In This Healing Fire, Mary, Pray For Me.

I’m going to be pretty blunt in this post; for those of my friends and family who follow this blog but choose to disregard it by not reading the content or listen to the recent videos I posted and still misunderstand what I am pursuing… well, I can’t explain it other than: if you did in fact follow the “process” of how Jesus and Mary have led me down this unique and mysterious path through my writings and podcasts you would…in fact…understand. My Carmelite Confessor and current Spiritual Director, my dear Mom and Grammie have put it this way: “if you want to understand, read the blogs”. I made a recording for this post instead because I understand how busy you all can be. At least with videos or podcasts one can do multiple things while simply listening; this is all I am asking of you, to listen before casting judgement. I won’t say too much more on the subject so you can watch the video and find out for yourself, but I will end with this:

For those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible.

I have SO many friends and family who DO understand and for that I am incredibly grateful. Even if the ones I love never receive the grace to see Christ’s Hand in this, I will never stop loving you. Please understand that Our Lady has me on a path very few will understand; Our Lord often humbles me by making me a “fool for Christ” in appearance to the world to drain me of my self confidence so that at the end of this life, I may only have confidence in Him….Ave Maria!

Saint Bernard’s prayer about Mary:

When you follow Her, you will not go astray;

When you pray to Her, you will not despair;

When you think of Her, you will not err;

When She holds you up, you will not fall;

When She protects you, you will not fear;

When She leads you, you will not be fatigued;

When She favors you, you will arrive safely.

She keeps Her Son from striking us;

She keeps the devil from hurting us;

She keeps our virtues from escaping us;

She keeps our merits from being destroyed;

She keeps our graces from being lost.

Never have the Saints spoken more eloquently than when they spoke of Mary. ~Saint Louis de Montfort~

A MOST blessed eve of the Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ- a glorious feast day to start the New Year in the Roman Rite Calendar!