Alana Chen, I’ll Always Remember You Young.

It must have been Satan, because every time I would try to post this homemade video, in memory of Alana Chen, I had the most difficult time getting it to publish (when I never have that kind of issue with any of my other videos). I highly dislike that Alana’s death has been politicized, or what has been published about her is only used for the LGBTQ agenda or people writing posts NOT about Alana but in defense of themselves that “it’s not my fault she took her own life”. It is nothing short of selfish. What I have written on Alana, now and in the past, is strictly in honor of my memories with her. Nothing more, nothing less. Whatever happened in the last few moments of her life, cannot be speculated, but I have hope remembering her strong devotion to Mary.

Alana and I spent three and half weeks together in Rwanda, Africa and some of my greatest moments in that country were spent with her. I will never forget the tears she shed when we walked twenty-miles to the villiage of Kibeho where Our Lady appeared; after such a long trek, when she finally made it to the statue of Our Lady of Kibeho, she was weeping before it. I know, and believe, the teachings of the Church in regard to suicide. But this soul was so special; I believe there is missing part of her story that only Jesus and Mary know about, and I continue to pray for the repose of her soul everyday, and that her unwavering devotion to Mary has brought Alana the salvation she so longed for in this life. I pray somehow, that at this moment, by some miracle of grace… she is with God her Father.

The story behind the song I chose in this video was not random; the beginning of the lyrics certainly does NOT apply to her, but the rest of the song is too fitting. To read more about how I first heard it, in relation to Alana, read my other blog post on my dear friend who passed away in 2019 at age twenty-four: