January 1st, 2022, Is Mary’s First Saturday!

I cannot help but believe that it is nothing short of providence that the first day of the New Year is not only the Circumcision of Our Lord (a Holy Day of Obligation in the Roman Rite) but that it is a First Saturday. The entire second half of The Practice of the Presence of Mary: To Live and Die with Mary are First Saturday meditations from January to February. All I will allude to is that January’s chosen figure from Fatima is Sister Lucia; one of the reasons I was desiring Mary’s book to be published before the end of 2021 was so the reader can begin their meditations in chronological order beginning with January.

While the book most likely will not be in your possession by tomorrow, the meditation can be read at your own leisure throughout the month. However, if you have kindle unlimited or use eBook, the book is available instantly, and as I mentioned in earlier posts, it is totally free on kindle unlimited. I must reiterate once more: I care not about profit financially as that is NOT why this book was written; I only desire the profit for God in seeing Him win souls for Mary through Her First Saturday observance and the practice of Her presence.

Kindle unlimited or eBook!

Ave Maria et Laudetur Christus Jesus