Carmelite Rite Calendar for Latin Mass:

May Our Lady reward Genevieve Holmes, and her Carmelite Rite Latin Mass Parish, in New York for providing the following:

April 8th- Venerable Teresita Quevedo (Carmelite of Charity).

Solemnity of Saint Joseph; always celebrated the 3rd Wednesday AFTER Easter Sunday. This feast is not the same as March 19th.

May 1st, by OCDs are celebrated on the 1st and Philip and James on the 11th.

Sacred and Pure Heart are back to back for OCD Calendar, whereas Immaculate Heart is 22nd in August; this calendar says Pure Heart is in August.

July 12th- Saints Zelie and Louis Martin.

July 13th- Saint Teresa of the Andes, OCD.

July 24th- Carmelite Martyrs of Guadalajara.

Octave of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July 16th- July 23rd.

August 9th- Saint Benedicta of the Cross, Edith Stein, OCD.

August 25th- Saint Mariam of Jesus Crucified, OCD.

September 13th- Blessed Mary of Jesus, OCD.

November 8th- Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity, OCD.

December 11th- Saint Maravillas, OCD.