Carmelite Daily Latin Mass Missal (1953)

I often use the expression, “it is a small Catholic world”; well, today was the icing on the cake. September 16th, following Our Lady of Seven Sorrows feast and starting off Her octave, is the glorious feast of Our Carmelite Father and “Lawgiver”, Saint Albert of Jerusalem. More than anything, I have been missing the Carmelite Rite of the Mass. The Roman Rite is glorious, but for Carmelites, what could be better than the Carmelite Rite of the Mass? Saint Albert, instead of having his own Mass readings in my Roman Rite Missal, one would need to go to the “common of confessors”. I silently wished to myself, on today’s feast, that I could somehow have these Carmelite Mass propers again. Low and behold, out of the blue, a precious gem of a soul named Genevieve Holmes reached out through my own blog and said:

“So, I am myself the primary secretary for my parish community’s Carmelite Rite Latin Mass. Happy Feast of Albert the Lawgiver, by the way! I stumbled across your website and wanted to 1. Thank you for your work on the Carmelite Breviary, and 2. Offer any help that I can give. We have a fully scanned copy of the Carmelite Rite Daily Missal as a PDF, and we do have to make the calendar for the Masses at least. Are you part of an FSSP parish? It is so good to find others who love the Carmelite Rite!”

This website has everything you need to know with what to expect, on a daily basis, for the Carmelite Rite of the Mass. This Cathedral in New York is a heaven on earth for Carmelite souls. If you have been desiring this Missal just as much as I have, take a few minutes to browse through this site:

It is moments like these, I know and believe Our Lord fulfills all the desires of the heart; today’s grace seemed to have been a direct gift from Saint Albert! The PDF is 1,782 pages; well worth it! God bless you, Genevieve Holmes!