There is No Such Thing as Democratic Socialism!

I got into a heated debate with my Papa. Everywhere we turn, America’s young people are embracing Socialism. He argued that the reason young people are for it, is simply because they were not educated. I would agree with that, now; in today’s school systems. However, in 2010 when I took advanced placement World History as a Sophomore in high school, not only were we taught the evils of Socialism, but that it never worked. My teacher was brilliant, she received her education from USC- she was the most genius and witty teacher I ever had. I remember being so proud to be an American and thinking: thank God we have the Government we have. Mrs. Harrison instilled that in us!

We spent the year researching essentially almost every country that chose communism and how it always ended in genocide. More than half of my classmates went on to earn their degrees at prestigious universities such as Stanford or UCLA. No, they were certainly educated. I am 25 years old and the supporters I see supporting Bernie Sanders are my age. In fact, I would be so bold as to say that those classmates I shared a classroom with, who were once horrified at the atrocities behind Socialism, are now standing with Bernie Sanders saying “we need a powerful socialistic movement, how does it feel to be a radical? We need a revolution!”.  How did this happen- how did we get here?

My favorite teacher of all time: Mrs. Harrison!

Winston Churchill said Socialism is always the result of greed. It is chosen when a society has lost all morals. Look at our current culture. God was not only taken out of the pledge of allegiance during the Obama Administration, but now Our Lord is being forced out of our Government. Obama taught my generation of young people to no longer work for your dream, but to get it for free! Obama laid the ground work. Free this, free that. Free college, free health care, free drugs. Our culture has clung on to free stuff as if a drug. They will do anything to get it, even if it means calling it “Democratic Socialism”. There is no other Country like America. We are standing in Satan’s way. If Bernie Sanders gets elected, our country will no longer be a great Democracy centered on God. November 2020 election will be a literal Socialist vs. a literal Capitalist. I urge our country’s young people to wake up and in this instance, look behind you; rather than ahead. Look back to our founding Fathers and what they stood for.

How sad that even now, our Founders are considered racist, so their statues are being taken down. We cannot erase history!  I can’t say this enough: how important it is to know what is going on in the world. How many holy Catholics I talk to, who are simply not educated in knowing how crucial it is to watch the news and know what dangers we are up against. We can’t just pray for world peace, we need to KNOW what we are praying for. I was stunned at seeing holy nuns and priests I was surrounded with at Carmel….with their heads in the clouds. We are in the middle of a war in America, a war within. Our Lord told Saint Faustina how important it is to be patriotic for the country you come from. Jesus told Faustina to offer her vows for her home country, Poland. I heard somewhere, it is almost sinful to not be patriotic. We must bleed the colors- red, white and blue for Our Lord’s sake and fight to keep the United States of America triumphant.

Dedicated to Our Lady of America!

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  1. I believed that this was a place I could come to get away from political opinions and focus on God’s grace.  I was mistaken and am saddened by this. Blessings to You, Ginger

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    1. Hi Ginger, I am so sorry this bothers you…but Our Lady said if Russia was not consecrated in time, America would be communist. We have a Socialist running and well on the way to destroying America. I hope you would find that sad, too. I support the Remnant Newspaper 100% and they defend the Latin Mass, our Lady and keeping God in politics, that was NEVER supposed to be separated Ginger. We need to use our freedom of speech while we still have it and defend the morals of our country. God love you!

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