The Rock of Peter and the Divinity of Christ

I am passionate about the papacy because I love the Lamb of God and I love Our Lady; the papacy is a direct link to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And if we indeed love all those things, we must be willing to fight without fear. And if we do have fear, we fight anyway!

There is no easy and simple answer to this question, but I have racked my brain on this particular subject again and again and again, and I decided to tackle it myself (Lord help us all). You know when we have a question and when we hear the answer it begins to click, but we are still not yet confident (enough) to in turn be asked that very same question (even though we heard the answer) and reply to it without fumbling? Ann Barnhardt, in her Pope Benedict XVI videos, said that praying for one who does not actually bare the keys of Peter at the Te Igitur of the Mass (or anywhere where The Holy Father’s name is inserted etc.) is “denying the Divinity of Christ”. It really seems as though one needs about five different degrees to answer this question, but it is not the case! The question I have been racking my brain about is this:

“How is praying for an anti-pope at the Te Igitur, or praying for him in place of The Holy Father, OR not praying for the Pope by name, denying the Divinity of Christ?”

Remember, when one receives a new name, it is because they are given a new and specific mission from God. Simon became Peter, just as we see with all the popes that came after him take on a new name. This name ties into the Divinity of Christ, because Our Lord shares His glory and Divinity with the Vicar of Christ. How glorious of a God we have! Thus, turning our back on the “name” by not praying for the Pope by that name or praying the WRONG name is indeed denying the Divinity of Christ because Our Lord Himself is the rock and He shares that power with His Vicar. “The two become one”: Our Lord and the one representing the rock. Names matter. Please watch our latest video below to find out the rest of that answer. If you are an email subscriber and cannot see the link to the video, simply click the title of this blog post and it will be visible on our post. Ave Maria et Laudetur Christus Jesus!

Parable of Pope Benedict XVI Papacy Explained below:

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