in adherence to the anti-globalist appeal that you launched starting from the consideration that for two years now we have been experiencing in all respects a world coup d’état. There are two questions in this regard. The first: Do you actually see a political room for manoeuvre for those who intend to oppose the dominant single thought and fight for the freedom of man as God created him? Secondly, do you think that it is still useful to spend oneself in a national commitment when it is now demonstrated that major decisions are taken at supranational level by potentates who are able to influence and direct the choices of individual states?

Catholics, as citizens, have the right and the duty to influence society with a civil and political commitment. To allow others to participate in the political life of the nation, especially at a time when the principles of natural law and morality are ignored or openly opposed, would be irresponsible. Of course, the democratic system has shown its criticalities, because it assigns the government to the numerical majority, and not to what is right and good. However, we must recognize that with the pandemic farce before and now with the Russian-Ukrainian crisis we have understood that the will of the majority, despite all the manipulations of the mainstream, is less and less convinced of the official narrative. This shows a rift between the country’s political and ruling class and the citizens, who are realizing the world coup carried out against them by a mafia of bureaucrats and rulers subservient to the globalist elite. Once the white coup in progress has been understood, the people will have to react and oppose the dictatorship, before being deprived of other fundamental rights.

In your Appeal for an anti-globalist alliance you have called together rulers, political and religious leaders, intellectuals and people of good will, inviting everyone to come together to launch an anti-globalist manifesto. Can you update us on the developments, not only Italian, of this initiative?

I have launched an Appeal to respond to the globalist tyranny, and I see the interest and support of so many forces in various nations growing. I believe, however, that the evidence of responsibility for the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the folly of insisting on provocations instead of seeking peace will make many people understand the danger to which they expose themselves if they do not organize themselves to firmly resist the deep state coup. I know that in the United States the initiative is well received not only among Republicans, but also among many Democratic voters, disgusted by the scandals and corruption of Obama, the Clintons and the Bidens.

In his appeal he speaks of real “popular resistance movements and national liberation committees” for a radical reform of politics. In the opinion of some, however, in the current situation there would be no suitable moral tension, given that public opinion is largely addicted and asleep. How do you, who have contacts with the whole world, respond to this objection?

The masses are disinclined to mobilize, especially if they are manipulated and narcotized by experts in social psychology. True resistance and the establishment of National Liberation Committees can succeed if they are coordinated by intellectuals and politicians who know how to put the common good and the defense of justice before their own electoral gain. We need courageous leaders, with a sense of honor, animated by sound moral principles: their example, together with an awakening of consciences and a leap of dignity of magistrates, law enforcement agencies, public officials could really prevent the advent of the New World Order.

Social and political commitment must obviously be combined with a supernatural gaze, combining action with prayer in confidence in the help of divine Providence. Priests, religious and all the faithful are therefore called to accompany their brothers and sisters spiritually in the good fight not only with prayer, but also with penance, fasting and the frequency of the Sacraments. The Mercy of God and the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin await our concrete gesture of true conversion in order to pour out a torrent of Graces on this poor humanity. Thus, our numerical inferiority and our lack of means before the enemy will give the Lord the opportunity to show how true His words are: Sine me nihil potestis facere (Jn 15:5).

The globalist coup d’état has taken place, and continues to take place, also because the leaders of the Catholic Church are no longer the guarantors of freedom with respect for human dignity but have subjugated themselves to the New World Order, speak the same language as the globalists and pursue the same interests as the ruling elites. This enslavement, a source of great suffering for many Catholics, seems to extinguish all hope for a Christian rebirth. The time factor has its own importance. The longer this pontificate lasts, the more homogeneous the Church is to the overall project, to the point of self-annulment. Do you think that, after the reign of Bergoglio, a recovery will be possible? What do you see on the horizon?

The complicity of the Bergoglian Church and of the entire world episcopate in the psychopandemic farce marked one of the lowest points reached by the Hierarchy in history. But this is the logical consequence of a corrupt and corrupting ideology that finds its basis in Vatican II, as its own architects are keen to reiterate with pride. Just last March 25, other conspirators met in Chicago to coordinate a marketing operation with which to emphasize that those who oppose Bergoglio oppose the Council. Beyond the inferior reputation of these conspirators – among whom McCarrick’s minions and their courtiers stand out – we cannot but agree with them on the intrinsic relationship between conciliar cancer and Bergoglian metastasis. It is evident that the apostasy of the Catholic Hierarchy is the punishment with which the divine Majesty afflicts rebellious and sinful humanity, so that it recognizes the sovereign rights of God, converts and finally returns under the gentle yoke of Christ. And as long as the bishops do not recognize their betrayal and repent of it, no hope is possible for the world, since salvation can only be had in the one Fold and under the one Shepherd.

Recently among the members of the Sacred College there was a memorandum, signed under the pseudonym Demos, which puts in line the disasters caused at every level (doctrinal, pastoral, managerial, economic, legislative) by the pontificate of Bergoglio. “Better late than never,” some commented, while others said: “It is useless to close the stable when the oxen have run away.” What do you think of that memorandum? Do you think it is the work of a cardinal? Is it the symptom of a albeit belated awareness?

The memorandum lists the horrors of the Bergoglian “pontificate”, and this is certainly already progress compared to magnifying it. But the horrors and mistakes of the Argentine and his court did not appear out of nowhere, as if in the previous pontificates everything was perfect and wonderful. The crisis begins with Vatican II: deploring the symptoms of a disease without understanding its causes is a useless and harmful operation. If the College of Cardinals is not persuaded that it is necessary to return to what the Church believed, taught and celebrated until Pius XII, any opposition to the current regime will be doomed to certain failure.

In your opinion, is there a credible figure within the College of Cardinals, authentically Catholic, on whom the cardinals, in the event of a conclave, could converge their vows for a total change of register with respect to the current pontificate?

Some Popes, let us not forget, are granted; others are inflicted. But before discussing the next conclave, it is necessary to shed light on the abdication of Benedict XVI and on the question of the fraud of the 2013 Conclave, which sooner or later will have to give rise to an official investigation. If there were to be evidence of irregularities, the conclave would be null and void, the election of Bergoglio null and void, just as all his appointments, acts of government and magisterium would be null and void. A reset that would providentially bring us back to the status quo ante, with a College of Cardinals composed only of the cardinals appointed up to Benedict XVI, ousting all those created since 2013, notoriously ultra-progressive. Certainly the current situation, with all the rumors about the resignation of Ratzinger and the election of Bergoglio, does not benefit the ecclesial body and creates confusion and disorientation in the faithful.

Here, too, Catholics can implore the Divine Majesty to spare Her Church further humiliation by granting her a good Pope. If there is a cardinal who really wants “a change of register”, that he comes forward, and that – for God’s sake – he stops referring to Vatican II and thinks of the sanctification of the clergy and faithful.

In the United States, the Biden administration is increasingly in trouble and the president is increasingly showing his inadequacy; yet, by virtue of alliances and intersections of interests at the highest level, it seems impossible to bring down this house of cards. How is Trump moving? Can you help us to better read the American situation, of which you are an expert?

The Biden administration is the mirror of the corruption that prevails in public affairs, where it disregards the immutable moral principles of the Gospel. And if a politician in favor of abortion, euthanasia, gender and all the worst deviations dares to call himself Catholic, we should ask ourselves what is the responsibility of the teachers, educators and priests with whom this politician was trained. What did the parish priest teach the catechism? what the professor in the Catholic University? what is the spiritual director of the future political leader? And we are again at the starting point: Vatican II, which instead of converting the world to the Church, converted the Church to the world, making her evangelization vain. There was much talk of the “missionary Church”, but at the same time preaching has become propaganda of fatuous philanthropic ideals, of old left-wing ideologies, of empty pacifist slogans. And here, from those Jesuit schools, the crème of Vatican II: characters like Pelosi or Biden, who have nothing Catholic but who present themselves with impunity to receive Communion with the applause of the bishops and of Bergoglio himself.

The American episcopate, too careful to please Bergoglio, has indeed been careful not to condemn the electoral program of the Dems, while it has not hesitated to lash out against President Trump who, despite all his contradictions, certainly defends in a more effective and convinced way the principles of the Natural Law and the sanctity of life.

The Russian-Ukrainian crisis shows us a Biden, puppet of the deep state, stubborn in preventing peace in the ongoing conflict because he is too concerned with covering up the scandals of himself and his son Hunter: I am thinking, for example, of the Burisma case and the interests in biolaboratory workers in Ukraine. If the evidence leads to the indictment of Hunter Biden and the involvement of his father Joe, impeachment will be inevitable and widely justified, and this could lead Trump back to power. If, in the meantime, the ongoing trials prove electoral fraud, he could be proclaimed president. And that would be a mortal blow to the deep state and the Great Reset.

The Covid affair and that of the war in Ukraine have brought to light the existence of profound differences – we could say anthropological even before cultural and political – between those who feel the problem of conditioning to which we are subjected by the constant and coordinated action of the “masters of thought” and those who instead accept the dominant narrative and align themselves with the imposed dogmas. In the face of these differences, which are also dividing people united by family ties and friendship, how must we move, as believers, to bear witness to the Truth without giving in to the temptation of the “militarization” of consciences?

The manipulation of consciences constitutes a real violation of the freedom of the individual, leading him to a dulling of his faculties that can invalidate the morality of his actions. Social psychology teaches that those who are subjected to mental conditioning according to specific techniques end up acting by staggering their judgment or even refraining from formulating a moral evaluation of their actions: we think of the driving force of the example of the mass, the power that exercises social judgment over our behavior, the strength of the threat of sanctions to induce us to “respect the rules”, and vice versa to the seduction of rewards and rewards for our “socially responsible” action. On this, for example, the pandemic farce was built, in which all the principles of mass manipulation were implemented with great success, without there being an equally mass reaction from those who were deprived of rights, work, salary, the ability to move.

The faithful, as part of society, have suffered the propaganda of the regime also with Covid, with the aggravating circumstance that the delusions of the civil authorities have been ratified and supported by the ecclesiastical authority, which has therefore led Catholics to uncritically obey the lockdowns, the use of masks, the administration of a morally unacceptable experimental gene therapy. It must therefore be recognized that the responsibility for the acceptance of psychopandemia and the vaccination campaign falls almost entirely on the Pastors, and maximally on Bergoglio, who makes no secret of his unconditional support for the NWO, the WEF and the globalist ideology.

You speak to me of the “militarization” of consciences, as if this were a deplorable thing. Our Lord said: “From now on in a house of five people will be divided three against two and two against three; father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law” (Lk 12:52-53). And again: “The brother will give to death the brother and the father the son, and the children will rise up against the parents and make them die. And you will be hated by all because of my name; but whoever endures to the end will be saved” (Mt 10:21-22). How can we think that in the face of the deployment of the forces of evil, in the face of the attack of the New World Order against society and against Christ, it is possible to avoid the “militarization” of consciences, if by this expression we mean the courageous witness of Christ, and of Christ crucified?

Truth is not a club with which to beat those who ignore it, but a light that cannot be hidden under the bushel, and that may dazzle at first, but cannot be ignored by people of good will and right conscience. Those who do not want to see that light – which is always a ray of the one Light of the world that is Christ – side with the darkness, and must be helped to come out of it with Charity. This is all the more true for our loved ones: their erroneous beliefs, in the face of our patient response without animosity, often crack and over time they understand that our “conspiracy” was only an anticipation with reason and deepening what would soon be in the public domain. Of course it is easier to understand the deception of psychopandemia than the much worse one hatched by the Modernists with the Council.

Among some Catholics there is an objection, addressed to you, which sounds more or less like this: “Monsignor Viganò is now dealing too much with politics and economics, moving away from his field of action, which should be the most strictly religious and therefore theological, doctrinal and pastoral”. How do you respond to this criticism?

But what do they know about my pastoral activity? With the strength that the Lord grants me, I carry out an intense pastoral and doctrinal activity, which represents my main commitment; together with the spiritual and material support of priests and faithful from all over the world – a priestly action that does not make the news, also because I do not have the habit of taking the troupe with me … On the other hand, those who today attack me because I speak of politics or health emergency, yesterday attacked me because I denounced corruption in the Church, the deviations of the Council and the reformed liturgy.

The “sectoralization” of skills is an excellent tool with which the adversary decides, motu proprio, what his interlocutor is authorized to say, when he can do it, what titles he must have to pronounce himself. Who decided that a bishop cannot intervene in politics? Secularists and, among Catholics, those who curiously let bishops and ultra-progressive clerics rant, who go into deliquio if Bergoglio speaks against Trump or in favor of Trudeau, but tear their clothes if a bishop does not please the system or does not follow the unified network narrative of single thought.

It does not seem to me that Saint Ambrose – who also came from the public administration and who was acclaimed bishop when he was still a layman – ever had scruples to intervene in political matters. Since a bishop is a shepherd, and among the sheep of the Flock that the Lord has assigned to him there are humble people and powerful people, there are subjects and rulers, men and women, honest and delinquent citizens: they are all sheep to be led to pastures and to be protected from wolves.

It seems to me that in my interventions I have always and only pursued the mission that the Lord has entrusted to me as successor of the Apostles, working for the salvation of souls at an hour when humanity is falling into the abyss without anyone sounding the alarm for the imminent danger.

We are preparing to enter Holy Week. Would you, Your Excellency, say a word to help us live it well, in an authentically Catholic way?

With the Fifth Sunday of Lent we have entered the time of Passion, which will culminate in the celebration of the Sacred Triduum: the beauty and profound spirituality of the rites of these days are a precious opportunity to worthily complete Holy Lent in preparation for the Resurrection of Our Lord.

Let us contemplate the Hosanna of the crowd that triumphantly receives the Son of David in Jerusalem, and that shortly afterwards allows itself to be manipulated by the Sanhedrin and invokes to Pilate the crucifixion of the King of Israel: may there be a warning to keep us away from bad counselors and corrupt authorities, courageously following the Lord along the way of the Cross.

Let us contemplate the painful scourging, the crowning of thorns, the ascent to Calvary and the crucifixion of Our Lord, after an unjust and unjust sentence, carried out by civil authority to please the interests of the high priests: spiritually uniting ourselves to the Passion of our Most Holy Redeemer, let us not be deceived by those who, using their authority, would still like to send Our Lord Jesus Christ to death today, repeating the words of that time: non habemus regem, nisi Cæsarem, we have no other king but Caesar (Jn 19:15).

Videbunt in quem transfixerunt, they will look to him whom they have pierced (Jn 19:37), says Scripture. Let us also look to the Saviour disfigured by the torments of the Passion, considering how much each of us has played in the sorrows of Our Lord. Let us repent of our sins, our infidelities, our human respects, our silences. Let us shake ourselves from our mediocrity and courageously stand under the banner of the King of Kings, beginning with a life in God’s grace, the recitation of the Holy Rosary, assistance at Holy Mass, frequent Confession and Communion. And let us remember that there is no Resurrection without the Cross, and that the instrument of death has become, through the Most Precious Blood shed by the Lord, an emblem of life and victory.

april 3, 2022

Sunday I of Passion

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