One Last Minute Add-On to Discernment!

I forgot to add that discernment has been distorted and used too loosely because the term “vocation” has been distorted as well. Today, EVERYTHING is a vocation:

1.) My vocation right now is to be a college student.

2.) My vocation is to be an engineer.

3.) My vocation is to the sacrament of marriage.

I do not mean this in a degrading kind of way to put down 3.) but as Saint Thomas Aquinas has relayed and was thankfully backed up again by Father Chad Ripperger, the sacrament of marriage is a “call” not a vocation. A vocation is something sacred and its value has been lowered and made equal with things that are not worthy to be put on the same level. A vocation is ONLY to the priesthood or religious life. It is not stated to sound like everything else is a degradation, but to simply clarify and elevate the state of the priesthood and monastic life to that of the angels- they are consecrated and THAT is why they are set apart from all else.

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