OHF John of the Cross on The Magdalene

Taken from Our Holy Father John’s Dark Night of the Soul (Dark Night of the Spirit):

“Mary Magdalene, in spite of her past, paid no attention to the men at the banquet. It made no difference to her if they were prominent or common. She did not consider whether it was proper to go sobbing and shedding tears among the guests. Her only concern was to reach the One Who had wounded her soul and set it on fire. No, she could not wait for a more appropriate time! The intoxication of love gives the soul courage. Knowing that her Beloved was sealed in a tomb by an enormous rock, surrounded by guards posted just in case the disciples would try to steal His Body, Mary did not let anything stand in the way of her going out before daybreak to anoint Him with ointments. Finally, the inebriating power of her love-longing compelled Mary to ask a man she thought was a gardener if he had stolen Him and, if he had, where he had put him so that she could take Him back.

She did not pause to consider that, by the light of sound judgment, her question sounded ridiculous. Obviously, if the man had stolen Him, he would not have confessed this, and he certainly would not have led her to Him. The power and intensity of love have this quality. Love makes everything seem possible. Love believes everyone must feel this same passion. Love cannot understand how anyone could waste their time doing anything other than seeking the Beloved. When the bride went out in search of her Beloved through the streets and plazas, assuming everybody else must be up to the same thing, she told them all that if they found Him they should please inform Him that she was suffering with love for Him. Mary’s love was so fervent that she thought if only the gardener would tell her where her Beloved was hidden she would go and get Him, no matter how difficult the challenge.”

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