“God Restores More Wondrously Than He Creates”

*My video post for the anniversary of Alana Chen’s death accidentally got deleted three times and I finally ended up adding it to my old post “Heart of Gold: Alana Chen” so as to not bombard you all with too many emails. You can find it there!*


Today’s video is a complete different topic: click the title on your email for my iMovie on Abby Johnson’s powerful experience with the Latin Mass; I “happened” to stumble upon her interview with how she very seriously contemplated leaving the Catholic Church this year until she found the ancient liturgy of the apostles:

This video post is something I am growing more passionate about by the day; partly through personal experience and the other half credited to Abby Johnson, a hero of mine for a number of reasons. I wanted to make a post on this topic (the new Adam and the new Eve in the figures of Our Lord and Our Lady) long before I came across Johnson’s striking opinion on attending the Traditional Latin Mass for the first time. Her shared experience happened to tie in perfectly with “God restores more wondrously than He creates”. I had the pleasure of meeting Abby in Colorado some years back when I was Vice President/ Spiritual Coordinator for the Students for Life at Colorado State University. Sometime back in June of this year Johnson attended her first Latin Mass because she was seriously considering leaving the Catholic Church all together due to the anxiety the Novus Ordo (New Mass) was giving her soul. She had a powerful moment at adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament where she said “Lord, if it were not for the Eucharist I would not be Catholic anymore”. Abby was a Protestant and she converted as a zealous and fresh Catholic striving to live a holy life and it was hard for her to look around and see the lack of reverence in the New Mass. I tied this entire video into the distinct role of man and woman and how this great pro-life hero pin pointed the main attraction to the Traditional Latin Mass and what she says just might give you shivers. I’ll let you watch the iMovie above to receive that answer! 

Mary restores Eve: simply look at the difference with how Eve and Mary handle the ancient serpent…

I didn’t plan on Abby being apart of this video, but Our Lady and the Holy Ghost (as usual) had different plans. If you want to hear her opinion personally on the Old Mass vs. the New I would take some time to watch them; be open-hearted. This is a very brave and bold woman who has had the courage and voice to speak up, not only for the precious unborn after leaving her position as clinic director at Planned Parenthood, but for her faith. Former Protestants are the best Catholic converts and she is living proof; she saw the elements of Protestantism in the New Mass and she sought out answers in the ancient Mass of the apostles. I am just a little nobody, but Abby is a somebody and I hope God continues to use her as His instrument and vessel to lead souls to the truth- to the Mass that continues to teach me the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

If you want to see those interviews with Abby they are found on Life Site and FSSP Podcasts (both found on YouTube).

A most blessed Ember Saturday; these ancient fast days are at the beginning of our four seasons of the Ecclesiastical year. They are “intended to consecrate to God the various seasons of nature and to prepare by penance those who are about to be ordained” to the priesthood . These days of fast have been completely wiped out of the New Mass calendar (shocker) .