Pope Benedict XVI Questions and Answers!

Below are questions, either you still have, or questions that you can be sure will be asked of you, if at this point, you believe Pope Benedict is the only pope since April 19th, 2005.

Disclaimer: Please remember that it is a charity to be on the side of Truth. But in order for us to have TRUE charity, we must spread that Truth. For years I have pondered what Our Lord meant in Matthew 24 of “the charity of many will grow cold” and for the first time, I see what The Second Person meant. There are two ways this charity in the hearts of man are growing cold and that is because there are two specific types of people in our Church today that react in the following ways about Pope Benedict being pope:

1.) People believe it, but keep silent.

2.) The ones who trodden the Truth under foot.

Ann Barnhardt, in a recent post, said this:

 MANY people out there are thinking about schism in terms of human numbers, and not in terms of Truth, which is to say GOD.  I think that the default assumption is that the smaller numbered group is, by definition, in schism from the bigger numbered group.  This is false.  It is using the wrong standard.  The standard is TRUTH. Numbers are irrelevant, because TRUTH is an INFINITE BEING.  For a culture that has revolved around and defined itself by democracy (cough, Americanism, cough) as the post-Christian west has, the notion of there being anything above the will of the majority is “abhorrent”. This is why the TRUTH of who the Pope is and is not is so incredibly important, and can’t be blown off with cries of “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

*Again, Bergoglio is a VERY small piece of this puzzle. Stop talking about his actions as “pope”; we need to focus our attention on the actions of Joseph Ratzinger.*

Q and A:

What if Bergoglio dies before Benedict? Benedict is still pope. Any “conclave” called while Pope Benedict is still alive and occupies the See will be invalid. The bishop dressed in white dies and there will be another faux conclave to elect another bishop dressed in white anyways because more than half the Church will have believed Bergoglio was pope and anyone after him MUST be legitimate, they will say. Ann Barnhardt said this will be terrible because the person who comes after Bergoglio will be the equivalent to cleaning the home of one demon (in our case, the Church) and in come another seven. Whoever, or whatever, comes after him will be a thousand times worse I can assure you. This is why we MUST dispose Bergoglio while he is still living and not wait until his death, like many traditional Catholics are absurdly saying, is our only option. We do not want to have a line of anti-popes. Remember Bernard of Clairvaux; it is absolutely possible to dispose of anti-popes while they are still living, and Bernard did it single handedly. If it has been done before, why again, is it all the sudden impossible now?

Am I a sedevacantist if I believe Benedict is the pope? A sedevacantist means that the See is vacant, and is a traditional Catholic who believes there have been no valid popes since 1958. If the whole point of our argument is there IS A POPE, and it is Benedict, how on earth are we sedevacantists? A dear friend and aspiring Carmelite told me that she has heard those who believe Benedict is pope to be “Benevacantists”, which, also makes no sense. Are they trying to say, “Benedict is vacant”? Perhaps because it appears he fled the “governance of the Church”, but if he did not validly resign, which he did not, then the See is occupied and technically, Benedict is not “vacant”… so, I hope this does not take a genius to realize that the term Benevacantist is ridiculous.

But if Benedict dies before Bergoglio, won’t that make Bergoglio pope in full? Nope. There was never a valid conclave to elect Jorge Bergoglio to begin with, because the See was still occupied with Pope Benedict XVI, when the null and void election of Bergoglio took place.

“But Benedict himself said the See will be vacant and he himself called for another conclave”. Error has no rights. Canon law does not say, “if the pope calls a conclave, it is automatically valid”. The “Law itself” determines whether or not a resignation is valid and with Benedict’s attempted partial resignation, in order to validly resign, the pope must resign the munus. He did not do this and per canon law and John Paul II document reinforced, a conclave cannot be called when the See is occupied and is automatically declared null by the Law itself: NOT the pope OR the college of cardinals- THE LAW. Do I believe Benedict knew this? 100%; hence why he placed a time limit on his resignation. Ratzinger is not ignorant to the code of canon law and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to reevaluate that argument. Resigning the ministry (the governance), rather than the office (the being) does not cut it and quite frankly, the fact that people believe this “bifurcation of the papacy” is possible, shows how much progress the evil one is making, with deceiving the minds of the elect, by destroying the value of the Petrine See. “The only arbiter and judge of a Papal resignation is Christ THROUGH CANON LAW.”

What if Benedict dies before Bergoglio? I hate to be the one to say it, but we will be “sedevancantists”. Not the type who believe there has been no valid pope since Pope Pius XII, but the See…will… whether we like it or not… be vacant. It will be the reality, not an opinion. This is the most tragic thing that could happen, and is likely to happen due to Benedict’s advance old age. This is why discussing and exposing the Bergoglian anti-papacy while Benedict is still alive is so urgent. Do not panic, however. Keep God’s Petrine Promise before you. Before Saint Peter Celestine became pope, the See was vacant for twenty-seven months. At that point there was not a group called “sedevacantists” per say, but if the seat was LITERALLY vacant, it is not an opinion anymore, it is simply a fact. Again, do not let people bully you into this argument that if we believe anyone BUT Bergoglio is pope then we are sedevancatists or will become so, they have truly fell prey to that diabolical disorientation we have spoken so much about thus far. The devil will do anything to cloud the minds of the elect to keep them believing Bergoglio is pope at all costs.

What if Pope Benedict VALIDLY resigned tomorrow? Barnhardt said this would merely confirm that the February, 2013 attempt was invalid. The See would be vacant at that point, and many would not know this because they firmly believe Bergoglio is valid pope. With his election null and void to begin with, he would continue his “governance of the Church” as a mere bishop playing dress up pope and this… would be grievous for the flock. Again, do not despair; hold firmly to God’s Petrine Promise. If the See is ever vacant, Our Lord will not allow that to be the case for very long.

“But God is not going to care about who I thought the pope was when I have my own individual judgment.” If the standard of schism, per canon 751, is the Roman Pontiff and the rock of Peter is THE visible sign Christ gives His Church, is it safe to assume that we should care about who the pope is? If someone really, in the goodness of their heart, had no idea who the pope was before their death, that is one thing but to have the attitude of “I do not care” is lukewarm evil at play in the hearts of the just. Let us not fail to mention one of Barnhardt’s readers reminding us that seventy- billion Catholics died since Bergoglio “took office” and out of that number, how many souls lost their faith, followed Jorge into error or embraced his false doctrine? If you do not care about the rock of Peter, then you perhaps do not care much about the flock of Peter, either and that… is devastating. Satan’s greatest desire is to make traditional Catholics indifferent to the Petrine See; it is working! No Petrine See, no consecration of Russia, no consecration of Russia, no triumph of the Immaculate Heart. This is a war with Mary.

Is it morally ok for me, knowing that a priest is commemorating the wrong man at the Mass, at the Te Igitur, to receive Holy Communion at that Mass? Yes! The Mass is still valid, but the actions of commemorating an anti-pope are illicit. See the document on what it means to be valid yet illicit in the next series of questions and resources.

Why won’t people even discuss this? EFFEMINACY and SLOTH. Remember the Master in the parable of the talents said, “wicked and slothful servant”. And the servant with the one talent buried it for fear (effeminacy). Ironic how many of the same traditionalists believe the Trump 2020 election was stolen, and it WAS stolen, but somehow it’s impossible for the faux resignation of Benedict to have canonical irregularities.

“But canon law is ambiguous and not binding”. If it was binding before, why isn’t it now? When you hear this statement, go back and re-read Part One’s love of the Law and how important it is that we take God’s Laws seriously in all things. This is perhaps the most disorientated remark you will hear from the opposing side and nothing, and I mean nothing, you say is going to change their mind. This is the diabolical disorientation in full demonstration. In this case you can certainly try to explain why the Laws are not “suggestions”, they are “commands” but in most cases this is where you must act like a duck and let the water roll off your back and pray for their change of heart. Our Lord is the Father of Law and Order while the devil is the father of disorder and chaos. It is as simple as that!

Resources from those who also believe Benedict is the only reigning Pope. You’re not alone:

  1. Father Nicholas Gruner (God rest his soul)
  2. Father Paul Kramer
  3. Ann Barnhart (many people who watch Ann’s videos[1] convert almost immediately with Benedict being pope). My own Papa debated with me for nearly two years that it was impossible for Benedict to still be pope. He watched Ann’s videos and told me, “There is not a doubt in my mind that Benedict is the pope, all one must do is be open minded.” What a statement. Is your heart and mind closed to this topic? Sincere question. Let the Holy Ghost in!
  4. Patrick Coffin
  5. Doctor Edmund Mazza
  6. Antonio Socci

*See footnotes for more information about these six people. It is also looking like Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano can be added to this list by his recent interviews.[2] *

[1] https://www.barnhardt.biz/the-bergoglian-antipapcy/ Part I and II Videos

[2] Popularly known as the “Fatima Priest”, Fr. Nicholas Gruner (b. 1942) passed away during the evening of April 29, 2015 while working at his apostolate to spread awareness about the message of Our Lady of Fatima.

Fr. Gruner dedicated many years of apostolic work to have Our Lady’s requests known and in particular, the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart fulfilled.

Father Paul Kramer was the right hand man to Father Gruner and has been shunned by the Fatima Center after Gruner’s death.


Antonio Socci is an Italian media personality, journalist and book writer. He is best known for coverage of Catholic Church topics, including general history and subjects such the Secrets of Fatima

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