Mary’s Book is Available Now on Paperback!

Ebook will be available very soon and hopefully in January audio will available, thanks to my Dad’s great friend who does Audio for a living!

Where do I begin to express my gratitude for all the souls who have supported me along the way; I believe everything has taken so long precisely because this poor work on Mary’s First Saturday Devotion and the “practice of Her presence” needed to come to fruition for Mary. A dear Aunt of mine reminded me that I am not living for myself, but for souls and so… maybe this work on Mary’s Heart will be read and embraced by souls because God the Father is deeply saddened by the neglect His Mother receives on a daily basis. I want to thank Colette especially; it was her idea that I write a book with meditations for Our Lady’s First Saturday for January through December, which is EXACTLY what the second half of this book entails (devotion to Her Heart and Her forgotten First Saturday). The first half is all about the divine presence of Mary; how to keep a continual conversation with that good Mother. Since January is right around, Mary’s First Saturday Meditation is waiting for you in this book:)

God bless my launch team! Michael Walker, Ciara Donlon, Christine Daniel, Susan Beckworth, Afra Moffat and Ben and Kaylin Zumwalt.