Mary’s Secretary Podcast Episode #3

Hear the story about an American Anchoress and her struggle to gain approval for a precious way of life and vocation needed in the heart of the Church AND how much time does the Holy Father have to consecrate Russia before the chastisement of the Holy Ghost begins? Listen to Our Lord’s words to Sister Lucia in our podcast to find out that answer.

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Episode #3

Latin lyrics at the end translated:

“Bright Star on the mountain, like a ray of sun, miraculously glowing, hear Thy people.

Leaders of royal lineage, great men of the world who possess grace proclaim their sins and beat their breasts and cry on bended knee: Hail Mary!

So shall we all pray, both men and women, and in true humility acknowledge our sins to the glorious Virgin, Mother of clemency, so that we may be favored with Heaven”