Don’t Forget About Mary’s Pure Heart Feast!

For Traditional Catholics, the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is August 22nd, instituted by Pope Pius XII, but another lost tradition that the Novus Ordo calendar did entirely away with, was today’s ORIGINAL feast: The Most PURE Heart of Mary, that directly follows the Sacred Heart. Many will say, “but the Novus Ordo celebrates the Immaculate Heart of Mary today”, but my point is, if the Immaculate Heart of Mary was originally August 22nd and the Church was originally inspired, helped by John Eudes, for Mary’s first ever recognized feast for Her Heart to be called “Pure”, we should never erase such a beautiful title that sums up Mary’s Heart so well.

I am praying that this precious, and lost, feast will one day become a first-class feast besides the Sacred Heart, because Our Lord Himself says He desires to see devotion to Mary’s Heart placed beside devotion to His own. When Lucia asked Our Lord why it was necessary for a consecration of Russia, He replied that He wanted His whole Church to recognize that consecration as the TRIUMPH of Mary’s Immaculate Heart, so that the victory would be attributed to His Mother and thus, souls would in turn be devoted to Her. Catch that? Yes. Our Lord desires His Mother to be loved! She is Our Queen, Mother and Best Friend!