“And I Heard That the Wolves Were Running…”

Besides Gregorian Chant, Our Lord has always, since as far back as I can remember, used a very distinct genre of music to send me a message of love and encouragement. My heart would cry out in sorrow and could not quite put words to the pain but then by Divine Providence a song would fall in my lap and my soul would thus proclaim: “That’s it! Those are the lyrics of my heart “. I knew Our Lord, Who knows the individual human heart all too well, wrote the words for me, since He is the Word itself; He knows His sheep by name.

I usually do not listen to Ascension’s Presents, but they have a marvelous Stations of the Cross meditation using the Psalms, and the priest who put the meditations together said that Our Lord and Our Lady would have chanted them together and to “imagine the following Psalm being intoned by Our Lord and then Our Lady joining in harmony to finish the verse”. The other day I was marveling how the Psalms predicted the “Son of David” and how beautiful for Our Lord to have been chanting those verses KNOWING he was the Psalms were referring to!

A dear friend once told me that Our Lord wants to show me His love independent from Mary, but NEVER apart from Her- since she knew Mary would never cease being my all. What an unfathomable mystery, though! What did she mean by that? I have meditated on those words very often. I think I have the answer to that question.

A college priest of mine, when I told him there seemed to have been blockage with Our Lord, and it always seemed so easy for my heart to naturally speak with Mary intimately, but difficult with Our Lord, He said something along the lines of: “do you ever have a conversation with your parents and perhaps you are only talking to your Mom? Your Dad is still there listening to the entire conversation even if you are not speaking directly to him. He is just as present as your Mom.”

I Immediately was thinking of all the times I would talk to my Grandparents on the phone and so BOTH my Papa and Grammie could hear me, my Grammie would put me on speaker phone. Even when I was speaking primarily to her, my Pop would hear the whole thing- in and out of his snores- and chime in during intervals. What a solid example of when we speak directly with Mary. They are always right next to each other as if They are holding the phone with it on speaker so They can BOTH be involved in the conversation, as we are on the receiving end.

Their Hearts are One, but They desire for souls to love Them independently but never apart from the Other. Again and again I would ask myself, “how does Our Lord alone, independent from Mary but never apart from Her, show me His love?” Immediately I knew that answer: music. Not only the lyrics but the enchanting melodies. Whether that be a written song in Carmel for a skit or suffering something when I was little and a song coming on the radio, I knew it was the voice of Our Lord.

When Our Lord said His sheep that know Him intimately immediately know the sound of His voice, all I had to do was look at all the songs Our Lord wrote, through other artists, to grab my attention and remind me that NOTHING is random and even during the times of limbo and waiting, every moment is “red letter” with Him. When Our Lord and Our Lady shared “a look” during the fourth station and sorrow of Mary, I started seeing the songs that fell in my lap as a “look of love” coming from the Creator. Since this is the month of Our Precious Queen let us therefore crown Her with a wreath of constancy, because as Her love is NEVER unwavering toward us, She is only asking you to look at Her. When you are looking at Her you ARE looking at Him!

Below is a video I put together of all the songs Our Lord has used since 2019. His voice is truly a haunting melody and I hope it reaches the crevices of your heart this May as well!

Music Rites belong to M83 and Vancouver Sleep Clinic; footage from Passion of the Christ and Santa Cruz/ Paradise Estates, CA.