John the Baptist Verses Jorge Bergoglio

The false prophet and forerunner of the Anti-Christ will be the opposite of John the Baptist in every way. In my previous videos I have already touched on some of these aspects, but the one I want to focus on today is this:

What did John do SPECIFICALLY to prepare the way of the Lord? Baptism. Baptism cleanses and makes our soul pure for God. What is the false prophet SPECIFICALLY using to prepare the way of the Anti-Christ? Vaccines. Since REAL science has shown us that the virus, the vaccine (and the boosters) and Remdesivir contain snake venom/and/or baby parts, the soul and the mRNA are being contaminated and poisoned rather than cleansed. And is it not fitting that today’s reading taken from Easter Tuesday’s introit is: I gave them the water of wisdom to drink. Water is a key ingredient for baptism and look what Dr Ardis said about the water being used to spread the virus (snake venom). “Watch the water”. Satan gives the water of poison. Immediately after posting this post today, I read a friend’s email that said Archbishop Vigano calls the vaccines a “satanic baptism”.

John prepared the way for the Great Healer. Jorge Bergoglio (same initials of John the Baptist) is paving the way for the great poisoner. Trust me when I say that the “great sign” from chapter 12 of the Apocalypse has indeed appeared; the dragon is the Coronavirus (King Cobra Venom). The bishop dressed in white, and the false prophet is Jorge Bergoglio. Bergoglio does not place his trust in God, he places his confidence in vaccines and tells the flock of Christ to do the same. Before Our Lord began His Public Life, John made sure the people were Baptized (prepared). If you are wondering how much time we have left before the coming of the beast, all we have to do is look around and see how many people have been vaxxed. This should answer your question.

John did not force Baptism but invited. Bergoglio does not let unvaccinated people into Vatican City. In fact, in America in order to eat at a restaurant, vaccine (snake bite) passports must be shown. Our Lord is the King of liberty while the beast is the wannabe king of slavery. Remember, Lucifer was once the highest angel, an angel of light. And when the Anti-Christ comes (Book of Destiny shows he will be of Jewish blood) he will present himself as he once appeared before the fall: in all his splendor.