The Superior Way to Chant the Salve Regina

This is without a doubt my favorite way to sing the Salve Regina; it is called “Solemn Salve”. This particular style of chant, and version of the Salve, is sung every Saturday in honor of Our Lady. Candles are lit, the organ is played, mantles are thrown on, Carmelites process into the Divine Office Choir and chant this:

*Solemn Salve; chanted every Saturday or for vigil for feasts of Mary. Video Cover made/sung by Mary’s Secretary.*

It was often this very chant, that got me through much darkness, in Carmel. I almost always received the chills while singing it, because I knew with my whole soul that the angels joined in for this particular praise in honor of this good and tender of all Mothers! The music can be found in the LB and LU music books if you have them.