The Divine Artist’s Chefs-d’oeuvre

All of us have struggled with certain wounds, lack of trust or even a doubt in God’s goodness when we see “bad things” happening to “good people”. My last two years in Carmel, through certain circumstances-I seemed to have lost my confidence in God the Father and Jesus as a Spouse, Best Friend and Brother.

Something that constantly pops in my mind when I have these doubts in God’s goodness, is when I think of Mary. Last night, I imagined our Lord holding a canvas and a paint brush. I imagined Him creating His most prized possession. Painting the roses on Her Heart, outlining Her blue veil, Her beautiful face. Then it hit me. If God can create something as beautiful, as perfect, as sinless and as pure as the Immaculate Conception…doesn’t that beauty of the masterpiece, on the canvas reflect entirely the Artist? If She is perfection itself and nothing but goodness and love, what does that say about Him?

I love pondering how the Holy Trinity has Three Divine Persons in One- so, therefore They have no need of the human race, but God in His goodness created us solely to share that love with us and in turn; love Him. He had no need of Mary, but He willed us and Himself to need to Her. Saint Maximilian was brilliant in saying that the Immaculate Conception is the living and breathing Holy Ghost in human form. Not in a heretical way (or he would not have been canonized a Saint). He says this to remind us just how united Our Lady is to the Holy Ghost, to the whole Trinity! She is merely Their tabernacle. If you unzip Our Lady it would be the Three Persons! The more I look at Her, the more I see God. Although His ways are smothered in mystery,  Mary is literally living proof, a glorious work of art whose credit points all to Her Son- the Artist.

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  1. Thank you for writing and posting this article and blog…it is very beautiful! I’m discerning my vocation to the religious life and have been for some time. Please keep me in your prayers!

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