Paperback, Hardcover and eBooks for Mary

Amazon has a really helpful feature of “take a peek inside this book”, so if the cover is not enough, you may taste a free sample of the first ten pages or so, to see if it draws you in. If you have kindle unlimited, the book is totally free; I care not about making any sort of profit. The goal is winning souls for the Immaculata and thus, Our Lord’s Sacred Heart can finally take delight in the fact that His Mother is being known, loved and embraced. There are two parts to Our Lady’s book:

1.) The practice of Her presence through Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection’s method of prayer, and how this sweet presence of Mary (devotion to Her Immaculate Heart) is tied to Her Scapular and Our Lady of Seven Sorrows. Essentially all the apparitions Our Lady chose to take on the day the Miracle of the Sun occurred, including Our Lady of the Rosary, but this is where the second part comes in!

2.) The second half includes First Saturday Meditations (Our Lady of the Holy Rosary) from January through December with a chosen saint and their relation to Fatima; with each month includes a beautiful piece of art. I did not want the book to show these images in mere black and white, but in all their splendor.

I believe these two devotions, namely devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the practice of Her presence and the First Saturday devotion, are THE most important of our time. Why? Because Our Lord Himself confirmed this through His servant Sister Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart.

Since Amazon does all the printing, this means they also choose the pricing, depending on the quality of color inside the book. That being said, the reason why the hardcover is almost fifty dollars is due to the fact that I received permission from very talented Catholic artists to use their work in the book; soft color still includes color as well!

I do not desire to be known or loved, that is not why I wrote this work. I do however, desire this for the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In fact, it was a dear soul named Colette, a follower of this blog, who, reached out to me and said she thought I should write a book on Rosary Meditations for Our Lady’s First Saturday. When she said this, back in January or so, I believed this was God’s will, but did not know how it would all come to par. So, I began writing in February just in case, one day, Our Lord would confirm it was REALLY His will (I did not know for certain). It started out with a completely different title, and somewhere in June, I put it all on the backburner. Plus, many people write books to become best sellers and gain popularity… this is just not all the path of a hermit. However, Our Lord had His own way with me and after much kicking and screaming on my part I finally gave in to His wishes. And He knows that this book is for none of those above reasons, but for Mary. His most prized Pearl.

I believe these last two years of waiting were not in vain. In fact, these past years of hardship, which began in Carmel, have all helped form this book for Mary. Sometimes, quite frankly, NOTHING made sense, especially my sorrow. It has been nothing but heartache since 2017. But I firmly believe that it was that sorrow I spoke of, the thorns, that helped the rose bud into bloom. “All things work together for the good in a soul, who love God, and are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28). I cannot tell the reader how many times I lost sight of my own purpose; “am I even noticed by Our Lord?” Mary showed me my worth; the reading used for the Common of Holy Women in the Latin Mass of “she shall laugh in the latter day” is the confidence Mary has shown me that I one day CAN have, if I embrace these devotions that this book is all about.

With almost two years of blogging, sometimes I would finish a post and would think to myself, “did this mean anything to God? Does He take delight in every post… even when I do not believe He does?” But those two years of writing have led to the Practice of the Presence of Mary: To Live and Die with Mary. My Grammie was an English major in college and is the best writer I know. She started out editing my blogs, and then one day she began showing me the art of editing and somehow, through her, I knew Our Lady wanted me to learn to edit… to be Her pen. My Grammie even scolded me for using too many commas or not putting semi-colons in the right place, repeating words, when to start googling synonyms for words I used far too frequently. The writing became art for me; it became alive!

I am not perfect yet; in fact, the first few copies of the book have mistakes in the index, and I could not fix them in time for the first bulk set of orders. Amazon let me fix them, praise Our Lady, for the rest of the copies, so I apologize in advance for the errors; thankfully they are only in the index (I mean, who reads that part anyway?), and I am sure this is the Lord’s way of humbling me, so do me a favor and go to the index and find those mistakes, if you are the buyers of the first set, so you can see how weak and frail I am! All for the Immaculata, nothing for me. She must increase, I must decrease. Stay tuned for Audio sometime in January or February. God reward all the dear souls who have already purchased this book in bulk; together, may we spread true devotion to Mary everywhere, in the hearts of all men. THIS IS THE AGE OF MARY!

Ave Maria et Laudetur Christus Jesus