“I Have Prayed For You, Peter…”

Catholic history teaches us that in order to get to Saint Peter, we must first go through his brother Andrew. Why? Because since Andrew was first an apostle of John the Baptist, it was none other than Andrew, who is truly considered the “first” apostle, who told Peter about Our Lord. So, when Our Lord told Andrew and Peter “follow Me”, it was certainly not their first encounter with Christ. Even at the Basilica of Saint Peter’s in Rome, before approaching the First Pope’s tomb, one must first pass by the statue of Saint Andrew. It’s so interesting because before I developed a devotion to Saint Peter in Carmel, I entered on the feast of none other than Saint Andrew and it was only AFTER entering into the Carmelite vocation on that glorious feast did I come to know Peter. Is not that striking? What mysterious providence!

The Chair of Peter from Antioch and Rome have since been merged to be celebrated today, February 22nd, but it was formerly celebrated on two different days:

January 18th: Chair in Rome

Carmelite Rite Breviary feast of Rome.

February 22nd: Chair in Antioch

Chair in Antioch Carmelite Rite Breviary.

The Carmelite Rite Breviary to this day does not merge the two but still celebrates the two distinct chairs in January and February. Let us not fail to remember that whenever a feast of Peter is celebrated Paul is commemorated and vice versa!

I beg readers in this post to remember that the devil’s final battle with the Virgin centers on two things:

1.) The Traditional Latin Mass

2.) The Papacy

Frere Michele who wrote the three volumes The Whole True About Fatima says this in regard to HOW important the Holy Father is according to Our Lady’s Third Secret (see highlighted section):

Saint Francis of Assisi also predicted this:

You know how the Church has Canon Law? Free Masons also have Laws IN LATIN (what a mockery of Satan) that say this about the papacy:

My dear readers, never forget that Saint Maximilian Kolbe called the head of the serpent “free masonry”; I beg you to educate yourselves on the Laws and unite them with charity. It does in fact matter what man is holding the keys to the Holy See because the papacy is the key to the consecration of Russia and the consecration of Russia is the only way Mary’s Heart can triumph. Did you read what Saint Francis also said about the elect being led astray? If you are clinging to Mary with everything you have and seeking the truth through Her hands, She will protect you from heresy at every given moment. Saint Peter, pray for us!

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